1979 Mainship Trawler 34 Service Manual

1979 mainship trawler 34 service manual

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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 65 Troubleshooting 75 Troubleshooting 91 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Page 4 Mainship Corporation was formed in and soon outgrew the existing facilities. Augustine, FL. Over of the traditionally styled cruisers were built before Mainship began building a European inspired line of cruisers in Introduction 2. Forms 3.

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Warranty 4. Boating Safety 5. Fuel System 6. Underwater Gear 7. DC Electric System 8. AC Electric System 9. Water System Introduction 4. Boating Safety 1.

1979 mainship trawler 34 service manual

To find a dealer in your area call , or internationally you can call You must file an accident final inspection. This record should be filled out by the selling dealer at the time of delivery.

All equipment should be recorded so that the information is available in case of repair or for any insurance claim.

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Page Limited One Year Warranty Mainship in its Model Mainship Yacht purchased from an authorized Mainship Dealer will be free of defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials for a peri- od of twelve 12 months from the date of delivery to the first-use purchaser, provided the part is properly used and maintained and subject to the following exclusions, limitations, and conditions. The warranty registration form and the pre-delivery service record must be returned to Mainship, and they must be appropriately completed and signed by both the authorized Mainship Dealer and owner.

Mainship reserves the right to reject any warranty transfer request for a Mainship Yacht that has been damaged or neglected.

Page 31 Based on the information you will provide below, we will notify you of the expiration dates of any remaining warranties in effect at the time of transfer. You will also be entered into our databases used by Mainship and our vendors to document current owners, as well as added to our mailing list for updates and information on your Mainship boat.

To activate a warranty, this form must be completed at the time of closing and returned to Mainship within ten 10 days. We have Boating safety and the safety of your passengers are your included these warnings because we are concerned responsibility. Be aware of possible are allowed time to make correction without prosecution. Inspect all metal parts for corrosion, discoloration, or flaking.

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Know the Dangers! Swimming near or under the back deck or swim platform. Carbon monoxide from exhaust pipes of inboard engines, outboard engines and generators build up inside and outside the boat in areas near exhaust vents. Blocked hull exhaust outlets near a pier, dock, seawall, bulkhead or any other structure can cause excessive accumulation of Carbon Monoxide gas with the cabin areas of your boat.

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Be cer- tain hull exhaust outlets are not blocked in any way. If you have a marine radio, listen to the weather Never attach tow line to deck cleat or anchor wind- reports issued by the U.

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Therefore, we have provided a means of re-boarding the boat should If a serious collision occurs, first check the persons on you or a crew member fall overboard. Having a plan and, is possible, assigning respon- all waters except rivers, streams, and inland lakes. The sibilities to others results in quicker decisions and quicker Great Lakes are considered coastal waters, as is a river reactions. Most recreational vessels there is a problem with the arc of one or all of these lights.

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You should refer to this checklist every time you board your boat. Read your owners manual so that you have a full understanding of the fuel system on your boat. Do not start Personal injury or death could occur. A quick view This is a fuel — water separator type filter. Check leakage.

Inspect and Replace all seals as needed. Clean the seating surfaces of dirt or debris every time the element is replaced.

General Discussion

Figure 5. Long Term This can cause asphyxiation or death. Maintain open ventilation. Liquid fuel may ignite, causing severe burns.

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Use fuel appropriate for the type of stove installed. Clear obstruction from tank not full line or straighten line if kinked. Use the inspection cap attached to the fitting to stop If alignment is necessary see your authorized Mainship this inflow.

1979 mainship trawler 34 service manual

Inspect engine fitting to make sure that it is clear and 6. Page 70 Figure 6. Do not try to ser- vice the system yourself. Parts List for Fig. Auto Pilot 2. As before use only short bursts to move the trim tabs.

If necessary, stop engines and cut or pull material away. Replace propeller. If vibration con Your electrical system was thoroughly inspected at the factory before your boat was delivered to your dealer.

The charger is protected by a fuse on the positive and ground side at the charger. The batteries installed in your boat have been selected All electrical circuits General maintenance of the bonding system consists of require a ground, so all grounds are joined in sections at yearly replacement of the sacrificial anodes. The next area, safety and navigational lighting closely follows Coast Guard regulations regarding safety and navigational lights.

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Fuel fumes in the engine compartment can explode. Before working on electrical wiring ventilate engine room 7. When full the 7.

When empty this changes to a high pitch grind. Breaker controls power to the DC Panel. Stereo memory. Breaker controls power to the Helm. Electronic engine control optional. Breaker controls power to the Fwd Bilge Pump.

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Accessory on The MDP. This is the main breaker for all the other breakers on the panel. Fuel Gauge 2. High Water Alarm - Sounds when emergency bilge Horn comes on line due to amount of water in bilges. Switch off all circuits. Swtch off the dock circuit breaker. Disconnect the shore power cables from the dock outlets. Disconnect the shore power cables from the boat's inlet receptacles.

1979 mainship trawler 34 service manual

At generator control panel, turn all Volt circuit breaker OFF. Make sure slide bar is moved up to lock out 1.

1979 mainship trawler 34 service manual

To gain access to the generator enter through the shore power breaker. The boat's batteries are normally charged whenever the The optional summer galley electric grill receives its engine is running. If you are docked for an extended power from the AC electric system only.

This type of unit can heat or cool AC Amp Indicator - allows you to monitor the amps from the selected power source 2. Shore Power Selector Switch - allows you to select for- ward or aft shore power supplies. The components that are used in each sys- tem are broken down in this chapter.