Acra Turn Lathe 1340 Manual

Acra turn lathe 1340 manual

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Acra turn lathe 1340 manual

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Post Reply. The guy selling it doesn't know anything about it because it was his friends who passed away.

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He says his friend was real meticulous with all his equipment so I am hoping this lathe has been taken care of. All he knows is it is an acra-turn geared head lathe he calls it a 6in. It looks to me to be a 12x36 or maybe a 13x40 I have never heard of acra-turn and can't seem to find this lathe anywhere but it looks to be the same as the grizzly g which is what I have been wanting to get anyway.

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Here is the picture of the lathe if anyone knows anything about it I would like to hear what you can say about it. Also if you know where I coulddownload a manual or something so I can see the actual specs that would be nice. The replacement is from china and is a whole different animal. Their current site only shows the new model.

Acra Turn 1340 Metal Lathe - USED

I have one I bought 6 years ago from Rutland Tool. Been in fairly regular use since ,love it! Did upgrade the 3 jaw chuck to a Bison.

Acra-turn Lc-1340g Lathe

Mine is marked hardend bed. Funny thing is there is nothing on it that says China or Taiwan?? Oh well been very happy with it ,parts off with power feed like a champ.

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Wired mine to run on volts option ,think that was the default setting. John Evans I was hoping it was a 12x36 because I have limited garage space and a 13x40 would take up even more room. The price 75 percent less than what a new grizzly was going to cost me so I hope this lathe is in good shape.

Acra turn lathe 1340 manual

I hope he is true to his word. He is probably just making that up to cover what really happened which was letting someone else talk him into selling it to them. Those don't show up very often so I am really sick right now that I didn't take of work right then and go get it.

Live and learn I guess. Looks like I will be counting on getting a new grizzly g again. I have taken off work - immediatly - twice before to get a Table Saw and a Planer I got an Enco 13x And you better have those lifting straps on in exactly the right place like one right under the spindle area I actually wanted a GG.

And the Enco did cost a few hundred more, with less frills. However, I already got "bumped off the list" ie not enough lathes to go around even though I ordered about 45 days ahead with Grizzly, and they also refused to ship items IN STOCK A standard G that were on the coast warehouses, but not in the Missouri Warehouse.

Acra turn lathe 1340 manual

This after have spent a several thousand with them in the past. It is worth saving money when you can, and if one can wait and wait thats ok. That wait might be a year though