Backup Sms Nokia N97 Mini Manual Download

Backup sms nokia n97 mini manual download

Remember, you need to sync your phone first. On your phone, in section Sync , click Options and select Synchronize. If you need more help with the settings, visit our step by step screenshot guide. To leave a comment please sign in. Cookies help us deliver our services.

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Backup sms nokia n97 mini manual download

I agree Learn more. Please note that following settings may little vary depending on the firmware version. Hi, what exactly do you need?

PhoneCopy support team , Data is synchronised from my phone but i did not receive in my phone copy account ozisurvivor72 , Which Nokia you have?

nokia n97 mini

Nokia E71 ozisurvivor72 , Hello I stay in point number 5. Uh sorry, my oversight. I write in the subject "Backup contacts, calendar, tasks and notes from Nokia " : komintern , The initial sync worked fine.

Please take a look at it. Please try again later.

Backup sms nokia n97 mini manual download

Any suggestions? Hello, we have detected a bug in the KaiOS app. It has problems with syncing some of the contacts received from iOS plus there seems to be another memory-related problem. Our KaiOS team is currently investigating the issue.

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Please wait for app update. Any news on this issue? Please note, I use the premium account of phonecopy, pay for it, but can not use due to this software issue. Thanks bastisemail , Hello, I just got information that the new KaiOS app version which should solve your issue is available in store.

Backup sms nokia n97 mini manual download

Hello, I checked the information from our KaiOS team. The fix was sent to KaiOS store quite immediately after the bug was discovered. For some reason it was not published yet.

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We have contacted the KaiOS store staff to urge the app publishing. Thanks for updating me on this. I will test it as soon as you have an update available : Best regards bastisemail , I've got system error message on both of my E51 and E52 that used to sync in Hi if it is the license issue, it can be related to the certificate.

In some old phones there should be expired certificate. Total Contacts are , When i do the Synchronise to copy the contacts, it get's struck until "Sending Contacts of " with error message "server not responding". Hello, from our site it appears as if the phone disconnects. Do you sync over cellular data or wifi? Thanks for the reply. Hello, from our point of view, the phone stops sending data.

It may be possible that some contact in the phone is broken and the sync process in the phone crashes.

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Are you able to export your contacts in the phone to SD card or computer? Hello - I'm glad you replied, have been waiting for your reply.

Backup sms nokia n97 mini manual download

I will try to export contacts to phone or SD card but how can i get them back to Iphone? I mean does Phonecopy can read contacts that are backup. Appreciate your reply! Hello, this was meant just to check the phone storage is not damaged. I've performed a sync without error, but I can't see any contacts or other stuff here.

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Hello, the phone did not finished the sync. Maybe it's too much data for the first sync. Please try e. There are contacts.

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I did contacts sync only. Looking on the phone it seams everything is ok. But there is no any contacts here blyabtroi , Hello, the phone stopped sending after contacts, maybe it has trouble with connection or one of the contacts in the phone is broken.

We will email you more details. Check data connection. Hi, then you need check if you have data plan enabled on your SIM card. Hello I have more that contacts on Nokia I need PhoneCopy service just to move contacts to new phone. Is it possible to pay for Premium service just for 1 month. Thanks in advance urosm , Yes, you can cancel subscription during first month and we will not charge you next month. Thanks for quick response.

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Hello, it's about a nokia When I try to access my text messages in inbox it says: "Operation failed. Try again. Thank you maracuja , HI, we don't provide basic support for phones. We offer PhoneCopy backup PhoneCopy support team , We are backup service. The problem with the transfer of cyrillic contacts.

And now it's time to transfer data to your Samsung Galaxy A80 SM-A805f

The font is cyrillic. On the site you have everything displayed perfectly! Hi, our technical team will check where should be a problem a will contact you directly via email. Hello, we are aware of this problem.

Backup sms nokia n97 mini manual download

We are looking after the solution. I did sync by this trick and sync compeletd.

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If i lose my Nokia E63 Call Log then how to i recover it? Sorry we don't backup call log PhoneCopy support team , However internet is working fine. My main phone can be connected to PhoneCopy web without any issue. The problem is seen every time I try to connect other devices to Phone copy, when trying to login to the phone copy app. I've tried severarl phones, but still the same problem.

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

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Several users reported similar issue as you, but unfortunately, we can not detect the reason why this issue appeared. Currently, we are working on solution.

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We will send you an alternative solution via private email. I used the link in the phone. Under Google Play I can login with my username and pw, but will get the same error "Login failed, you Answered via private email.

All settings are done but when clicking synchronize it's showing "Unable to open database".

Backup contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and sms messages from Nokia N97 mini

Please do not include Browser Bookmarks to the sync. It doesn't work correctly which is reason why we didn't include it in our step by step guide. No SMS backup for Nokia ? Sorry, it is S40 phone which doesn't allow SMS sync.