Alfa Gtv 916 Manual Transmission

Alfa gtv 916 manual transmission

Alfa Romeo GTV gearbox rebuild

Refreshing Winter Offers! C1 hp. Other vehicle Select vehicle. Enter your registration below.

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Find your category. Engine oil. Brake system. Suspension and arms. Body parts, lights, mirrors. Belts, chains, rollers.

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Engine cooling system. Fuel supply system. Sensors, relays, control units.

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Exhaust system. Interior and comfort. Ignition and glowplug system. Windscreen cleaning system. Oils and fluids.

Alfa Romeo GTV Workshop Manual

Air conditioning. Gaskets and sealing rings. Drive shaft and cv joint. Repair kits.

Alfa gtv 916 manual transmission

Pipes and hoses. Propshafts and differentials.

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Car accessories. View more categories. C1 Petrol hp. Abs ring Abs sensor Anti roll bar links Anti-roll bar stabiliser kit Arm bushes Axle bushes Ball joint Camber correction screw Engine mount Gearbox mount Inner tie rod Mounting kit, control lever Nut, stub axle Repair kit, wheel suspension Shock absorber dust cover and bump stops Stabilizer bushes Steering knuckle bushing Steering rack boot Strut mount and bearing Suspension arm Suspension kit Suspension tools Track rod end Track widening Wheel bearing Wheel bolt and wheel nuts Wheel hub.

Damping for GTV , C 3.

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C1 from Steering column switch Water pump, headlight cleaning Window cleaner Windshield washer pump Wiper arm Wiper blade rubber Wiper blades. Clutch hose Clutch kit Clutch master cylinder Clutch release bearing Clutch tools Flywheel Pedals and pedal covers Repair kit, clutch slave cylinder Slave cylinder Switch, clutch control. C1 HP Petrol. Blower motor resistor Boot Brake light switch Cargo area lights Door light Indicator relay Lighting controls Passenger compartment light Pedals and pedal covers Reverse light switch Sensor, exterior temperature Speedometer cable Steering column switch Switch, clutch control Tailgate struts Window regulator.

Breather valve, fuel tank Fuel cap Fuel filter Fuel level sensor Fuel pressure regulator Fuel pump Fuel system tools Fuel tank and fuel tank cap Idle control valve, air supply Injectors Knock sensor Lambda sensor Mass air flow sensor Throttle Throttle position sensor. Bolt, propshaft flange Cv axle Cv boot Cv joint Nut, stub axle.

Alfa Romeo GTV Service and Repair Manuals

C1 HP. Ball joint Gasket set, hydraulic pump Hydraulic steering filter Inner tie rod Power steering fluid Power steering pump Steering rack Steering rack boot Steering tools Tie rod Track rod end.

Alfa gtv 916 manual transmission

C1 HP KW. Ac compressor Blower motor Blower motor resistor Compressor clutch Condenser Control valve, compressor Control valve, coolant Evaporator Expansion valve Heat exchanger Pollen filter Pressure switch Receiver drier Sensor, exterior temperature Temperature switch, radiator fan.

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Heater for GTV , C 3. Blower motor Blower motor resistor Control valve, coolant Heat exchanger Pollen filter Sensor, exterior temperature. Camshaft seal Crankcase gasket Crankshaft seal Exhaust manifold gasket Exhaust pipe gasket Full gasket set, engine Head gasket Intake manifold gasket O-ring set, cylinder sleeve Oil drain plug gasket Rocker cover gasket Shaft seal, differential Shaft seal, manual transmission Sump gasket Valve stem seals Window seal.

Automatic transmission fluid Bearing, manual transmission Cable, manual transmission Flange lid, manual transmission Flywheel Gearbox mount Gearbox oil and transmission oil Repair kit, gear lever Reverse light switch Sensor speed Shaft seal, manual transmission.

Brake hose Clutch hose Coolant flange Radiator hose.

Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider

Repair kits for GTV , C 3. Anti-roll bar stabiliser kit Brake caliper repair kit Gasket set, hydraulic pump Guide sleeve kit, brake caliper Mounting kit, control lever Repair kit, brake master cylinder Repair kit, clutch master cylinder Repair kit, clutch slave cylinder Repair kit, gear lever Repair kit, wheel suspension Starter motor parts Suspension kit. Bearing, manual transmission Clutch release bearing Crankshaft bearing Flange lid, manual transmission Main bearings, crankshaft Propeller shaft bearing Wheel bearing.

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Automatic transmission fluid Gearbox oil and transmission oil Propeller shaft bearing Shaft seal, differential. Electric kit, towbar Towbar. Valve grinding compound Rust converters Liquid electrical tape.

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Alfa gtv 916 manual transmission