Argo Ii Scooter Maintenance Manual

Argo ii scooter maintenance manual

Parts Manual - 8x8

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I have been contemplating purchasing an Argo. Probably an 8 wheeled Avenger. I am looking for opinions from Argo owners as to the amount of maintenance these vehicles require? Long term operating problems arising from axle seals, etc Reply With Quote.

Argo reliability

Chain driven. Gangs of bearings. Argos are high maintenance.

Argo ii scooter maintenance manual

When mine finally gives up the ghost, I'll toy with converting it to hydrostatic drive I know a lot of guys think the Argos are high maintenance. I don't think the newer models are bad at all.

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If you keep up on it it should give you plenty of good use. My last Argo was a 99 Conquest and other than a little greasing of bearings and tightening the 2 main drive chains. It gave me 6 years of trouble free hunting, and hauled out a lot of Moose and Caribou. In I upgraded to the Avenger and it is noticeably better than the Conquest. I have run this new Avenger trouble free also. We used to run the old Argos in the 80's and had to work on those as much as we drove them.

Argo has changed and eliminated the old problems with roll pins and such.

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I'm sure plenty will disagree with me, but you asked for opinions from Argo owners and that is mine. I agree with Northriver 21 "high maintenance" The early ones yep ,But I have a that has hrs on it , Other then a few bearings and a chain and a few fuses still running like a scolded child.

I was stuck on the old horror stories also before I bought mine years ago I now have a small fleet of argos that run great ,That is is my guides are not mad at me that day.

Argo ii scooter maintenance manual

But you have to remember everybody drives different. Some abuse the heck out of equipment others make it last.

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It's all in how you drive!!!!!!!!! If you go jumping stumps and climbing boulders with it then yep you are going to have problems. I had lbs in the argo and lbs in the trailer on my Conquest last year and never missed a beat. Get the tracks or you will be doing alot of this in the wheeler mud holes Or it just might of been that guy in the back corner.

Attached Images ar. JPG Don't let the maintenance scare you!

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It will be the best purchase you will make! Especially if you go with the Avenger.

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If you spend a few minutes after every trip, or at least every other trip you will have a long happy life together with your machine.

It may take a tad bit more time to service it than any other ATV, but the ATV's should get as much attention as that as well.

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Many don't, but they should! US Air Force - retired and Wildlife photographer To follow my photography adventures check out my facebook page. Would ya'll recommend going with the wider tracks over the narrower ones.

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I was thinking that the wider ones might impact maneuverability. But that would probably be out weighed by the lower psi footprint. Also, will the vehicle propel itself while floating with tracks on?

I just picked up a set of used 18" tracks and from what I hear, those are definitely the way to go.

Argo ii scooter maintenance manual

I have gone out a few times with ArgoOne with his Avenger and 20" wide tracks and I can tell you the wider the better on the snow! If you do a search for the argo guys down in Colorado, they take the plastic supertracks and put 6" rubber extensions on the side of them for 24" wide track! Ultimately of course, having both the skinnier and wide tracks for different situations would be ideal, but I know I will only be able to afford one set so wide it is!

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Get the Super tracks do not even bother with the narrow Just have to plan your turns with the wide tracks, As far as floating they float just fine here is a photo of a set of narrow Blue argo and super Green Tracks , They might not look much different But those few extra inches sure help out when needed in a deep hole There is a joke in that somewhere.

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