At&t Palm Treo 680 Manual

At&t palm treo 680 manual

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Table of Contents

User Guide Your Palm. Table of Contents.

At&t palm treo 680 manual

Palm Treo Treo User Manual pages. All rights reserved. Page 3: Table Of Contents Synchronizing information—the basics Page 4 Using a hands-free device Page 5 Calculator Page 6 Making room on your smartphone This guide helps you set up your smartphone and quickly learn to use it.

Page 12 In this chapter Smartphone overview Be careful to store your smartphone away from items that might scratch or crush the screen. Visit www.


Insert the notched end of the SIM card into the SIM tray, and then press the other end of the card until it falls into place. Page Charging The Battery your smartphone. For info on replacement batteries, see Replacing the battery. When the language selection screen appears, select the language you want to use, and then follow the onscreen Make sure the arrow on the connector is facing up, toward the screen.

Page Maximizing Battery Life If the battery is fully drained, it may take a few moments for the indicator light to turn on when you begin charging. If the indicator light does not turn on when you connect your smartphone to the AC charger, double-check the cable connection and the electrical outlet to which it is connected.

If you cannot move to an area of better coverage, temporarily turn off your phone. Then look for a folder labeled palmOne or Handspring instead. Page 25 3 Synchronize your previous device with your previous desktop software to back up your information one last time.

User Guide

Page 27 Palm Desktop software or Microsoft Outlook. If you use Outlook as your desktop email application, select Outlook as your desktop synchronization software. For best performance, plug your sync cable directly into a USB port on your computer. Page 30 For more sync options, including which apps sync, see Synchronizing information— advanced.

See Installing the desktop synchronization software for instructions. Most Palm OS use the same set of controls. Page 32 In this chapter Moving around the screen Page Moving Around The Screen Moving around the screen To move around the smartphone screen, you can use the 5-way navigator for one-handed navigation, or you can tap items on the screen with the stylus. With use, you will find your own favorite way to scroll, highlight, and select menu items.

Page 35 Highlighting text You can use the stylus to highlight text on the screen. To highlight a word, double-tap it. To use a menu shortcut, press Menu plus the shortcut letter. When using the keyboard, most people find it easiest to hold the smartphone with two hands and use the tips of both thumbs to press the keys.

To turn it off, press Option once. When Option Lock is on, the symbol appears in the lower-right corner of the screen. Page Opening Applications Opening applications When you open an application using a quick button or Applications View, you automatically close the app you were previously using. See Applications settings for more info on categories.

Palm TREO 680 User Manual

Page Chapter 3: Your Phone You can creatively manage multiple calls, such as swapping between calls, sending text messages to ignored calls, and creating conference calls with up to five callers. Your Palm perform all these tasks with ease. And you can do more than manage your phone calls, too. You can send Page 46 In this chapter Turning your smartphone on and off We use the term phone to describe the feature of your smartphone that lets you connect to your wireless service provider network to make and receive calls and transmit data.

At&t palm treo 680 manual

Press Applications, select Preferences, select Power, and then adjust the Auto-off after setting. See Customizing the Main tab in the Phone application for details.

At&t palm treo 680 manual

If you change the default tab, you need to modify the steps in this chapter accordingly. Or press Phone to return to the Main tab in the Phone application. Highlight a speed-dial favorite button and press Space on the keyboard.

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Dialing from a web page or message Your smartphone recognizes most phone numbers that appear on web pages or in text, email, or multimedia messages. Page Receiving Calls To select from your call history list: Select the Call Log tab, highlight the number you want to call, and then press Send to dial the number. The headset button may work differently on headsets other than the one provided with your smartphone.


Page 55 3 Follow the voice prompts to set up your voicemail. Voicemail notification When you have a new voicemail message, you are notified with an Alert dialog box. When you make or receive a call, Active Call View appears. Page 57 Lets you make another call while the first call is on hold; see Making a second call for details. For info on handling a second incoming call, see Receiving a second call call waiting. Opens the Dial Pad so you can use it to dial additional numbers, such as an extension or a response to a voice prompt.

When the second call comes in, you hear a call waiting tone and the Call Waiting dialog box appears. We also recommend that you call your smartphone to confirm that your call forwarding settings work properly. Entering names and phone numbers Contacts is where you enter information about the people you want to stay in contact with.

You can get to this info from the Phone application, to dial phone numbers and create favorites, and from the Messaging and email applications, to send See Assigning a caller ID photo for more info.

Add a caller ID ringtone: Select the Ringtone pick list. If you use third-party synchronization software, picture sync may not be supported.

You can assign a ringtone to an entire category of contacts. For example, use a special ringtone for categories such as Family, Work, or Golf Buddies.

Palm AT&T Treo 680 Manuals

In the Contacts list, select the category pick list in the upper-left corner and select Edit Categories. Page 68 Record menu and then selecting Organize Favorites. Page 71 Bluetooth wireless technology to listen to music files.

To listen to music in stereo, you can purchase the Palm 2-in-1 Stereo Headset. If you want to use a stereo headset with a 3. Page 73 3 Optional Enter a device name that identifies your smartphone when it is discovered by other Bluetooth devices. If you change the device name, you need to recreate any partnerships you have already created. For some car kits, you need to NOTE initiate a Bluetooth connection from your smartphone to complete the partnership process. You can also download ringtones to your computer and then email them to your smartphone.

Page 77 9 Select Done. Creating and managing ringtones You can also record sounds and use them as ringtones. Adjusting call volume While a call is in progress, press the Volume button on the side of your smartphone to adjust the call volume.

At&t palm treo 680 manual

Page 79 Customizing the Main tab in the Phone application Phone Display Options let you customize the appearance and entry mode of the Main tab in the Phone application. Setting your dialing preferences Dialing preferences let you assign a prefix to your phone numbers. For example, you can automatically dial a 1 before all digit phone numbers.

You can add a different prefix based on the length of the phone number. Page 81 Manually selecting the wireless network You may be able to search for other wireless network services in your current location. Page 83 You have new voicemail messages. You can select this icon to retrieve your messages.

If you have alternate line service ALS , the left side is shaded when you have voicemail on line 1, and the right side is shaded when you have voicemail on line 2. You have new text or multimedia messages. The number next to the icon indicates the number of unread messages in your Inbox.

At&t palm treo 680 manual

Page Chapter 4: Your Email And Other Messages Your email and other messages You already know how efficient email and messaging are for staying in touch. Now your Palm you a new level of convenience: email on the go.

Palm Treo 680 Review

Page 86 In this chapter Which email application should I use? Switzerland: Bluewin, GMX, green. Taiwan: HiNet Umail.

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