2001 Yamaha Bear Tracker Repair Manual

2001 yamaha bear tracker repair manual

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Yamaha bear tracker/update on work

Page - Seleccion de la marcha atras y conduccio Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting chart Page 4 EBU It represents the result of many years of Yamaha experience in the production of fine sporting, touring, and pacesetting racing ma- chines.

2001 yamaha bear tracker repair manual

With the purchase of this Yamaha, you can now appreciate the high degree of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a leader in these fields. Page 14 Please check your local riding laws and regula- tions before operating this machine.

Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. Page 18 Wheel removal Page 22 Batterie Never remove any labels from your ATV. If a label becomes difficult to read or comes off, a replace- ment label is available from your Yamaha dealer.

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Bei kalten Reifen. Wanneer de banden koud zijn. Regular com pneus Ajuste con los frios. Lesen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung bevor Sie dieses Fahrzeug fahren. No elimine ninguna de las etiquetas colocadas en la ATV.

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An ATV handles differently from other vehicles including motorcycles and cars. A collision or rollover can occur quickly, even during routine maneuvers such as turning and riding on hills or over obstacles, if you fail to take proper precautions.

Page 48 Never allow a child under age 16 to operate an ATV without adult supervision, and never allow continued use of an ATV by a child if he or she does not have the abilities to operate it safely.

Never carry a passenger on an ATV. Always avoid operating an ATV on any paved surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, park- ing lots and streets. Page 50 Never attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts. Always inspect your ATV each time you use it to make sure it is in safe operating condition. Always follow the inspection and maintenance procedures and schedules described in this manual. Always keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the footboards of the ATV dur- ing operation.

Page 52 Always follow proper procedures for turning as described in this manual. Practice turning at low speeds before attempting to turn at faster speeds.

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Do not turn at excessive speed. Practice on smaller hills before attempting larger hills. Page 54 Always follow proper procedures for going down hills and for braking on hills as described in this manual.

Check the terrain carefully be- fore you start down any hill.

2001-2004 Yamaha YFM250 Beartracker ATV Service Manual

Shift your weight backward. Never go down a hill at high speed. Avoid going down a hill at an angle that would cause the vehicle to lean sharply to one side. Page 56 Always use proper procedures if you stall or roll backwards when climbing a hill.

Yamaha YFM250 Bear Tracker (1999 - 2004)

To avoid stall- ing, use proper gear and maintain a steady speed when climbing a hill. If you stall or roll backwards, follow the special procedure for braking described in this manual. Page 58 Always be careful when skidding or sliding.

2001 yamaha bear tracker repair manual

Learn to safely control skidding or sliding by practicing at low speeds and on level, smooth terrain. On extremely slippery surfaces, such as ice, go slowly and be very cautious in order to reduce the chance of skidding or sliding out of control.


Aprenda a controlar con tine ou glisse. Page 60 Never modify an ATV through improper instal- lation or use of accessories. Never exceed the stated load capacity for an ATV. Cargo should be properly distributed and securely attached. Reduce speed and follow instructions in this manual for carrying cargo or pulling a trailer.

Do not refuel right after the engine has been running and is still very hot. Never refuel while smoking, or while in the vicini- ty of sparks, open flames, or other sources of ignition such as the pilot lights of water heaters and clothes dryers.

Never start or run the en- gine in a closed area. Exhaust fumes are poi- sonous and may cause loss of consciousness and death within a short time. Ne jamais mettre en marche damente ventilada. No arranque ni tenga en mar- cha el motor en un local cerrado. Los gases del ou laisser tourner le moteur dans un endroit clos.

Rear carrier Taillight 2.

Yamaha BEARTRACKER YFM250XP Owner's Manual

Seat Rear wheel 3. Fuel tank cap Shift pedal 4. Front carrier Drive select lever 5. Brake pedal Rear brake lever 6.

2001 yamaha bear tracker repair manual

Front wheel Parking brake 7. Portapaquetes trasero Rueda trasero 2.

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Selle Pedal del cambio 3. Page Identification Number Records Record the key identification number, vehicle iden- tification number and model label information in the spaces provided for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer or for reference in case the vehicle is stolen. Page Key Identification Number EBU Key identification number The key identification number is stamped on the key as shown in the following illustration. This number can be used for ordering a new key.

2001 yamaha bear tracker repair manual

Key identification number 1. The year of manufacture is listed in the vehicle identification number as shown in the illustration.

NOTE: The vehicle identification number is used to identi- fy your machine. Page Model Label The model label is affixed to the location in the il- lustration.


Record the information on this label in the space provided. This information will be need- ed to order spare parts from your Yamaha dealer. Model label 1.

OFF: All electrical circuits are switched off. The key can be removed in this position. The engine stop switch controls ignition and can be used at all times to stop the en- gine, especially in an emergency. The engine will not start or run when the engine stop switch is 1.

Page 83 N. Page Throttle Lever This could cause an accident.

2001 yamaha bear tracker repair manual

Check the operation of the throttle lever before you start the engine. If the throttle does not work smoothly, check for the cause.

Yamaha BEAR TRACKER YFM250XP Owner's Manual

Correct the problem before riding the ATV or consult a Yamaha dealer. Page Speed Limiter EBU Speed limiter The speed limiter keeps the throttle from fully opening, even when the throttle lever is pushed to the maximum.

Screwing in the adjuster limits the maximum engine power available and decreases the maximum speed of the ATV. Pull it toward the handlebar to apply the front brake. Front brake lever 1. Levier de frein avant 1. Palanca del freno delantero EBU Rear brake pedal and lever The brake pedal is located on the right side of the machine and the brake lever is located on the left Le manillar derecho.