95 Chevy S10 Manual Transmission Problems

95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

5 spd manual transmission problem help please!

When the engine is hot, the problem gets worse. I'm at the back toward the rear-end of the truck and I've unbolted the caps on the U-Joint differential end. The book says that I should just have to pull the drive shaft free but that is not happening. I don't want to damage the bearing cap but I'm stuck right now.

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It appears it's just snug inside the area but I'm not sure. You can't have presure on the u-joint when you are trying to remove it from the rear end yoke. Then you just put a good screwdriver under the cap and pry up it will come out. I do think that is more of an adjustment problem or a hydrolic problem however.

Hope this helps if you need anything else just ask. Ihave everything loose and I have it on jacks. I'm following the book.

95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

It looks as if it should just pop out but this is a real bugger. The retaining clips have nothing to do with securing it in, right? It's just cover the cap and seal, correct?

95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

Was this answer helpful? I literally have to push the clutch pedal "through" the floor to shift out of first or to put in first gear. Do you.

95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

OK you have the wheels chocked and it is in nuetral? Was this answer.

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Rogr that. Here a photo of what I'm up against Thanxxx Was this answer. Just put a pri bar or good strong screw driver behind the u-joint and pry on it. It will pop out.

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Then take electrical tape and tape the end up so the caps stay on it till you put it back in. I did just that this morning, figuring I'd just give it some muscle and I popped right out. I was intially afraid of damaging the part but all had turned out well. Just now got done dropping the tranmission.

95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

After inspecting the transmission, I've got re-order the Clutch Fork as the replacement part is completely wrong. Looks like I'll be down at least a week as I'm writing to you from Heidelberg, Germany.

Great job, lts of kudos from the troops!

Thanxxx for the Help! Wow cool.

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I was born in Germany in Aschauffenburg my dad was in the army during vietnam. I am a US citizen and lived here sence I was three when my dad got back from nam.

95 chevy s10 manual transmission problems

As a result I went in the Marines out of high school and now I am a mechanic. Let me know how it goes and if you need anything else just ask. Ooraa Was this answer. Please login or register to post a reply.

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A throwout bearing is used to apply force against the clutch pressure plate to release the clutch and should be replaced as part of the normal clutch job.

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