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Bach wtk 1 pdf command

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Learn more. Within the State IS cents.

Bach wtk 1 pdf command

Within the United States 5 cents. All subscriptions invariably in advance. A Jlealcaa Mratagrm. A lady of fortan, in the city of Mexico, when city was under Spanish rule, owing to wme niation of circumstances, found herself in difficult.

Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 (Harpsichord: Pierre Hantaï)

Don -e;ng her friend, and a respectable Ii i haul, she went to him to state her necessities. He agreed, and the bargain wits concluded without any written document, tbe lady depositing her jewels ami re ceiring the turn.

At the end of a few month. The can ret dily received the money, but declared to the astonished lady that as to the jewels, he ha never 1 ard of them, and that no such transaction had taken place.

Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe, BWV 156 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

The senont. Suddenly the viceroy put his hand, first into one pocKet, men into tneotner, witn the air ot a man who had Mislaid something. Revillagigado returned to his fair complainant, and under the pretence of showing her some rooms in the palace, :ed her into one where, among many objects of value, the jewel case stood open.

Bach wtk 1 pdf command

No sooner had she cast her eyes upon it than ebe started forward in joy and amazement. The Viceroy requested her to wait there a little longer, and returned to his other guest.

Much more than documents.

Are you acquainted with the Senora de? The merchant per sisted in his denial.

Bach wtk 1 pdf command

Tbe viceroy left the room suddenly, and return ed with the jewel case in his hand, at which un exnected apparition the merchant changed color, ami entirely lost his presence of mind. The viceroy ordered him from Lis presence, with a seven; rebuke of his falsehodd and treach ery, and an order never again to enter the palace.

At the sp me time he commanded him to send him the next morning eight hundred dollars, with five hundred more, which he did, and which were, by the viceroy's orders, distributed among the hos pitals.

His excellency gave a sc. From the Loaisville Journal. Views of the tamoiaiidlnx Officer at Cairo. From a letter written by one of the most respectable citizens of Kentucky, we make the following extract, as exhibiting the views and in tentions of the distinguished commanding officer of tbe United States aimy at Cairo: "I went up to Cairo the other day to look at things.

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I saw some of the troops, and they were a fine looking body of men. They wete certainly well armed and drilled. Prentiss, who is one of the most affable and gentlemanly men I ever met with, toki me be had a number of men in the ranks who were worth from fifty to a hun dred thousand dollars, and that they were educated and intelligent accordingly.

He said thev had taken up several runaway slaves since they had been there, and handed them over to their masters without lose or trouble.

I wanted to know what he thought of Harper's suggestion of 50, negroes cosing upon us from Ohio. He said his command would be among the first to meet any stich army and put them down, or any insurrec tion of negroes; that nothing of that kind would be suffered; that whenever the army of the United States shall go into the Southern States, the in stitution of slavery will be protected by it.

But, can any one suppose that they would continue to be returned, after Kenttckyi by joining tbe Southern Con federacv. Stampede ml Prisoner Fifty prisoners in transit from Jeffersonville to Michigan City, passed through this place this morning on the early train. As they approached tbe Wabash river bridge where passengers change cars on account of tbe break, three ot the number, Calhoun, Edwardsand Howard, having managed to remove the heavy irons with which their test were manne ed, jumped out of the open windows of the cars, ard rolled down tbe embankment.

One of them had only succeeded in removing the irons from one foot, and the loosened manacle, still attached to the heavy chain by which it was connected with the iron on the other foot, caught in tbe window of tbe cars, and dragged the con vict tor a considerable distance.

With desperate energy he c ung to tbe side of tbe car, and the sudden checking of tbe speed of the train as it ap proached the bridge loosened the iron by which be was suspended, and be rolled down the em bankment. At the moment the convicts made tbe spring headforemost through the window, the train was running full twenty miles an hour.

They most have sustained more or less injury. The alarm was given at once, and in tbe confusion another convict named Edwards managed to elude the vigilance of tbe guard and make his escape. There were unmistakable indications of an ex teasive plot for a general stampede; and Mr. Lay ton, who with three guardsmen had charge of the prisoners, determined that be would not hazard the peril ot a passage over the ferry in changing cars, and heaping tbe convicts in their asm, be brought them bach to this city and lodged hers in jail.

At two o'clock to day they were marchod out and pur aboard an extra car on tho afternoon train north, ami will reach Michi gan city before dark.


Active measures have been taken for tbe arrest of the escaped convicts. From the Philadelphia Balletin, June T. Intrrettinf Details of aJournrr from Richmond Va. We had an interview this morning with a gen tlemau who had just reached Philadelphia from Richmond, Virginia, and who passed through Harper's Ferry and tbe Manassas Junction, on his way North. He represents the military spirit as very high at tbe capital of Virginia. Great numbers of troops were there, ana the most ex tensive preparations were on foot for repelling the expected invasion.

Many of the soldiers are hardy men, and fitted to perform arduous duty. Ben McCulloch's Texas Rangers are described by our informant as a desperate set of fellows. They number oue thousand half savages, each of whom is mounted on a mustang horse. Each is armed with a pair of Colt's navy revolvers, a rifle, a tomahawk, a Texas bowie knife, and a lasso. They are described as being very dex trous in the use of the latter.

Tbe people of Richmond appear to be perfectly familiar with everything that is going on in the North. They admit that there are some good men in the ranks of the Northern regiments, but they say. The clamor about frauds in army supplies in the North has had its natural effects in the South, and the Richmond people urge that the Yankees are so mem as to clieat their own soldiers.

Bach wtk 1 pdf command

As to the latter, if they get you in a light place in action, it is only necessary to give them a dollar or two and they will sell out their muskets.

While the ridieulous stories of the death of General Beauregard were in circulation in the North, equally absurd rumors were afloat cou- ; cerning him in Richmond. It was asserted there, and believed by many, that while these rumors were floating around here, Beauregard was traveling about in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, making his own observations and es caping suspicion. Our informant was present when Jeff. Davis was received at Richmond.

He says that Jeff, looks badly, having just arisen from a bed of sickness.

J.S. Bach: Magnificat in D Major, BWV 243 – Aria: “Deposuit potentes” (tenor)

He was roughly handled by bis mili urv friends at the Virginia capital, for they were not content with hand shaking, but they also put him through a course of hugging.

Lee arrived at Richmond on Thursday week, for the purpose of having an interview with Jeff. Henry A. Wise was but little heard of, and it was understood that he was in a rapid decline. Northern goods are smuggled through from Frederick, Md. Our informant left Richmond on Thursday, the 30th of May. He passed Man assail Junction. There is a large number of troops stationed there. They are engaged in digging wells.

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They declare their intention of resisting to the death, and that they will uot retreat while j there is a man left. He reached Harper's Ferry on the morning of j Friday, the 31st, and spent the greater part of the I day there. From the best authority he could reach he believed that from 10, to 15, men were there. The utmost possible secresy is ob served in all the military movements.

Men and cannon were constantly arriving and being pushed forward into the mountains, by which the Ferry is surrounded.

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The mountains on both sides of the river teem with men, and it is believed that masked batteries are numerous there It is also said that the roads and bridges are mined Our informant saw fifty or sixty boys engaged in making bullets and cartridges. At the headquarters of the Maryland troops at the Ferry he saw an effigy of Governor Hicks on a gallows, with an open coffin under it. The efli gy was placarded, "The Traitor Hicks. The officers at Harper's Ferry declare their con fidence of being able to maintain the post against any odds that can be brought against it.

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No person whatever can travel without a pass lrom the Southern authorities. Trains are stop ped at short intervals, and persons and baggage overhauled very strictly. There is no great dif ficulty in the way of Northern people who hap pen to be in Virginia getting passes to enable them to leave the State.

The Par ai d Pensioas of oar Vol- anteer. The following recapitulation affords useful in formation to volunteers and their families: 1st. After being mustered into the service of the United States, volunteers are entitled to pay the same as regular troops.

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If disabled by wounds received in service, or disease contracted in service, they arc entitled to an invalid pension during life, or as long as the disability continues. If any are killed or die in the service of the United States, letving a widow, she is entitled to what was due her husband, and a pension. If there is no widow, the child or children of such volunteer is entitled to the pay and a pension un til they are sixteen years of age.

At this time, neither the volunteers nor any heir is entitled to land warrants, but there is no doubt an act of Congress will be pased early in July, granting one hundred and sixty acres to every volunteer who shall serve fourteen days or engage in bat tle and be honorably discharged first to tbe widow, second to the children, third to the moth er, fourth, father; and, if all the foregoing heirs be dead, fifth, the brothers and sister- of those who mav so serve and die without receiving a warrant, in like manner as the volunteers who served in Mexico are now rewarded.

Sen men and others who take prizes, and those performing meritori ous feats, will undoubtedly be rewarded with the fruits of their valor. In Addition to what the volunteers and heirs are entitled to, and may become entitled to from the United States, the several States have passed and will pus.

I crime m the South. We have recently had a conversation with a gentleman who has been two and a half years a resident of New Orleans. He has bu'. Being an old se captain he is well able to apprehend the character of the peo ple, their sentiments and their resources.

He tells us that we have no idea of the wildness of the passion to drink Northern blood with the sons of the planters, and of the better classes, and that they are used to arms, and will fight with great skill and bravery.