1986 Porsche 911 Owners Manual

1986 porsche 911 owners manual

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Porsche 911 Workshop Manual

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Page of Go. Page - Warnings on the instrument panel and the Table of Contents.

1986 porsche 911 owners manual

Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Porsche Carrera Owner's Manual pages. Porsche Carrera Technical Lnformation Repair pages. Page 3 Please take the time to read this manual before you drive your new Porsche.

Become familiar with the operation of your Porsche car for maximum safety and operating pleasure. The better you know your Porsche, the more pleasure you will experience driving your new car.

Page 4 Porsche. Page 5 Do not alter your Porsche.

Porsche 911 Owners Manual

Any alter- ation could create dangerous con- ditions or defeat safety engineering features built into your car. Do not misuse your Porsche. Use it safely, and consistently with the law, according to the driving conditions, and the instructions in this manual. Porsche AG. Page 7: Fuel Quality Under normal conditions, the amount of these compounds in the fuel will not affect driveability.

You may use oxygenated fuels in your Porsche, provided the octane requirements for your vehicle are met. We recommend, however, that you change to a differ- ent fuel or station if any of the following problems occur with your vehicle: — Production Whether in production or repair, Porsche always relies on environmentally friendly technology.

An example of this is the water-based paint used in our painting installations. Water-base paints and new painting methods reduce solvent emissions by 70 per cent. Page 9 Recycling - for a Porsche, this is virtually an academic question More than two-thirds of all Porsches ever built are still running.

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Just in case recycling is ever necessary, we take the following precautionary measures: — Identification of all materials. Page 10 The values communicated by Porsche are based on normal operation adapted to traffic. Wear increases considerably when the vehicle is driven Page 11 Please consult an authorized Porsche dealer about the current guidelines in effect before such use of your vehicle.

Setting and operating vehicle components when driving Warning! There is a danger of accident if you set or Page 16 Wheel Drive Page Dear Porsche Owner Dear Porsche Owner A lot has gone into the manufacture of your Porsche, including advanced engineering, rigid quality control and demanding inspections.

These engineering and safety features will be enhanced by you Page Before Driving Off Before driving off Be sure the tires are inflated correctly.

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Check tires for damage and tire wear. See that wheel bolts are properly tightened and not loose or missing.

1986 porsche 911 owners manual

Check operation of the horn. Position seat for easy reach of foot pedals and controls. To reduce the possibility of injury from the airbag deployment, you should always sit back as far from the steering wheel as is practical, while still maintaining full vehicle control. Page On The Road On the road Never drive after you have consumed alcohol or drugs. Always have your safety belt fastened. Always drive defensively.

1986 porsche 911 owners manual

Expect the unexpect- Use signals to indicate turns and lane changes. Turn on headlights at dusk or when the driving conditions warrant it. Despite the most modern, high-precision manufac- turing methods, the moving parts must still wear in with each other. It is your reminder to pull the key out of the ignition lock and to lock the doors. Two main keys and one spare key are supplied with your Porsche. These keys operate all the locks on your vehicle.

Be careful with your car keys: do not part with Note Your authorized Porsche dealer can program further types of unlocking for the luggage compart- ment. Type 1 The relocking time of the doors can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements: 10 - sec- onds. Page 26 The remote-control standby function switches off after 7 days If the vehicle is not started or unlocked with the remote control within 7 days, the remote control standby function is switched off to prevent discharging of the vehicle battery.

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe For Sale

Page Doors Doors Automatic lowering of the door windows If the door windows are closed, they will be automatically opened by a few millimeters when the doors are opened and, when the doors are closed, they will be closed again.

This makes it easier to open and close the doors and protects the seals. Page Central Locking Warning! Page 29 2 seconds. Fault indication A double horn signal during locking indicates a defect in the central locking or alarm system. Have the defect remedied at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Porsche 911 Service and Repair Manuals

Overload protection If the central locking system is operated more than ten times within a minute, further operation is blocked for 30 seconds. Page 30 1. Pull inner door handle once to unlock door lock. Pull inner door handle again to open door.

2009-2011 911 – Table of Contents

Automatic door locking Your authorized Porsche dealer can program diverse types of automatic door locking in the control unit of the central locking system: Type 1 Doors lock automatically when the ignition is switched on. In an emergency situation where you need to exit the car through an automatically locked door, remember the following procedure to open the door. Unlock the doors by pressing the central locking button or pull the inside door handle twice to open the door.

The alarm system and passenger compartment monitoring system are switched on when the doors are locked with the key or remote control. Page 33 Inform any person remaining in the car that the alarm system will be triggered if the door is opened. Controls, Instruments Page 35 Anti-crushing protection If a side window is blocked during closing, it will stop and open again by about an inch.

Risk of serious personal injuries.

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If the rocker switch is pressed again within 10 seconds of the window being blocked, the window will close with its full closing force. Page Mirrors Mirrors Inside mirror When the mirror is being adjusted, the anti-glare lever must point forward. Basic position: lever forward Anti-glare position: lever back Controls, Instruments Door mirrors Function Before driving the vehicle, adjust the outside and inside mirrors.

It is important for safe driving that you have clear, unobstructed vision to the rear.

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Page 37 Folding in door mirrors Warning! Do not let go of the mirror before the locking lever is locked or the mirror is fully unfolded. Switching off the automatic anti-glare operation Press switch B. Light-emitting diode C goes out.

Porsche 911 Turbo Owner's Manual

Switching on the automatic anti-glare operation Press switch B. Page 39 Switching off Press button. The light-emitting diode in the button goes out. The seat may move unexpectedly if you attempt to adjust while driving. This could cause sudden loss of control, resulting in serious personal injury or death. Do not adjust seats while the vehicle is in motion.

1986 porsche 911 owners manual

Move seat to desired position and release lever. Ensure that the seat engages correctly.

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Page 42 A e Seat height adjustment B e Fore-and-aft position adjustment C e Seat angle adjustment D e Backrest angle adjustment E e Lumbar support pelvis and spinal column support To permit a relaxed sitting posture, the backrest curvature is continuously adjustable in vertical and horizontal directions for individual pelvis and spinal column support. Further individual setting options are available in vehicles with the Sport Chrono Package Plus.

Page 44 Operating with the remote control of the car key Individual assignment of the remote control Each remote control up to six can be assigned an individual seat and door mirror position.

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The stored seat and door mirror position is set automatically when the vehicle is unlocked using the corresponding remote control. Page Heated Seats - Seat heating, left - Seat heating, right Heated Seats Switching on Readiness for operation Two-stage seat heating is ready for operation when the ignition is on. High heating power Press button.

1986 porsche 911 owners manual

Both light-emitting diodes in the button light up. Low heating power Press the rocker-switch symbol again.

1986 porsche 911 owners manual