2005 Polaris Sportsman 600 Repair Manual

2005 polaris sportsman 600 repair manual

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2005 polaris sportsman 600 repair manual

If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Table of Contents. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Polaris industries all-terrain vehicle owner's manual pages. Polaris industries all-terrain vehicles owner's manual pages.

All information contained within this publication is based on the latest product information at the time of publication. Due to constant improvements in the design and quality of production components, some minor discrepancies may result between the actual vehicle and the information presented in this publication.

Nye Co. Serial Number Location Some of the tools listed are mandatory and other tools maybe substituted with a similar tool, if available. Polaris recommends the use of Polaris special tools when servicing any Polaris product.

Standard Tools and Engine Tools There are exceptions in the steering, suspension, and engine areas.

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Always consult the exploded views in each manual section for torque values of fasteners before using standard torque. Chain Pitch: Distance between chain link pins No. Polaris measures chain length in number of pitches. Lubricant and Maintenance Product Numbers 2.

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Page Periodic Maintenance Chart Change oil immediately and monitor level. If oil level begins to rise, discontinue use and determine cause. NOTE: Inspection may reveal the need for replacement parts. Always use genuine Polaris parts. Page Maintenance And Lubrication if equipped Transmission oil 25 H Monthly Inspect level; change yearly " " Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use.

2005 polaris sportsman 600 repair manual

Page 22 Inspect routing, condition " Valve clearance H 12 M Inspect; " Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use. Page 23 Auxiliary brake Inspect daily; adjust as needed " Headlight aim Adjust as needed " Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use. G Check vent hose to be sure it is routed properly and unobstructed.


Page Rear Gearcase 2. Clean and reinstall drain plug A using a new G The correct rear gearcase lubricant to use is sealing washer B. Remove fill plug C. Fill with the recommended fluid amount or fill to the bottom of the fill plug hole threads. Page Transmission Lubrication 2. Clean and reinstall the drain plug.

Polaris 2005 Sportsman MV7 Service Manual

Torque to Fill Plug specification. Remove fill plug. Add 15 oz. Check for leaks. Reinstall fill plug and torque to ft.

Polaris SPORTSMAN 600 Service Manual

Place the gear selector in neutral. Check fuel tank, oil tank, carburetor, battery and transmission vent lines signs wear, deterioration, damage or leakage.

Replace every two Shift Linkage Rod years. Be sure vent lines are routed properly and secured with cable ties. Never use high pressure leakage testers, as crankshaft seals may dislodge and leak. It contains Standard: PSI sulfuric acid. Disconnect holder strap and remove cover.

2005 polaris sportsman 600 repair manual

Inspect electrode for 2. The recovery system components are the recovery bottle, radiator filler PN neck, radiator pressure cap and connecting hose. Page Coolant Level 1. Remove reservoir cap. Verify the inner splash Hose cap vent hole is clear and open. Remove front cover by placing your fingers under the It is recommended that the air filter and pre filter be front of the cover and pulling upward.

Inspect main filter and replace if necessary. If the filter has been soaked with fuel or oil it must be replaced. Periodically check the air box drain tube located Installation: toward the rear of the machine. Drain whenever deposits are visible in the clear tube. Be sure breather line is routed properly and secured in place. Reinstall dipstick and push it into place. Do not lock the dipstick. The engine is a wet--sump engine, meaning the NOTE: Make certain the dipstick is inserted all the oil is contained in the bottom of the crankcase.

To way into the filler tube to keep the angle and depth of check the oil level: stick consistent. Remove dipstick and fill sump with 2 quarts 1.

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Use only genuine Polaris replacement parts. Place machine on a smooth level surface. Set handlebars in a straight ahead position and Be sure to keep handlebars centered. See notes secure handlebars in this position. NOTE: The below.

Polaris 2005 SPORTSMAN 500 Manuals

Remove the clean out plugs located on the between vehicle center and each wheel. This will tell bottom of the muffler as shown in illustration 1. Keep fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir to the indicated level inside reservoir. The top of the pedal should be at least 1 inch, Page Controls Inspect the cv shaft boots in the front and rear of the ATV for damage, tears, wear, or leaking grease. If the rubber boot exhibits any of these symptoms, replace the boot.

Refer to Chapter 7 for CV boot replacement, or have you Polaris dealer replace the boot. Remove the wheel nuts and remove the wheel.

Inspect all wheels for runout or damage. Do not over tighten the wheel nuts. The front and rear storage compartments are easily When replacing a tire always use accessible.

2005 polaris sportsman 600 repair manual

To open the front compartment turn the original equipment size and type. This information is for Sportsman models equipped with a lb.

The red wire connects to the battery. Polaris offers a detailing kit for your ATV, see Page 2.

2005 polaris sportsman 600 repair manual

Page Efi Exhaust Canister Maintenance 7. Treat the fuel system with Polaris Carbon Clean. If Polaris fuel system additive is not used, fuel tank, fuel lines, and carburetor should be completely drained of gasoline.

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To eliminate any fuel remaining in the carburetor, run the engine until it stops. Special Tools. Woodruff Key 6. Apply Polaris 0W oil to seal. Page Top End Apply 0W to lifters. Pushrods Bushing Do not install expansion plug more than 1. Expansion 1.

Apply Moly Lube Grease. Page Exhaust System Silencer removal requires replacement of the silencer grommets, item 24, as they become damaged during removal. To maintain a beautiful finish and prevent corrosion, E Polaris Sales Inc.

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Nm ft. EFI Engine No. Page Cooling System Specifications 2.

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