Mastani Mahal In Kothrud Address Book

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

Pune [24] is in Maharashtra , India.

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It is second largest city in the state and is considered the state's cultural capital. The city contains the headquarters of an administrative division officially known as the Pune division. The large student population in the city makes for a lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere.

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

Pune also houses fantastic restaurants, good museums and is well known for its surrounding hill forts which offer panoramic bird's-eye views. Pune has a glorious history of nearly years.

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

Since Pune is in the state of Maharashtra, most of the residents are ethnic Marathi. There is a lot to be said about Pune being called "Oxford of the East". Simply put, Pune is a bona fide, one hundred percent university town although it seems too much to call it a university city. There are colleges and institutes galore here.

And it has the single most variety of students in India; besides that, there are students from outside India. What this all means is that in Pune, you're always young.

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The vibrancy is tremendous; for example just stroll along Fergusson Road on a Saturday evening. It's full, crowded and thriving and extremely lively. You will see a massive crowd of students gulping down hot coffee in an attempt to stay awake for their examinations.

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

The climate of Pune is quite pleasant. Pune has three distinct seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. The warmest month in Pune is generally April as compared to the rest of the Deccan Plateau where it is May. Pune does not get very hot; even during peak summer the air is cool and even standing under a tree can give respite form the heat. However, as sunlight can be intense leading to skin tan and sun-burn, be sure to carry and use sunscreens above SPF The nights in Pune are significantly cooler than most other parts in this region owing to its high altitude.

The average rainfall is approx mm.

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

The city often receives local and heavy thundershowers with heavy downpours in May, which brings down the temperature. The rainy season can sometimes be gloomy, with cloud cover for days together. Winters are generally dry.

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

Normally, the climate in Pune is pleasant during the month of November. Pune is a fairly cosmopolitan city. Although Marathi is the official language of the city and also the most common language spoken on the streets, most people also speak Hindi along with English.

Pune, despite being considered a small city, is growing very fast. Some of its prominent areas are:. Also known as an automobile hub of India, as major automobile companies e. Pune is a major transportation hub for Western Maharashtra. It serves as the gateway for the numerous hill stations in the Sahyadri Hills.

Popular cab aggregator services Ola and Uber operate taxis as well as auto rickshaws in Pune, and can be used via their respective mobile apps. Pune currently does not have a civil airport to its name. All commercial air carriers operate from the military airport located at Lohegaon.

Pune airport [27] is served by almost all domestic carriers. The number of flights is however limited since the airport is under the control of the air force. Currently, international flights operate only to Dubai. If getting a direct flight proves difficult, then taking a flight to Mumbai and then traveling by taxi or train to Pune is a feasible option.

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A long-distance private taxi journey should take around three hours and costs about Rs The airport is in Lohegaon, which is around 10km from the city center, and takes about 30 minutes - 1 hour to reach depending on traffic conditions. Pune is well connected to other Indian cities by rail [32]. Pune City Station is an above average Indian station, with an information booth, an internet cafe and computerized ticket booking office.

Trolleys are not available, but porters can be hired to help with luggage.

Mastani mahal in kothrud address book

Licensed porters wear a red shirt with a metallic arm-band bearing their serial number. The official rates in Maharashtra currently are as follows-. Private and Govt.

Buses run very frequently every 15 mins and are also punctual. You can be sure of reaching your destination within the stipulated time. Most of the private buses wait till they get enough passengers before departing - which causes a lot of delay in getting to your destination. The villages of Kambhargaon, Bhigvan, Ravangaon, Loni Kaibhor, and their within the district of Pune are connected by this highway. The cities of Sangamner, Narayangaon, and Khed all in Maharashtra are connected by this highway.

Although the vehicles are crowded and smoke-belching, the network is very extensive. Shivaji Nagar is believed to be the busiest bus stand in the state of Maharashtra. There is also a huge army of three wheeled rickshaws. Nevertheless, always demand that they use the meter and that they show you the sheet of paper referred as Tariff Card which converts the rickshaw meter readings to the actual cost in rupees.

As of 15 Oct. As of December , MOST auto rickshaws have a new electronic meter, whereby the tariff card is redundant.

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It correctly gives the kms travelled and fare in exact change. This was done after a lot of protests from autorickshaw unions, probably the only city in India to have a neat and clean metering system.

Mastani Mahal Pune, Mastani Fort Pune, Bajirao Mastani Fort, Mastani Fort Pune

Just pay what is on the meter. No need to even talk. Driver may ask for directions depending on how familiar he is with the area. All rickshaws plying in the Municipal Corporation limits are supposed to charge fare according to tariff card.

Most of the times they will try to charge you a little extra but that won't be too much. You can very well argue with them based on the conversion equation stated above, and sometimes they will agree to it.

Nowadays, many auto rickshaw drivers try to charge extra for long distances or very short distances, or they refuse the fare. If they realise you are not from the city, they may try to take longer routes to the destination to charge extra money from you. Outsiders and foreigners should, therefore, use their own judgment before boarding any auto rickshaw.

Stick to the demand of charging by meter and refuse strongly to pay any extra amount, unless it is midnight. Autorickshaw drivers may also refuse to travel to quite a few parts of the city as per their convenience; however, this is against the law if their meter reads "on hire" in the upright position. If the sign is turned sideways, the rickshaw driver is not technically working and can refuse you.


It is very common for rickshaw drivers plying between 11 PM and 6 AM to demand 1. You are advised to get this cleared with the driver before boarding the rickshaw. It is also sometimes advisable to flag a rickshaw from the streets if practical and possible instead of boarding one from the stands as often, rickshaw drivers waiting in stands demand more fare.

If you would like to avail a rickshaw in a planned way as against impromptu hailing one from the street autowale. You need to indicate the source and destination point of your intended trip, and the time and place where you want the rickshaw to report. It's very much like a cab booking service, and takes the hassle out of arguing with the rickshaw drivers about the fare. This city was once known as the city of bicycles , but now it has turned into the city of motorcycles. Most traffic rules are completely ignored in Pune, since there are ten times as many two-wheelers as there are cars.

Lane discipline is generally tough to follow because of this reason. The general attitude towards riding motorbikes in the city is that of total ignorance of any set forth traffic regulations along with complete disregard of one's safety not wearing a helmet. Here people ride motorbikes as if they are riding a war horse and will generally try to overtake every vehicle in front.

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Minor accidents on motorbikes are common; You are advised to be careful even when your signal is green as the traffic flow from other direction generally does not stop immediately. Pune's roads might turn to horrid potholes from smooth tarmac in matter of seconds when it rains.

Always be on a lookout. If you are driving a car always be careful, since motorbike riders may overtake you from left or right and cut lanes without warning. Of late, there has been an improvement by addition of a number of bicycle tracks all over. That said, if you do want to hire a two wheeler, there are two outfits who rent '2 wheels' in Pune. If you are planning on day trips from Pune you would be best with the larger wheels and light weight of a motorcycle rather than a scooter.

Both outfits will most likely deliver to your accommodation if you ask nicely.


And after so many calls and MMS. There is only one line with seventeen stations; a second monorail line is under consideration by the government.

Here is a list of all the stations, east to west. The places of interest are listed in brackets. Italics indicate the various modes of transport available at the destination station.

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Though there is a lot of traffic in Pune you can't compare it to Cairo or Kolkata. Majority of the vehicle are two wheelers and apart from the peak hours the roads in Pune are sparsely filled.