2005 Srx Cadillac Navigation Manual Pdf

2005 srx cadillac navigation manual pdf

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Cadillac SRX Owners Manual

Page of Go. Table of Contents. Infotainment System. AM-FM Radio. Satellite Radio. Audio Players.

Cadillac SRX Navigation Manual

Auxiliary Devices. Rear Seat Infotainment. Using the Navigation. Navigation Symbols. Configure Menu. Global Positioning. System GPS. Vehicle Positioning. Problems with Route. If the System Needs. Ordering Map DVDs.

2005 srx cadillac navigation manual pdf

Database Coverage. Voice Recognition. Using Voice Recognition. Pairing a Phone Using the. Trademarks and License. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Voice Recognition.. DEL Delete H. Page 6 Infotainment System 2. Press NAV to change between a Q. RPT Repeat map view.

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Page 7 Infotainment System Languages At times, such as when you are 5. Press and hold one of the preset selling or disposing of your vehicle, screen buttons for more than To change the display language, you may want to delete this two seconds.

Page 8 Infotainment System To set a destination by entering a 4. To set a destination by entering a 1. Press DEST. Enter the house number. Page 9 Infotainment System 7. Select the route preference for 7.

Need 2005 CTS Navigation Manual pdf

Press and hold one of the 4. Press one of the available preset Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. The The system highlights the route. Use only 1.

Sound Menu The audio sources can also be changed by using the steering wheel controls. See Steering Wheel Controls in the index of the vehicle's owner manual for more information.

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Press this feature to sound listening experience from display more options. This Audio system settings or features feature operates automatically when can be customized for: turned on. The current page number HDD mode displays above the preset buttons. The stored stations for each list Selects the categories such as displays on the touch-sensitive Playlist, Artist, Album, and preset buttons at the bottom of the Page 15 Infotainment System Receive announcements To recall a preset station from a Timeshift stops recording and concerning local and national FAV page: erases the buffer when the vehicle emergencies.

Press FAV to scroll to the page.

2005 Cadillac SRX Navigation System M - GMC

Use the preset screen buttons or press other appropriate screen buttons to operate the DVD options. There are two pages of DVD options. The arrows and other cursor to go to the next or previous 1.

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Press to seek to the beginning of options allow navigation of the DVD chapter. Availability of this stream and the audio language the disc comes out, it could be for feature is dependent on the DVD heard, while the DVD is playing. A track number contain 18 songs or less. Select the track from display the corresponding category the current or previous track.

Cadillac CUE System Detailed Tutorial: Tech Help

There might compressed audio files without any disc. Page 26 Infotainment System To record selected tracks from To record selected tracks: If it is determined that some or none the disc: of the content exists, then only that 1.

Connect a USB device. Content 1. Press to seek to the next track. Press and hold to advance display the track list. Select a song from From the HDD screen, press the 1.

2005 srx cadillac navigation manual pdf

Press to view the albums on the the list. HDD Menu screen button on the hard drive. Press to seek to the beginning of To play a USB device: the current or previous track. If the track has been playing for Connect the USB and it begins less than five seconds, the to play. Press to view the playlists stored 1. Press to view a list of all songs on the USB.

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Connect the other end to the USB port in the center console. Press to view the albums stored 1. Press to view the genres stored on the iPod.

2005 srx cadillac navigation manual pdf

Select a playlist name to view a 2. Press to view the audio books The system can play back audio displays: stored on the iPod. The Audio Book screen displays Music Menu displays. Scroll a list of the available audio down to the Audio Book option books for playback. Page 36 Infotainment System To change the audio book currently playing: 4. Then, select a chapter to start 5. The audio book begins playback.

Selecting Another Audio Book 1. Page 37 Infotainment System 2.

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The Audio Book screen displays 3. Select a chapter to start 4. The audio book begins a list of the available audio playback.

Select a book.


Page Auxiliary Devices Infotainment System Changing Chapters within an Auxiliary Devices If an auxiliary device has already Audio Book been connected, but a different The vehicle has an auxiliary input source is currently active, do either To change chapters within an jack located in the center console.

This feature can be controlled through the navigation radio screen. A DVD can play in the navigation 3.

2005 srx cadillac navigation manual pdf

Page 40 Infotainment System Headphones multi media. Turn the headphones off the headband over the top of the when not in use.

Press the AUX button a third supplied by the infotainment system.

Cadillac SRX Service and Repair Manuals

Page 42 Infotainment System Audio Output Video Screens Only the left RSE seatback console contains the infrared transmitters for Audio from the DVD player or The video screens are located in the the wireless headphones, they may auxiliary inputs can be heard back of the driver and front be visible as eight illuminated LEDs.

After making a selection the video screen display on. This button only operates when using a DVD. Storing the remote control in a hot area or in direct Menu Navigation sunlight can damage it, and the Arrows : Use the arrow buttons to To player and an auxiliary source.