Amcor Ice 1513 Manual Arts

Amcor ice 1513 manual arts

Specialty and Industrial Coatings. Inks and Printing. Intermediates and Solvents. Skin and Sun Care. Paper and Coatings. Architectural Paints. Whipped toppings and desserts.

Home, Industrial and Institutional. Hair Care. Oil and Gas. Finishes and Stains. Oral Care. Sauces and Savory Products. Tapes and Labels. Non Food Packaging.

Amcor ice 1513 manual arts

Graphic Films. Auto and Truck.

Amcor ice 1513 manual arts

Window Films. Wound Care. Pet Food. Prepared Foods. Plant based protein and meat alternatives. Medical Radiation Dosimetry.

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Adhesives for Wood Products. Phenoxyethanol and Methylparaben and Isopropylparaben and Isobutylparaben and Butylparaben. Phenoxyethanol and Methylparaben and Ethylparaben and Propylparaben and Butylparaben.

Beer and Wine. Food Packaging. It is also used for solvency, adhesion enhancement and solubility in paints and coatings and printing inks. For more information, contact us. It is also used as a drug solubilizer and penetration enhancer in parenteral and injectable dosage forms, specifically in veterinary products.

Water and Butylene Glycol and Tripeptide Water and Glycerin and Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein. Water and Butylene Glycol and sh-Hexapeptide Admiral products are fluidized polymer suspensions of cellulosic ethers that deliver superior performance with the added advantage of easier handling.

When added to a paper coating, Admiral FPS readily thickens to provide the desired rheology control. It can be used in hair styling products such as hairsprays, mousses, and hair styling creams and gels. Advantage LC-A polymer offers the following features and benefits: Strong, durable hold Stiff feel with good flexibility Superior high humidity curl retention at low solids level Excellent shine High propellant tolerance No neutralization required Applications: Aerosol hairsprays Non-aerosol hairsprays.

Advantage LC-E polymer is one of the many exceptional products that Ashland offers as part of its hair styling product line.

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Hair Care Skin and Sun Care. In hair care, Advantage Plus polymer is positioned for hair spray applications where it delivers stiff, hard-holding performance. Styling effects are long-lasting even in a high humidity environment. Depending on the type of neutralizer, Advantage Plus polymer can be used to formulate aerosol hairsprays containing 50 percent or more hydrocarbons. In sun care applications, incorporating Advantage Plus polymer into anhydrous spray formulations offers enhanced performance and feel.

This self-adapting polymer helps boost formula SPF and improves water resistance, while providing a low-shine finish on the skin. Because of its self-adapting character, which allows the polymer to reorient itself, Advantage Plus polymer provides water resistance. Advantage defoamers are designed to be emulsifiable with persistency so they can be used over a broad number of applications. Advantage defoamers are especially effective for use in building applications such as synthetic plasters, tile adhesives and joint compounds.

Advantage defoamers are typicallly effective at dosage levels between 0. A liquid product, Advantage defoamers can be easily dispersed.

2-Pyrol™ 2-pyrrolidone

The addition of Advantage defoamers results in low foaming solutions or pastes with low entrained-air content. Architectural Paints Specialty and Industrial Coatings. Advantage AM-series foam control agents help manufacturers minimize entrained air and resultant foam during the manufacture and application of paints and coatings.

Advantage AV defoamers are designed to deliver comparable performance to conventional mineral oil-based workhorse products, while reducing the impact on our environment. Dairy Whipped toppings and desserts.

It is extremely surface-active and its low surface and interfacial tensions in solution make it a premier whipping aid. It is easily dissolved in cold or hot water, resulting in clear solutions.

International Herald Tribune , 1998, France, English

Agrimax C is soluble in glycerol, but insoluble in many organic solvents. It also has good solubility in hydro-alcohol systems with up to 60 percent alcohol. The Agrimax C grades are highly surface active with low surface and interfacial tensions of solutions. They are thermoplastic, extrudable and film-forming. Differentiated by their viscosity, they have thickening, stabilization and water-retention properties.

They are film-forming and exhibit thermo-gelling behavior.

Financial Times , 1992, UK, English

Each grade is surface active with low surface and interfacial tensions of solutions. Like the Agrimax C Series methyl cellulose grades, the Agrimax C Series grades are free-flowing powders soluble in cold water. Featuring thickening, stabilization and water-retention properties, they are film-forming and exhibit thermo-gelling behavior. Agrimax C is water swellable.

The Agrimax C series are free-flowing anionic powders soluble in both cold and hot water. They have thickening, stabilizing, dispersing, binding and water-retention properties.

Amcor ice 1513 manual arts

Agrimax GR is comprised of natural, water-soluble polysaccharides. Agrimax GR , a hydroxypropyl guar, is a cold-water-soluble polysaccharide derivative that is easily dispersed and provides high viscosity at low concentrations. Both grades can be used in suspended concentrates, suspo-emulsions, soluble powders, wettable powders and water-dispersible granules. They are recommended for use in adjuvants, in seed coatings and in emulsion stabilization.

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Crosslinked, Agrimer AT and ATF polymers have high capillary hydration capacity, which provide for high-efficiency disintegration in tablets and granules. Stable under acidic and alkaline conditions, it is a premium disintegrant for WDG and tablets, and an excellent dry binder in seed coatings.

Amcor ice 1513 manual arts

Agrimer PA is best used as a soil conditioner or polymeric codispersant. Allantoin USP. Allantoin, a white colorless crystalline powder, is well known skin and oral mucosa protectant. The United States U. Applications: toothpaste mouthwash denture adhesives.

Applications color cosmetics leave-on skin care sun care. They function as wetting agents and can replace isopropyl alcohol in some systems.

Ambergum polymers are produced from reliable and stable raw material sources. When used in fountain solutions, they can help prevent emulsification, bleeding of the ink and can provide more uniform wetting of the printing plate. Antara Polectron polymer is thermally and mechanically stable in the presence of a variety of ionic compounds. Polectron polymer is sold as Antara polymer in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Skin and Sun Care Oil and Gas. Antaron polymer is provided under the name of Ganex polymer in North America. Applications sun care leave-on skin care color cosmetics.

In addition, this ingredient is made in a water-based manufacturing process, minimizing the use of solvents. This globally-approved film former provides high water resistance at a low use level of 0. Skin and Sun Care Hair Care.

Introducing IceBoxx™

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride. They have been shown to be compatible and to maintain unsurpassed finished product clarity with a wide variety of both anionic and amphoteric surfactant blends. Finished product clarity may be achieved even at relatively high use levels. AquaCat solutions are supplied as ready-to-use, 10 percent nominal solids, clear liquid, odor-free solutions, requiring no heat or pH adjustment. Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride and Polyquaternium It is useful for water-based drilling fluids as well as in low-density brines.

It is white to off-white in color and has a faint acetic acid-like odor and a barely detectable taste.