Bes12 It Policy Manual Pdf

Bes12 it policy manual pdf

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Bes12 it policy manual pdf

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page 28 - Viewing Different Parts of the Workspace Page 51 - Changing the Diameter of the Circle Fram Page - Aligning Items in the Design Horizontall Page - Moving a Segment to the nearest Matching Table of Contents.

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Bes monogramming suite decorations - english 11 pages. Personal embroidery design software system pages. All rights reserved. This instruction manual and software are copyrighted by the developer of the software, Pulse Microsystems Ltd.

US Patent Nos. Page 5 Drop Caps Page 7: Learning About The Workspace Learning about the Workspace Before you start using the software, we recommend that you understand the Pacesetter BES Lettering design workspace and learn a few of the basic components outlined in this section.

Bes12 it policy manual pdf

The Title bar displays information about the design that is open in the workspace: its name, the number of stitches and colors in the design, and the overall width and height.

When you open the Pacesetter Menu, you will also see displayed a list of recent files that you have been using. Page 10 One important advantage of the Quick Access toolbar is that it is fully customizable. This means that you are able to select tools from any of the Pacesetter BES Lettering toolbars and add them to the Quick Access toolbar.

Bes12 it policy manual pdf

You do this by way of the Customize function, which is accessed by clicking the small down arrow to the right of the Quick Access toolbar. These are small vertical marks which appear on the Quick Access Toolbar, and divide the commands into groups for ease of use. Page 13 Learning about the Workspace Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts Another useful feature of the More Commands menu item on the Quick Access Toolbar is that it gives you the option of assigning your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

Bes12 it policy manual pdf

Keyboard shortcuts can be very useful for those tools that you use most often. The tables below show the buttons, grouped by location i.

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Close All: Closes all files that are open on your computer. Page 17 Learning about the Workspace Tool What it means Paste: Pastes the clipboard contents into the design, at the end of the design sequence.

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Insert: Pastes a copy of the clipboard selection into the sewing sequence immediately following the selected segment. Delete: Removes the selected segment. Clicking this button a second time will turn the view of the hoop off. Select Hoop: Accessed via the drop-down menu from the Hoop tool. Select All: Accessed via the drop-down menu from the Select tool.

Selects all items in the design workspace. Distort: Displays the Distortion dialog, which you can use to add interesting effects to the selected design. Page Simulator Learning about the Workspace Simulator The Simulator makes it easy to see on-screen how your design will sew out.

You can use the Simulator to eliminate potential sewing problems. When you select Simulator from the View tab of the Ribbon, the Simulator scrollbar slider and the sewing simulator will appear at the bottom of the design space.

Scrollbar slider: Drag the scrollbar slider to ad- vance the design to a specific position.

Bes12 it policy manual pdf

Setting up your Workspace Environment Pacesetter BES Lettering allows you to set up your design workspace environment for all opened design files. You can predetermine the units of measurement you want to use for your designs. Machine formats have their own profile settings that determine how embroidery information will be interpreted when you save design files.

You see the Program Preferences dialog box.

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The pointer becomes a magnifying glass. Now, whenever you move the mouse to another part of the screen, the panel will be hidden. To turn Auto hide off, click on the icon again. Page Taking Measurements Viewing the hoop or frame on the screen lets you ensure that your design fits properly when you run it on the machine. The hoop serves as a guide to help size and position your design in the design window.

Pacesetter BES Lettering comes with many pre-loaded hoop sizes. Using the Hoop tool may effect the magnification level of your design.

Bes12 it policy manual pdf

For example, if you are zoomed in on the design, clicking the Hoop tool will cause the view to zoom out enough to fit the entire hoop into the workspace. Page Getting Help The new hoop shows in your design location. Because a large number of topics exists, the Help allows you to search for topics in various ways.

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Page Using The Index You see the topic in the right window pane. To use Search: 1 Click the Help tool.

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To save your favorite topics: 1 Click the Help tool. You see the Help. You see the Print dialog box. The topic will be sent to your printer. Generate unique embroidery text in an array of shapes and sizes using our powerful Text tools.

Page Path Text Tool For example, you can use the Path tool to create text that bends to follow the curved edge of a garment. Pacesetter BES Lettering comes with a set of shapes already installed for you to choose from, or you can create and save your own shape, using the Edit Shape command. The Select a text path box closes, and you see a blank text frame of the chosen shape in the design window.

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You are also able to change the characteristics of the anchor points when in Edit baseline mode; Changing the Anchor Point Type When you are editing the baseline of a Path Text segment, you can select anchor points and change their type. Creates some curvature on both sides of the anchor point.

You see the segment change accordingly. Vertical text items are those that are created vertically. They start out with normal proportions for the font, and can be adjusted. When the text is first created, it is given a default font height and circle diameter, which can be adjusted using the text tools. Page Creating Monograms Properties box. You can change the overall size of the text, the height, the slant, the spacing between letters kerning , and so on.

Note that not all of the ways of adjusting the text will apply to all types of text frames; Click and drag the to right to increase the width, and to the left to decrease the width If you want to adjust the height of a design, it can be done in the Height box in the Text tab.

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These two types of text are surrounded by a flexible bounding box, called an envelope. You can adjust this shape by moving the Envelope Handles. Page Adjusting The Slant Of Text Creating Lettering For Circle Frames, note that the rotation handle is appears on the inner circle of the frame, centered under the top text string.

Dragging this handle rotates the design to any angle. You will see an outline of the design rotate onscreen as you are drag- ging, and the text will be regenerated when you release the mouse. To add a forward positive slant to the letters, drag to the right and to add a backward negative slant, drag to the left. This handle appears as a blue circle at the lower-right side of your text. To adjust the width, select the Circle Text tool, and click on the text to select it.

Developing a Policy and Procedure Manual

Then, drag in or out along a radius to increase or decrease the diameter of your Circle Text segment. If, after performing any of the adjustments above, you wish to return the frame to its original size and shape, right-click on the workspace and choose reset frame from the option menu.

Page Moving Individual Letters Creating Lettering Kerning Handles are blue diamonds, located between the letters of your text segment. You can drag these horizontally to adjust the spacing of the text.

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When you move a kerning handle in a word, you adjust the space between only the two letters on either side of the handle you are moving; The Letter Size handles are green squares that are located in the corners of the letter frame. Page Working With Color When you are creating design compositions involving lettering, you may find that you want to have two or more colors in a single line of text.

To insert thread color changes within a text segment: 1 Select the text segment. The subsegment changes to the chosen color. Page 58 Pacesetter BES Lettering Instruction Manual 3 Find the color you wish to apply to the fill of the lettering segment in the color palette, and left-click on it.

You see the following Options menu. This panel displays, and allows you to modify, all the properties associated with the lettering in your designs. These properties include the text properties, the fill properties, underlay properties, and pull-compensation properties. Note, however, that there is some variation on what you can type, depending on which kind of Frame is selected.

At the top of the area, you see a preview image showing a sample of the selected font. Page Displaying A Font's Available Characters Text Properties You can preview the fonts available by clicking the arrow to the right of the font name. This will display a drop-down list of the available fonts; scroll through the list by dragging the track button.

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You can click on each font name to display a preview of the font in the Text area.