2012 Can Am Xmr Manual

2012 can am xmr manual

Bombardier & Can-Am ATV Manuals

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Bombardier & Can-Am ATV, Commander & Maverick Manuals

Read this guide thoroughly. It contains important safety information.

2012 can am xmr manual

Minimum recommended age: Operator: 16 years old. Keep this Operator's Guide in the vehicle. Table of Contents. Safety, vehicle and maintenance information pages.

Can-am - brp offroad vehicle user manual pages. The following trademarks are the property of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

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Page 3: Foreword A per- BRP limited warranty and a network son under 16 years old should never of authorized Can-Am dealers ready to operate this vehicle. BRP reserves jury or death. Page General Precautions Even if you try to ventilate engine exhaust with fans or open windows See your authorized Can-Am dealer for and doors, carbon monoxide can available accessories for your vehicle.

A collision or rollover can occur quickly, if you fail to take proper precautions, even during routine maneu- vers such as turning and driving on hills or over obstacles. Page Operation Warnings Beginners and inexperienced operators should complete a training course.

Bombardier & Can-Am Manuals

They should then regularly practice the skills learned during the course as well as the operating techniques described in this Operator's Guide. For more information about the training course, contact an authorized Can-Am dealer. Even though a child may be within the age group for which this vehicle is recommended, he may not have the skills, abilities, or judgment needed to operate this vehicle safely and may be involved in a serious accident.

Paved surfaces may seriously affect handling and control of this vehicle, and may cause the vehicle to go out of control.

Could cause you to react more slowly. Could affect your balance and perception. Could result in an accident or death. Do not try to show off. Could result in the vehicle overturning or loss of control. Practice turning at low speeds before attempting to turn at faster speeds. Always check the terrain carefully before you start up any hill. NOTE: A special technique is required when braking as you go down a hill.

If you lose all forward speed: Keep your weight uphill. Could cause the vehicle to overturn. Never attempt to ride over large obstacles, such as large rocks or fallen trees.

You may also regain traction unexpectedly, which may cause the vehicle to overturn. WHAT CAN HAPPEN Use of improper tires on this vehicle, or operation of this vehicle with improper or uneven tire pressure, may cause loss of control, tire blow outs, tire to move around on its rim and increases the risk of an accident.

Page 36 All parts and accessories added to this vehicle should be approved by BRP and should be installed and used according to instructions. If you have questions, consult an authorized Can-Am dealer. NEVER install passenger seat or use the cargo area to carry a passenger.

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It is strongly recommended that you obtain further information and training from your local authorities, ATV clubs, a recognized ATV training organization or contact an authorized Can-Am dealer. We recommend following the age recommendation indicated on the safety label affixed on the unit. Please contact an authorized BRP dealer for further details. Though not required, it is recommended that an authorized BRP dealer performs the preseason preparation of your vehicle.

Each visit to your authorized BRP dealer is a great opportunity for your dealer to verify if your vehicle is included in any safety campaign. Ensure cargo is properly secured to the rear cargo area.

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If you are pulling a trailer or an other equipment: Cargo — The brakes must fully apply. Lever and pedal must fully return when released.

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Emergency engine Check that the emergency engine stop switch is working stop switch properly. Dress for the coldest weather expected.


Thermal underwear next to the skin also provides a good insulation. It is important that the operator always wears the appropriate protective clothing and apparel, including an approved helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, a long sleeved shirt and pants. Refer to table below.

When pulling loads with a chain or cable, be sure to brake progressively. The iner- tia of the load could lead to an impact. A variety of accessories are available from your authorized Can-Am dealer. However, always respect the load and capacities of the vehicle. Overloading of the vehicle can overstress the components and cause failure.

Find out where you can get additional gasoline and oil. Be prepared for the possible conditions you may encounter. First aid kit Adjustable wrench Mobile phone Knife The addition of weight to any part of the vehicle changes its gravitational stability and modifies its performance.

2012 can am xmr manual

For example, it is common to encounter terrain situations where the top of the hill has eroded to a point that the hill peak rises very sharply. Avoid hard braking. This will possibly result in a straight line slide of the vehicle. Again, the best advice is to safely reduce speed in anticipation of a maneuver so to give yourself time and distance to regain total ve- hicle control before it spins out of your control. Make sure you dry the brakes by applying them several times after the vehicle leaves the water.

Mud or marsh lands may be encountered near water. They will affect the steering of vehicle, possibly causing it to slide and tip over especially at high speeds.

In addition, braking distance may be affected.

2012 Can-Am Outlander™ 1000 XT

Some hills are too steep to safely stop or recover from after an unsuccessful climbing attempt. Try to avoid steep inclines. If you're not careful, you could tip over when going up hills. Stay seated. Apply the brake gradually to pre- vent skidding.

2012 can am xmr manual

It should be avoided wherever possible. However, if it is nec- essary to do so , it is important that you ALWAYS keep your body weight on the up- side of the slope and be prepared to dismount on that side should the vehicle begin to topple.

Any person who rides this vehicle should read and understand this information be- fore riding. Page Vehicle Safety Labels If missing or damaged, they can be replaced free of charge.

2012 Can-am Outlander Xmr 800R

See an authorized Can-Am dealer. NOTE: In the event of any discrep- ancy between this guide and the ve- hicle, the safety labels on the vehicle Includes trailer tongue weight if applicable. NOTE: In the event of any discrep- ancy between this guide and the ve- hicle, the safety labels on the vehicle have precedence over the labels in this guide.

Follow all instructions and warnings. When pushed forward, it increases the engine speed and allows engagement of the transmission on the selected range.

2012 can am xmr manual

When released, the engine speed should automatically return to idle and the vehicle will gradually slow down. Braking effect is proportional to the force applied on the lever. NOTE: As on other wheeled vehicles, the vehicle weight is transferred to the front wheels when braking.

2012 can am xmr manual

To obtain greater stopping efficiency, the brake system distributes more braking force to the front wheels. Parking brake is now en- of the vehicle near steering column. It allows the ve- hicle to move slowly with maximum P: Park torque at the wheels. Press and hold the override switch then press the throttle lever gradu- Depending on the vehicle model, this ally.

All Models Except The ignition keys contain an electronic circuit that gives it a unique electronic serial number. The D. Mud riding footrest 3. Remove glove box.

Owner Zone - Can-Am Off-Road

To open glove box, unlock latch on Glove Box Installation each side of glove box and open lid. Seat latch 1. Latch Pull seat upward then rearward.

2012 can am xmr manual

Con- 4. Close cover and verify if glove box is tinue lifting movement until you can locked in position.