2014 Yamaha Mt Motorcycle Manual

2014 yamaha mt motorcycle manual

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Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 82 Troubleshooting charts Page 2 EAU Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle.


This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. Page 3 Yamaha a reputation for dependability. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. Printed in France.

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Beginners accident. In fact, many op- changing lanes. Make sure that The majority of fatalities from motorcy- erators who have been involved in other motorists can see you.

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Battery page 2. Fuse box page 5.

Yamaha 2014 MT-07 Service Manual

Shift pedal page 6. Engine oil drain bolt page 7. Spark plug page 2. Front brake fluid reservoir page 3. Engine oil filter element page 4. Dipstick page 5. Rear brake fluid reservoir page 6. Clutch lever page 2. Left handlebar switches page 3.

Multi-function meter unit page 4. Right handlebar switches page 6.

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Throttle grip page 7. The key can be removed. Otherwise the electrical systems will be switched off, which may result in loss of control or an accident. This indicator light flashes when the turn signal switch is pushed to the left or right. Page 18 The ABS may not work correctly. If any damage. If this oc- of the above occurs, have a Yamaha To activate or deactivate the tachome- curs, have a Yamaha dealer check the dealer check the system as soon as ter high-rpm warning light, hold the self-diagnosis system.

Page 21 for further instruction. Coolant temperature meter go off for 3 seconds repeatedly. Clutch lever 1. Shift pedal 1. Brake lever The clutch lever is located at the left The shift pedal is located on the left The brake lever is located on the right handlebar grip. In addi- tion, the key cannot be removed if the cap is not properly installed and locked.

Yamaha MT125 Owner's Manual

Page Fuel Gasoline is poisonous and can fuel expands when it heats up, Your Yamaha engine has been de- cause injury or death. Handle gaso- heat from the engine or the sun signed to use premium unleaded gas- line with care.

2014 yamaha mt motorcycle manual

Move the sidestand down. If a malfunction is noted, have a Yamaha 2. In this case, the multi-func- EWA position.

2014 yamaha mt motorcycle manual

Page Shifting The neutral indi- repeatedly until it reaches the end of its cator light should come on. If not, travel, and then slightly raise it. Start the engine by pushing the start switch. Page Periodic Maintenance And Adjustment To avoid possible burns, let tivities incorrectly may increase brake components cool before your risk of injury or death during touching them. If you are not familiar with vehicle ser- vice, have a Yamaha dealer perform service. Page Owner's Tool Kit If you do not have the tools or experi- ence required for a particular job, have a Yamaha dealer perform it for you.

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Refer to this section each time a cowl- ing needs to be removed and installed. Spark plug gap diagnose such problems yourself. In- Spark plug gap: stead, have a Yamaha dealer check 1. Spark plug cap 0. Clean the surface of the spark The engine oil should be between the ment plug gasket and its mating sur- minimum and maximum level marks.

The engine oil level should be checked face, and then wipe off any grime before each ride. If the engine oil is below the mini- mum level mark, add sufficient oil of the recommended type to raise it to the correct level.

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Install the oil filler cap. To change the engine oil with or without oil filter element replace- ment ZAUM Install the oil filter element cover Refill with the specified amount of by installing the bolts, then tight- the recommended engine oil, and ening them to the specified then install and tighten the oil filler torque.

Start the engine, and then let it idle EAU Coolant for several minutes while checking The coolant level should be checked it for oil leakage. If oil is leaking, before each ride. In addition, the cool- immediately turn the engine off ant must be changed at the intervals and check for the cause. Have a Yamaha dealer replace freeze content of the coolant as the air filter element more frequently if soon as possible, otherwise the Page Checking The Engine Idling Speed Check the engine idling speed and, if tle grip free play, turn the adjusting necessary, have it corrected by a nut in direction b.

Yamaha dealer. Page Valve Clearance Tire air pressure measured on cold from occurring, the valve clearance small area of road contact.

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Therefore, it tires : must be adjusted by a Yamaha dealer is essential to maintain the tires in good 0—90 kg 0— lb : Front: at the intervals specified in the periodic condition at all times and replace them kPa 1. TR model by Yamaha Motor Co.

2014 yamaha mt motorcycle manual

Note the following points in order to make the most ef- ficient use of these tires. Page Cast Wheels 5. Loosen the locknut at the crank- ride. If any damage is found, have case. Do not attempt even the smallest repair to the wheel. A de- 1. Clutch lever free play adjusting bolt formed or cracked wheel must be 2. Periodically check the brake ver free play and, if necessary, have a pedal free play and, if necessary, have Yamaha dealer check the brake sys- a Yamaha dealer adjust it.

If necessary, have a Front brake pads Yamaha dealer check the brake light switches. ZAUM 1.

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Rear brake light switch 2. Rear brake light switch adjusting nut Check the brake fluid level with the top Page Changing The Brake Fluid EAU Changing the brake fluid id; otherwise, the rubber seals Yamaha dealer check the cause before Have a Yamaha dealer change the may deteriorate, causing leak- further riding.

Page Drive Chain Slack 2. Shift the transmission into the To adjust the drive chain slack drive chain slack adjusting bolt on neutral position.

2014 yamaha mt motorcycle manual

Consult a Yamaha dealer before ad- each side of the swingarm in di- 3. Measure the drive chain slack at justing the drive chain slack. If a cable is specified in the periodic maintenance Otherwise, the sidestand could contact the ground and distract the operator, re- sulting in a possible loss of control.

Page Lubricating The Swingarm Pivots The swingarm pivots must be lubricat- at the intervals specified in the periodic ed by a Yamaha dealer at the intervals maintenance and lubrication chart. Page Checking The Steering Yamaha dealer ward and backward.