2002 Kx 85 Service Manual

2002 kx 85 service manual

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2002 kx 85 service manual

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2002 kx 85 service manual

Page of Go. Page 6 Page 7 - Foreword Page 8 - Important note to parents about safe rid Page - Suspension Tuning According the Type of Page - Front and Rear Suspension Troubleshootin Page - Optional parts Page Page - Pre-race checks and after-race maintenan Table of Contents.

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Hide Hide permanently. Kawasaki KX85 Service Manual pages. Page 5 Motorcycle Noise Emission Control Information This motorcycle is designed for closed course competition use only.

2002 kx 85 service manual

It does not conform to U. EPA motorcycle noise standards. How- ever, if improperly conducted, this sport has the potential to cause environmental problems as well as conflicts with other people. Page 7 Congratulations on your choosing this Kawasaki motorcycle.

2002 kx 85 service manual

Your new KX is a highly tuned competition machine for participation in racing events. As with any mechan- ical device, proper care and maintenance are important for trouble-free operation and top performance. It is not suitable for beginners. As with any moving vehicle there are possible safety risks; Exhaust System Drive Chain Location of Labels Location of Parts Front Suspension KXF 1 mm Overall Width mm Overall Height: KX85C 1 mm Wheelbase: KX85C 1 mm Road Clearance KXF KXF mm 4.

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Page General Information If any label is missing, damaged, or worn, get a replacement from your Kawasaki dealer and install it in the correct po- sition. NOTE 1. Radiator Cap Danger 3.

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Rear Shock Absorber Warning 4. Gasoline-Engine Oil Mixing Ratio 5.

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Disclaimer of Warranty 6. Noise Emission Control Information 7. Important Information Clutch Lever 4. Engine Stop Button 2. Front Brake Fluid Reservoir 5. Fuel Tank Cap 3. Front Brake Lever 6.


Throttle Grip Front Fork 9. Front Brake Caliper 2. Radiator Expansion Chamber 3. Fuel Tank Shift Pedal 4.

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Carburetor Rear Shock Absorber 5. Seat Swingarm 6. Air Cleaner Element Chain Guide Drive Chain 7. Rear Shock Absorber Gas Reservoir 6.

Transmission Oil Level Inspection Window 2. Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir 7. Rear Brake Pedal 3. Fuel Tap 8. Kick Pedal 4. Rear Brake Disc 9.

2002 kx 85 service manual

Water Pump Cover 5. Rear Brake Caliper Support the motorcycle with the provided side stand. Install the upper end of the side stand into the hole at the rear of the left footpeg. Page Fuel Avoid filling the tank in the rain or where heavy dust Fuel is blowing so that the fuel does not get contaminated. The Kawasaki KX is equipped with a 2-stroke en- gine that requires a gasoline-oil mixture. Fuel Tank Capacity 5.

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Always stop octane rating. Page 26 Other oxygenates approved for use in unleaded blends during refueling. Fuel containing these oxygenates to 60 days, mix a fuel stabilizer such as can also be used in your Kawasaki.

Page 27 Take time to ensure a well-blended mixture.

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Con- deteriorates rapidly; therefore, prepare a fresh sistent use of these products meets or exceeds ser- mixture for each day of operation. When the clutch lever is pulled, the motorcycle can be started with the transmission in any gear. Therefore, the radiator does not incorporate a coolant reserve tank or cool- ing fan. Prolonged idling of the engine with no airflow through the radiator can cause coolant loss and engine overheating result- ing in possible engine damage.

Pull in the clutch lever as the motorcycle comes to a stop. Indepen- dent use of the front or rear brake may be advanta- geous in certain circumstances.

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Fuel Tap B. OFF position A. Be Break-In sure to check and adjust the chain slack and spoke tightness and carry out a general inspec- A brief break-in procedure must be carried out to tion. Using the proper riding skills and filler neck with coolant. Before putting the mo- techniques and avoiding recklessly high engine torcycle into operation, bleed the cooling sys- speeds will keep the engine trouble-free.

The time required is minimal, and habitual performance of these checks will help ensure a safe, reliable ride.

2002 kx 85 service manual

If any irregularities are found during these checks, refer to the appropriate section and take the action required to return the motorcycle to a safe operating condition. No damage Properly installed Engine Sprocket No wear or damage Frame Tires Overall condition good No wear or damage Pressure correct Air valve cap installed Spokes No looseness Drive Chain After racing, first clean the motorcycle see page , then inspect the entire motorcycle with special attention to the air cleaner, carburetor, brakes, etc.

Contact your lo- been specifically engineered for your vehicle. Con- cal authorities for approved disposal meth- sistent use of these products meets or exceeds ser- ods or possible recycling. Oils fulfilling the above requirements are fully formu- lated and provide adequate lubrication for both the Water Hoses engine and the clutch.