Altavoz Yaesu Sp-2000 Speaker Manual

Altavoz yaesu sp-2000 speaker manual

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Reviews Home. Bought mine new with a New Sounds really good. You can tailor the audio from the which makes it even better. The price is better than some of the others. I would recommend to someone who needs a very good sounding speaker on the IC For example, I just switched the SP33 and an old Optimus Pro 7 back and forth on my TSs while listening to local SSB transmissions to compare the amount of sound and the quality of the reproduction.

Altavoz yaesu sp-2000 speaker manual

I must admit, I much prefer the clarity of the Optimus speaker, which produces some crisp highs to improve articulation. The level of sound was comparable for a given AF gain setting but the reproduction coming from the SP33 was more muffled and indistinct. It was a readily noticeable difference and the little Radio Shack bookshelf HiFi speaker surprised me.

I recently acquired a Phonema Rhea loudspeaker and what a difference in audio reproduction and articulation! Hearing the difference in solid copy of voice transmissions on a speaker like the Rhea and comparing it to a product like the SP33 really demonstrates the difference between mediocre sound reproduction and crystal clear, full audio that comes from a quality, purposefully designed loudspeaker.

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After this comparison, I must admit the SP33 is not the quality product I had hoped and it will now reside on my little-used 2-meter FM rig on the operating desk. I 'fixed' this speaker today. As I mentioned in my other review, this speaker has been the most disappointing product I've ever purchased in 55 years as a ham.

I DO understand every ones hearing and preferences are different.

Also, everyone BUT me loves theirs. I thought about just throwing it out, so today I thought I had nothing to lose by dissecting it. These speakers are glued together. Once I got the speaker itself out, I was surprised at it's small size. I found several possible canidates and did some side by side tests and found one that sounded MUCH better.

Unfortunately, the mounting scheme was quite different so major surgery was required to the enclosure. The replacement is 4 ohms, 10W. I also added some acoustic foam inside. Bottom line? Everything went back together and looks original, but more importantly, sounds exactly like my new SP That said, it's now a Good but not 'great'. After using a ic I got a IC , the audio from that little speaker on the was horrible compaired to the , so I used the more and didn't use the So after reading the reviews I got a sp33 speaker.

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Opening the box I was surprised - the quality of years gone by. Better yet when mated to the the audio is so much better even with the filters turn on.

Yaesu SP 2000

Its got my vote. The has been almost retired ,for now. I am glad to see that there are others starting to enjoy this speaker. When I first posted I had operators emailing me and asking if I was just shoveling the smelly stuff.

Altavoz yaesu sp-2000 speaker manual

I emailed back saying the same as here, I love this little speaker in fact I am sure that the other reviewers will say the same. That it is hard to listen to anything else.

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I am still amazed at the detail that it does on the received audio, if someone's audio is not right you will pick it out, and when something can make static noise almost sound pleasant what else could you ask for.

I use to be a Stereophile back when I had the room and lived in area that I would not drive the Neighbours nuts. I have reviewed a couple of speakers on eHam and I gave them both 5's Yaesu SP and Palstar SPH and I still stand by them but when this little speaker left me with my mouth open. I can not believe that it had no reviews and does not seem to be known very well. The speaker is nice and small 6.

The tone and full body sound is great and the reproduction of details it picks up in the audio is just well I did not think that I would find a speaker that would do that. I have used many different speakers.

Altavoz yaesu sp-2000 speaker manual

Quick list. Anyhow if you are looking for an external speaker or you are not happy with the one you have go get the SP and that will put an end to it! All the best! K7FD Rating: Packs a punch! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

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Excellent presence, punch, and bass response making it a great communications speaker. Wooden box, small footprint A very nice speaker! John K7FD. My search is finally over. I don't know how else to put this.. I'm actually sitting here worried that Icom will stop making it because nobody is buying them and, something will happen to this one and I'll spend the rest of my life ticked off that I didn't buy several and store them in the gun safe My favorite external speaker was the Palstar SPH which sounds great.

Like the previous review, this little speaker sounds better than anything I've heard. I'm amazed at the richness and quality coming from this speaker. No spec sheet is included in the box, and not available on Icom web site. The new model is still a bit of a mystery, but it is an awesome little speaker.

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Altavoz yaesu sp-2000 speaker manual

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