B O Beotalk 1200 Manual Treadmill

B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

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Bang & Olufsen BeoTalk 1200 User Manual

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Page of 44 Go. Page 20 - Activating and deactivating the answerin Page 21 - Playing News a message, Voice Announcem Page 25 - Activating and deactivating the Voice An Page 26 - Transferring phone numbers from the News Page 27 - Rejection of incoming calls Page 28 - Activating and deactivating the Rejectio Page 29 - Entering phone numbers in the Group Anno Page 30 - Transferring phone numbers from the News BeoTalk Table of Contents.

Page 3 Connect Rejection of incoming calls to avoid specific unwanted calls.

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The local control of BeoTalk has two operating levels… The primary operation takes place by means of the three keys on the front of the telephone answering machine.

The Voice Announcement function allows you also to hear who is calling!

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To make the most of all the features of your BeoTalk it is necessary that you subscribe to the Caller ID service offered by your telephone company. Page Description Of The Symbols In The Display Description of the symbols in the display Symbols that are always illuminated when the function is activated… Shows how much of the memory has been used 0.

Page 14 Group Announcement has been recorded and the function activated Announcement and Message has been recorded and the function activated Announcement Only has been recorded and the function activated Silent Answer is activated No numbers in the phone number lists or in the Rejection list Is shown when an Internal message is being played Symbols that flash… Page Installation Of Beotalk Installation BeoTalk can be either placed on the table or mounted on the wall using the enclosed bracket and screws.

B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

BeoTalk should not be placed in dusty or dirty environments, nor be exposed to direct moisture. Page Adjusting The Display Contrast Adjusting the display contrast The display contrast can be set to two different levels.

Choose the most convenient level. This depends on whether BeoTalk is mounted on the wall or placed on a table.

BeoTalk 1200 Answerphone

Page Selecting hour Or hour Clock Selecting hour or hour clock Set the clock in the display of BeoTalk to your choice: 1. Shows the time as a hour clock. Selecting hour or hour clock Press until the desired setting is displayed Page Operation Of Beotalk We recommend that your telephone answering machine is activated all the time.

B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

In that way your day-to-day operation will be easier. Could for example be information on opening hours. To activate Group Announcement you also need to enter minimum one phone number into the Group Announcement list.

See page Activating the answering machine function Press Press Deactivating the answering machine function Press until If the phone number has more than 10 digits, the index number will not be shown. BeoTalk can handle up to 13 digits.

BeoTalk 1200

Even though BeoTalk has received a call and is actually playing an If you activate or deactivate Listening-in while BeoTalk is answering a call, this function will only be operational during the call in progress.

Recording an Internal message The recording of an announcement with a phone number means that the name will be played when a call is received from this phone number.

B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

If the Phonebook is deactivated, the name will not be stated when a call is received, but the number will still be shown in the display. Here the telephone company will send information codes which will be shown in the display in the following ways: -0 when no number is transferred Page Rejection Of Incoming Calls If you do not want to receive calls from certain phone numbers, you can enter these numbers in the Rejection list and thus make BeoTalk reject the calls.

You may also transfer a number from the News list or the Phonebook to the Rejection list. When you use Rejection of calls the answering machine function must be activated Silent Answer If you do not want to be disturbed by the phone you can connect Silent Answer.

Group Announcement can only be activated if an announcement has been recorded and minimum one phone number has been entered.

Remember to enter the area code when you enter a phone number. Page Volume The volume cannot be adjusted while you play outgoing announcements with Listening-in activated. Ringing time BeoTalk answers incoming calls after a ringing time of from 1 to 99 seconds. This function is programmable.

The ringing time is pre-set to 15 seconds, corresponding to the telephone ringing times. Page Remote Control Of Beotalk While the access code is being entered, it is shown in the display as a confirmation.

If you forget your access code, you just have to enter a new code. BeoTalk cannot be remote controlled if it is being operated locally at the same time. Activating the answering machine function from an external phone For example, Internal messages can be used for internal communication between members of the family.

B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

Playing Internal messages Press While playing… Press Page Rate Saver Rate saver The Rate saver function may save you the costs of a long-distance call when you remote control BeoTalk in order to play possible new messages. If there are new messages, BeoTalk answers all calls after just one ringing tone, regardless of the ringing time you have entered.

Page Technical Information On Beotalk BeoTalk automatically deletes all new messages played when more space is needed.

If the memory has been completely filled by new messages, BeoTalk switches automatically to playing Announcement Only. Page Sound Signals Sound signals BeoTalk transmits the following sound signals in connection with remote control and calls to the answering machine: Caller ID without name Three brief tones Access tone to record a message Unbroken tone Memory almost full Tone interrupted at very high tempo Page Technical Data Special circumstances relating to your BeoTalk BeoTalk is intended for use on public, analogue telephone networks.


The telephone answering machine supports the supplementary service Caller ID, provided that it is offered by your telephone company. Optimum telephone performance can Page 43 Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

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B o beotalk 1200 manual treadmill

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