20 Point Programme India Pdf To Word

20 point programme india pdf to word

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With the declaration of Emergency, Indira Gandhi allowed herself to rule by decree till India made great economic strides during the two-year emergency period, but political opposition was heavily suppressed. July 1st, , Economic and Social reforms: Civil Liberties were suspended and the government introduced a mandatory birth control program.

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The programme planned to extend alternate credit to them, abolish bonded labor and implement the existing agricultural land ceiling laws. It provided house sites to landless laborers and weaker sections and it revised upwards minimum wages of agricultural labor.

The program also provided special help to the handloom industry by bringing down the prices, preventing tax evasion and smuggling, increasing production and streamlining distribution of essential commodities.

20 point programme india pdf to word

It increased the limit of income tax exemption up to Rs , and liberalized investment procedures. August 4th, A least 50, or more people had be jailed in India since the declaration of Emergency.

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January 9th, : The government suspends seven freedoms guaranteed by Article 19 of the Constitution of India. November 2nd, Lok Sabha passes 42nd Constitution Amendment Bill making India a socialist, secular, republic and laying down the fundamental duties of citizens.

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March 22nd, : Janata Party gains absolute majority. February 4th, Lok Sabha's life extended by one year.

20 point programme india pdf to word

January 18th, : The President dissolves Lok Sabha. March 21st, : Emergency withdrawn.

20 point programme india pdf to word