Atlantis A03 Hp 1102w Manual

Atlantis a03 hp 1102w manual

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HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer(CE658A), How to configure wireless settings

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Atlantis A02-PL303-WN User Manual

Atlantis apl powerline ethernet turbo adapter 73 pages. Per maggiori dettagli in merito o per accedere alla documentazione completa in Italiano fare riferimento al sito www. For more detailed informations please refer to the web site www. Product Overview Package Contents Hardware Installation Page 4 A.

All copyright reserved. The Atlantis logo is a registered trademark of Atlantis. All other names mentioned mat be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Subject to change without notice.

France: except the channel 10 through 13, law prohibits the use of other channels. CE Declaration is available on the web site www. Page 8: Important Safety Instructions Do not open or repair the case yourself.

Do NOT upgrade firmware on any Atlantis product over a wireless connection. Use only hard-wired network connections. Do not use an extension cord between the adapter and the AC power source. Please keep this Manual for future reference.

Page Package Contents 2. Package Contents Open the box and carefully unpack it. Blinking when data is transmitted or received via WLAN. Blinking quickly when WPS is proceeded. Lit off when power is off. Lit green when the power line sync is established.

Blinking quickly when data is transmitted or received via power line. Page Cabling Lit green when connected to an Ethernet device. Blinking when data is transmitted or received via Ethernet port. Page Default Settings 6.

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer

The product provides a very easy and user-friendly interface for configuration. Page 18 The default username is admin, password atlantis and click OK to continue. Click on the desired item to expand the page with all settings in the main navigation panel.

Atlantis a03 hp 1102w manual

The following screen will appear. For additional settings or information, refer to the Manual located on the In order to prevent unauthorized access to your NetPower configuration interface, it requires all users to login with a You are now successfully logon to the NetPower WN. If the authentication succeeds, the homepage will appear on the screen.

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer Manuals

Firmware Version Displays the firmware version for this device. System Up Time Records system up-time. Channel The current status in WAN interface. Memory Left Displays the amount of memory left in bytes. Default is Subnet Mask Enter the preferred subnet mask.

It helps to connect two or more local networks to the ISP or remote node. Channels available depend on your geographical area. You may have a choice of channels for your region so you should use a different channel than an adjacent AP access point to reduce interference.

WDS takes advantage of the cost saving and flexibility which no extra wireless client device is required to bridge between two access points and extending an existing wired or wireless infrastructure network to create a larger network.

In this case, AP adapter acts as a wireless bridge and will not respond to wireless requests. Phy Mode Select the appropriate mode from the drop-down menu. In this case, AP adapter acts as a repeater and interconnects between access points. The default mode of wireless security is disabled.

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Please refer to the Security Mode section for detail description. Default Key Select the encryption key ID. WEP Keys Enter the key to encrypt wireless data.

Atlantis a03 hp 1102w manual

To allow encrypted data transmission, the WEP Encryption Key values on all wireless stations must be the same as the device. Pass Phrase Enter a pass phrase to access the network. Renewal The period of renewal time in seconds for changing the Session Timeout Enter timeout. You can adjust this power level from minimum 0 to maximum TX Burst This feature is used to activate the transmitted time slot to increase transmission throughput. Default is Enable. You can select enable or disable this feature.

Page 39 9. It supports methods to you to set a network and enable security by entering a PIN or pushing a button. If you do not want to activate this functionality, please select Disable and click Apply to confirm the setting. Page 41 9. Please be noticed. Page 42 9. The association ID. The power save mode.

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The MIMO power save mode. Page 43 9. Firmware Version Displays the version number of firmware on the local power line device. When you have successfully synchronized two HomePlug AV adapters through.

Page 44 9. This allows the HomePlug adapters that have the same network name in the powerline network to communicate with each other.

Atlantis a03 hp 1102w manual

Click Apply to confirm the setting. Page 45 9. On this screen, you can prioritize traffic passing through your adapter besed on the device it is intended for by setting MAC address and the level of priority.

Atlantis a03 hp 1102w manual

Page 47 9. Default is admin.

Atlantis a03 hp 1102w manual

Password: You are allowed to set your own password. Default is atlantis. Click Apply to save the changes. Page 48 PC. Once the correct file is selected, click Upgrade to update the firmware in your router. Then click Upgrade. Failure of the device may result.

Atlantis A02-RA111-WN Quick Start Manual

Page 50 9. This is useful if you wish to experiment with different settings, knowing that you have a backup in hand in case any mistakes occur. Page 51 9. If you wish to restart the router using the factory default settings for example, after a firmware upgrade or if you have saved an incorrect configuration , select Factory Default Settings to reset to factory default settings. For generic informations, please send an e-mail to info atlantis-land.

Atlantis Via S. The Password and Username fields are case-sensitive. Make sure that you enter the correct password and username using the proper casing.

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