Altec Lansing Imt810 Manual Meat

Altec lansing imt810 manual meat

We spent many hours on research to finding beats wireless bluetooth adapter, reading product features, product specifications for this guide.

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For those of you who wish to the best beats wireless bluetooth adapter, you should not miss this article. The following is the top 10 beats wireless bluetooth adapter by our suggestions:. Go to amazon. Perfect wireless connectivity. Especially for Bose Wireless Headphones. Fitting with most of various inflight audio sockets.

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No over-current, No over-voltage, and No over-heating. Description Pairing Steps: 1. Going into pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphone.

Tip: The method is usually specified in the users manuals. When pairing to another Bluetooth headphone, press the button to power on the transmitter, the indicator blinks blue. In process of pairing, searching for the pairing device 4. Put the transmitter and your Bluetooth headphone as close as possible for best connection while pairing.

Altec lansing imt810 manual meat

Successfully Paired: The indicator will glow blue. You may plug the transmitter to your audio device and start to enjoy the wireless entertainment.

Unsuccessfully Paired: The indicator will blink blue. Please power off the transmitter and restart to pair from Step 1.

Looking for a beats wireless bluetooth adapter? Have a look at this 2019 guide!

Without going into pairing mode. Please double check your model before ordering.

Altec lansing imt810 manual meat

Description The noise is gone, now lose the cord. The AirMod wireless adapter is custom designed for seamless compatibility with the Beats Solo2 model. The AirMod adapter instantly upgrades your existing pair of Beats Solo 2 headphones using bluetooth 4.

Any reference to the brand and it's trademarks is for reference purpose only. Description ihens5 Car Bluetooth Adapter built with Bluetooth 4. Over View With this wireless receiver adapter to listen music,phone calls and GPS when you are driving.

Use it connect 3.

Altec lansing imt810 manual meat

Just one second to make your speakers become bluetooth speaker. Working time: up to 4 hours, you also can use it while charging to extend music play time Spec Bluetooth Version: V4.

Altec lansing imt810 manual meat

Connection rangem Headphone Jack: 3. No more going back and forth if you should replace your perfectly working wired beats.

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Rechargeable Lithium Polymer yields 6 hours of continuous playtime on full blast. Built in microphone allows hands free calling with a touch of the button.

What are you waiting for? It does not require any cables and batteries. Dre Beat by Dr. Packed stainless-steel clip features convenient placement during outdoor events.

Upgradged Bluetooth 4. Does not support APTX.

Altec lansing imt810 manual meat

Initial Pair Long press the main button for 3s to turn on and enter searching pair mode with light blue and green flashing. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and find "Tekhome BR" to pair.

Auto Pair After turned on, it will be connected to the last connected device if found automatically. If failed, it will enter searching pair mode.

Rematch When turned on, double click the main button to enter searching pair mode to pair with other devices. Hands-free Call Answering When connected to phone, click the main button to answer, click again to hang up. If you don't want to answer, double click to reject. Low Power When power is low, there will be a warning tone.

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Blue light will flash, turn off for 2s and flash in turn. If you don't charge it in time, it will turn off automatically. Power Saving Under searching pair mode, if not connected within 3 minutes, it will be auto off to save power. Battery Indicator When connected, its remaining battery capacity will be shown at the top right corner of the screen of most phones.

Long battery life, 10 hours non stop playing time for Active Headphones with battery and car stereo and 6 hours for passive over ear headphones Use the latest CSR Bluetooth 4.


To maintain as good performance as your wired headphone,we apply the best Bluetooth technology CSR Bluetooth 4. Latest Bluetooth 4. Bluetooth range is up to 10 metres. Built-in MIC allows you to take handsfree phone calls by just a single press of the button on it. Powered by internal rechargeable battery, provides up to 6 hours of uninterrupted playback and talk time. Excellent sound performance insured by a built-in TI Texas Instruments headphone amplifier chipset.

Optitional-Bass-Enhance feature by just double pressing the button during music play. Description The Muswor wireless adapter is custom designed for headphones with 3. Transmit to Bluetooth devices. Receiver Mode: Trun any speakers, headphones, stereo system to Bluetooth enable Automatic Connecting Every time when the device power on, the transmitter will automatically connect to the last connected device.

Compatible to: 1.

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