Dharma Deshana Sinhala Pdf Sherlock

Dharma deshana sinhala pdf sherlock

Mediatization of Buddhist sermon ?Dharma Deshana? in the recent years

In Buddhist teaching the mind plays the pivotal role in our whole existence. It is the level or the degree of advancement of mind that differentiates humans from animals and also determines various categories of the humans themselves with regard to their nature.

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A weaker and an unstable mind may lead to many misgivings. The mind needs to be fine-tuned constantly. Lord Buddha preached meditation to be the most effective method in mind training.

Dharma deshana sinhala pdf sherlock

It is a way of maintaining mindfulness with the concentration upon breathing. The success of meditation first falls on the position we do it in. Although we can mediate in various manners, this position of the body helps mindfulness much more, because when the spine is at its correct form, it helps better function of the brain.

jaya piritha,rathnamali gatha rathnaya - (සෙත් පිරිත්)

Even modern science recommends it. To begin with, it is necessary to lead your mind to focus on a given point.

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Here, we focus on the tip of the nose or the edge of the lips. It prevents the mind from wondering into the surrounding.

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Keeping the mind halted at the tip of the nose or the edge of the lips, begin to reflect on your inhaling and exhaling. Now the concentration is on one point and yet you are aware of the breath that goes in and out.

Dharma deshana sinhala pdf sherlock

Be mindful about both your focus and reflecting. It may be difficult at start to be thus mindful for long.

Dharma deshana sinhala pdf sherlock

Often your mind breaks away from it. Each time it happens, you must bring the mind back into the same attention.

Dharma deshana sinhala pdf sherlock

When you practice it for some time the mind will gradually become trained to it. And when you have perfected it, you realize that your mind is free from the outside world and is still and balanced.

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In general we recognize two elements of the mind, calling them inner and outer minds. But Buddhism rejects this concept. There are actually just two ways in which the mind operates.

Dharma deshana sinhala pdf sherlock

With the focus at the tip of the nose or the edge of the lips, the mind stops running into the surrounding. With the awareness on breath, the mind refrains from thinking on other issues. Then you will begin to understand that when the mind is closed to such contaminations, it can be directed towards a much higher understanding of life itself.

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