Amway 200mw Vtx Manual High School

The Aomway HB25T is a camera built-in 5.

Aomway HB25T 5.8Ghz VTX and Camera Combination

The HB25T is 10 grams in weight including cables. This small unit has microphone support and also has an OSD input.

This is uncommon on micro camera combinations. The Aomway HB25T features a very compact space saving design. This once again saves on space, cost and excess weight of a secondary component.

What is the average range of a 5.8GHz 200mW video transmitter for FPV?

The power switch is easy too it does not require you to cut or bridge any solder joint it is controlled by the two buttons on top of the VTX PCB. The TVL camera gives a crisp image.

However is easily knocked out of focus by the screw able lens design. The antenna is fixed meaning it is more difficult to mount than a more traditional unscrew-able design.

The exposed brass antenna is soldered directly to the back of the board giving poor durability and a high chance of damage that is more difficult to repair than usual.

To Change the power on the VTX press the left hand button when the camera is facing you. TO turn the Camera combination on press the right hand button. The camera itself sends nice picture. Same bad picture. Anyone know what the problem is?

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I have set everything on PAL. HB25T default. Bought HB25T two months ago. However not all is perfect. First — you must adjust camera focus manually before first use, because focusing ring is loose.

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Second — this camera is advertised as having 20mm width for mounting in brushless frames with 20mm camera space. Such connector prevent mounting in frames with 20mm camera space and side plates around camera, because it stick out for another 0.

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To mount HB25 camera in Firer frame, I was forced to cut power connector completely off. Also not the best performer for cloudy days and evening dusk — image become completely dark in shadowy areas.

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From other side HB25 have pretty good picture in night under street lights. The reviewer had a DVR problem and we were on a tight schedule to publish this review. Your e-mail address will not be published. Are you Robot?

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