Sky Card Ppi Address Book

Sky card ppi address book

If you were talked into having a store card before , there's a good chance you may have been mis-sold PPI. However, a lot of the claims for this particular cover were thrown out too quickly , which means you might be in-line for some compensation.

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Some banks ditched a lot of these claims without looking into them properly mentioning no names, leading Spanish bank on the UK high street. Now, a lot of these cards were coupled with PPI, and as we all know, in recent years that whole area has been a nightmare for a host of institutions.

Sky card ppi address book

It is their own fault, and now there's been millions paid out to try and correct their wrongs. If you got yourself a store card before December , you could be due some compensation.

PPI Claim Address List for All Banks

If you want to have a go at claiming the compensation which is rightfully yours, here's how. And yes, it is free and you don't need to go through any of these claims companies that are still pestering everyone.

Sky card ppi address book

Instead of contacting the business you got the card with, instead, you need to go to the underlying company that provided the credit when you took the card out. Should they reject your claim, you can of course go to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Sky card ppi address book

They've generally been ruling in favour of the customer upholding well over half of claims made since Many shops had their store-cards operated through a company called GE Money, which was eventually bought by Santander UK. If you have a new claim, you need to go to New Day, who bought all of Santander's store card operations in So what about those sold before the aforementioned period?

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Well, you can put a complaint and claim in with the underwriter from that time, who happens to be a company called Genworth Financial Insurance. And they just so happen to fall under the Ombudsman's jurisdiction for any complaints that run all the way back to the '80s.

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So, even if Genworth throw your complaint out, you can still challenge it by contacting the Financial Ombudsman. If you've kept all your documents from this period, then fantastic - you'll know exactly who to complain to.

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If not, don't worry yourself unduly - you need to get in touch with the store card provider, to see what policy you were sold, and when you took it out. Once you get that information, you can start making your complaint. You'll be asked if you knew that you were being sold PPI, and of course, you'll say that you were completely unaware of this, and you're half way there. For more advice on how to claim, templates for complaint letters and the like, check out our guide by clicking here. If you need to complain to Genworth, then this is their website , and their address is:.

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If you remember taking a store card out with someone, contact the retailer you got it with, and ask them who provided the cover. From there, you'll be easily able to find out who you need to contact.

Sky card ppi address book

Never use a claims company, as they'll just take a cut of any compensation you're owed. The whole system is in place so that you can do this yourself.

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Basically, once you've found out who to make your claim to, they'll either compensate you or reject it - and in that case, challenge their decision with the Ombudsman.

Good luck making your claim!

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Sky card ppi address book

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