1980 Arctic Cat Trail Cat Manual

1980 arctic cat trail cat manual

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1980 arctic cat trail cat manual

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Arctic Cat Wildcar Trail Service Manual

Table of Contents. Arctic cat snowmobile service manual 64 pages. Page 2 Such efficiency not only helps build consumer confidence but also saves time and labor. The symbol! Be sure to fol- low the directive because it deals with the possibility of serious personal injury or even death.

Page 4: General Information Connecting Rod small end bore max Using Arctic Cat Engine Storage Preserver, rap- The ignition switch must be in the OFF position prior to idly inject the preserver into the air filter opening for a installing the battery or damage may occur to the igni- period of 10 to 20 seconds; Lubrication Points 4.

Dry both filter components.

Arctic Cat Panther 1980 Service Manual Supplement

Put the foam filter in a plastic bag; then pour in air fil- It is advisable to lubricate certain components periodically ter oil and work the filter. Remove the spark plug wires from the spark plugs.

1980 arctic cat trail cat manual

Using compressed air, blow any debris from around Before removing a spark plug, be sure to clean the area the spark plugs. Dirt could enter engine when removing or installing the spark plug. Using the Oil Filter Wrench and a ratchet handle or a socket or box-end wrench , remove the old oil filter.

Remove the headlight adjustment cap screw. WTA 2. If low, add Arctic Cat Transaxle Fluid as necessary. To change the lubricant, use the following procedure. WTA 1. Page 13 WT WT 6. Release the spring clip securing the headlight bulb; 3. Starting with the interior mounting stud, install the then remove the bulb. Page 14 1. Remove the fasteners securing the facia to the storage box. WT 2. Connect the wiring harness and secure the facia using WTA the existing fasteners.

1980 Arctic Cat Trail Cat 4000 Snowmobile #2

Tighten securely. Disconnect the wiring harness. The geometric center of the HIGH beam light zone is to be used for verti- cal aiming.


If the fluid level gets low in the reservoir, refill the reservoir before the bleeding procedure is continued. Page Burnishing Brake Pads 3. If thickness of either brake pad is less than 1.

To replace the brake pads, use the following procedure. Brake pads must be burnished to achieve full braking effective- A. Remove the stationary sheave and V-belt and any belt to hold the driven clutch and ensuring the splines of the threads or debris in the clutch housing or sheaves.

Steering wheel secure. Steering has equal and complete full-left and full- right capability.

Arctic Cat Wildcat TRAIL/XT Manuals

Steering sector mounting bolts tight. Ball joints not worn, cracked, or damaged.

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WT 4. Remove the fasteners securing the grille; then remove the 3. Install the cap screws and nuts securing the radiator to grille. If removed, install the clutch air intake tube through the left rear body opening and secure it with the plate and existing cap screws. WTA 8. Loosen the clamp securing the clutch air intake tube to engine; Page 22 7. Install the tabs of the body panel into the slots in side panel; then insert the plastic insert into the gas tank filler hose.

Tighten the clamp and install the gas cap. Secure the panel to the frame and pre-filter cover with the existing cap screws and push pins. Tighten all hardware to 60 in. To remove a side panel, remove the cap screws and push pins securing the side panel to the frame; then remove the panel.

Disconnect the LCD gauge, ignition switch, and 2. Connect the volt accessory plug, ignition switch, volt accessory plug. With the steering shaft slid through the dash, install the dash and secure it with the existing fasteners. Page Rack And Pinion Assembly 2.

Arctic Cat EL TIGRE 1980 Service Manual

Loosen the jam nut below the shifter knob; then unscrew the shifter knob. WTB 3. WTA 3. Remove the fasteners securing the center console; 4. Page 26 5.


Slide the boot to the center of the tie rod. Center the tie rods in the steering rack assembly and align the white paint line on the pinion with the white sembled, all connecting components should be paint line on the rack housing.

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Remove the steering wheel and hood; then remove the dash. Remove and discard the cap screws and lock nuts securing the steering tilt assembly to the frame.

1980 arctic cat trail cat manual

WT 7. Slide the tilt assembly out of the steering shaft. WT 3. Page Steering Knuckles 3. Install the tilt assembly onto the steering shaft and 4. Remove the hub assembly. Tighten 5. Remove the cotter pin from the tie rod end and to 20 ft-lb. Page 30 2. Inspect the bearing for pits, scoring, rusting, or premature wear.

Inspect the knuckle for cracks, breaks, or galling of the bearing surface. Using a suitable press and driver, press the bearing into the knuckle until firmly seated; then install the snap ring. Install the wheel; then using a crisscross pattern, To adjust the wheel alignment, use the following procedure: tighten the wheel nuts in 20 ft-lb increments to a final 1.

Center the steering rack; then using an open-end torque factor of 40 ft-lb steel wheel or 80 ft-lb alu- wrench to hold the tie rod B , loosen the right-side minium wheel. To adjust the throttle cable, locate the in-line cable adjuster beneath the clutch cover; then slide the pro- tective sleeve upward from the adjuster. Remove the cap screw from the shift cable pivot bolt 3. While holding the nut B , loosen the jam nut A and A , remove the axle bolt B , and account for plastic remove the shift cable from the transaxle.

Install the new shift cable in place noting the routing from removing.

1980 arctic cat trail cat manual

Secure to the transaxle with the E-clip and jam nut. Finger-tighten the jam nut at this point. Inspect muffler externally for cracks, holes, and dents. Inspect the muffler internally by shaking the muffler back and forth and listening for rattles or loose debris inside the muffler.

Remove the fasteners securing the upper rear body 3.

1980 arctic cat trail cat manual

Secure the cargo box with self tapping screws and panel to the cargo box. Install the LED taillight assembly.

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Install the rear fenders; then install the seats making sure they lock securely in place. Remove the seats, engine access panel, and center console. Remove the fasteners securing the floor to the frame.

Close the door to ensure it latches securely.