Aficio Mp C2000 Service Manual

Aficio mp c2000 service manual

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Ricoh Aficio MP C2000 Operating Instructions Manual

Safety Information in "About This Machine" before using the machine. Table of Contents. Gestetner dsc operating instruction pages.

For safe and correct use, be sure to read the Safety Information in "About This Machine" before using the machine. Page 2 Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine. For your safety and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine.

Keep this manual in a handy place for quick reference. Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. This manual provides an introduction to the functions of the machine. It also explains the control panel, preparation procedures for using the machine, how to enter text, and how to install the CD-ROMs provided.

Ricoh Aficio MP C2000 All in One Printer: Frequently-viewed manuals

See p. Copies by deleting a specific colour in the original. Copies by adding a colour to the whole page. The stamp colour can be yellow, red, cyan, magenta, green, blue, and black. Adjusting Images See p. Reference See p. Page 21 Copying from the Bypass Tray Page 22 Storing Data in the Document Server Page Notice Notice Do not copy or print any item for which reproduction is prohibited by law.

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Copying or printing the following items is generally prohibited by local law: bank notes, revenue stamps, bonds, stock certificates, bank drafts, checks, pass- ports, driver's licenses. The preceding list is meant as a guide only and is not inclusive. Symbols This manual uses the following symbols: Indicates important safety notes.

Aficio mp c2000 service manual

Page Display Display The function items displayed serve as selector keys. You can select or specify an item by lightly pressing them. When you select or specify an item on the display panel, it is highlighted like. The simplified display contains main functions only.

Enlarged characters and keys make for easier operation.

Straight to the top book

For details about how to set up these items, see General Settings Guide. Stamp Position:P.

Ricoh Mp 2000 Service Manual -

Stamp Position:1, Stamp Position, Stamp Position:Page 1,Page Sensitivity A. You can adjust the background density up to 5 levels when in Full Colour. Page Placing Originals This chapter describes the types of originals you can set and how to place origi- nals.

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Originals This section describes the types of originals that can be placed, paper sizes that are automatically detected, and missing image area. Place these originals on the exposure glass instead. Take care to place originals after any correction fluid and ink has completely dried.

Aficio mp c2000 service manual

Not taking this precaution could cause marks on the exposure glass that will be copied onto paper. Otherwise, the cover of the ADF might open or be damaged.

Aficio mp c2000 service manual

Lift the exposure glass cover or ADF. Be sure to lift the exposure glass cover or ADF by more than 30 degrees. Page 40 Placing Originals Adjust the guide to the original size.

Operating Instructions

Set the aligned originals face up into the ADF. Do not stack originals beyond the limit mark. The last page should be on the bottom. Be sure not to block the sensor or load the original untidily. Doing so may cause the machine to detect the size of the scanned image incorrectly or dis- play a paper misfeed message.

Aficio mp c2000 service manual

Page Batch Mode Batch mode In Batch mode, the machine copies an original of more than 50 pages as one doc- ument, even if it is placed on the ADF in parts. Press [Special Original]. Select [Batch] and then press [OK]. Page Mixed Size Mode Mixed size mode When placing different size originals of the same width in the ADF at the same time, the machine automatically checks the size of the originals and makes cop- ies.

Regular sizes Select the size of the originals from the regular sizes.

Aficio mp c2000 service manual

Press [Original Size]. Press [Regular Size].

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Select the size of original, and then press [OK]. Page 45 Custom sizes When placing custom size originals in the ADF, specify the size of the originals. Page 46 Placing Originals Page Copying This chapter describes the procedure for making copies in various modes.

Basic Procedure This section describes the basic procedure for making copies. The machine starts copying. Copies are delivered face down. Left Original Beeper The beeper sounds and an error message is displayed when you leave your orig- inals on the exposure glass after copying. You can switch the display to the preset job by pressing [To Reserv. The Job List function allows you to manage these jobs. For example, you can cancel incorrect job settings or print an urgent document.

Modal Example

Switches between job lists for each function. Press [Job List]. Select the job you want to check. Press [Details], and then check the contents. Press [Exit]. Changing the order of jobs You can change the order in which print jobs in the job list are served: Press [Job List]. Holding print jobs The machine holds jobs that are queued and currently printing.

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Select the job s to hold. Press [Suspend Printing]. Deleting jobs You can delete a job that is queued or currently printing. Press [Job History]. A list of completed print jobs appears.

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Press [Details] to check the contents of the displayed jobs. Job List When cop- ying from the bypass tray, select [1 Sided] for copying in [Dup. Page 57 Open the bypass tray. Insert the paper face-down until you hear the beep, and then align the pa- per guide to the paper size. If the guides are not flush against the copy paper, images might be skewed or paper misfeeds might occur.

Do not stack paper over the limit mark, otherwise images might be skewed or paper misfeeds might occur.

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Open the bypass tray, and then align the paper guide to the paper size. Insert the paper face-down until you hear the beep. Press [Custom Size]. To prevent multiple sheets from being fed at once, fan paper before placing it on the tray. Insert the paper face down until you hear the beep. Page When Copying Onto Envelopes Copying When Copying onto Envelopes Open the bypass tray, and then insert the envelopes with the side you want to copy face down until the beeper sounds.

Align the paper guide to the envelope side.