Blue And Me Tomtom Manual Xl

Blue and me tomtom manual xl

This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of 83 Go. Table of Contents. You can set a password which must be entered every time you start your device. Page 6: Steering Wheel Controls The display shows the next navigation instruction, the distance to next navigation instruc- tion and the name of the next street.

Page 7: Pairing And Connection see Step 4 above.

Blue and me tomtom manual xl

A message on the navigation device and the cluster display confirms that the connec- tion is successful. Page 8 Note: If a connection problem occurs, tap Change preferences on the device.

TomTom Blue&Me Manual

Then tap Reset factory settings and repeat the pairing procedure. You can also select to use a branded car symbol and start-up screen that matches your car. Page Car Menu Fuel efficiency info, depending on your car and Media player. During a call, tap this button in the Driving View to access the Call The information about trip A and B is the same as shown in the dashboard display but shown in one screen.

The type of information shown depends on your car.

Blue&Me TomTom

Note: For further information about using trip information, see the guide that was sup- plied with your car. However, if the navigation device is in the Dash Dock and switched on, you can control the Media Player through the navigation device.

Page 15 Tap Play anything to select a song at random. The Media Player starts playing this song. When the Media Player starts playing a new song, a message is displayed showing the title of the song. Tap the other buttons to select a song using that category.

These are all stored as POIs and you can navigate to any of them as a destination. Tap Yes to be routed to the petrol station that is closest to your route.

Blue&Me TomTom 2 Live

If you do not have a route planned, tap Yes to be taken to the closest petrol station to your current location.

Page 19 TomTom functions To plan a route, Plan- ning a route follow the steps below. Important: For safety reasons, you should always plan a route before you start your jour- ney. Page 21 Note: You can enter a postcode for any country. In some countries, postcodes are detailed enough to identify a house on their own. In other countries you can enter a postcode to identify a town or area. You will then have to enter a street and house number.

Page Route Summary IQ Routes is used to plan the best possible route using information about the average speeds measured on the roads.

When the route has been calculated, tap Done. Route summary After planning a route, you see a summary of your route. To change this setting, do the following: 1. Tap Start-up preferences in the Preferences menu and then select Ask for a destina- tion. Page Navigation Menu Options You will arrive 3 minutes before the arrival time you entered.

If the estimated arrival time is less than 5 minutes before the time you entered, it is shown in yellow.

Blue and me tomtom manual xl

You will arrive 19 minutes late. If the estimated arrival time is later than the time you entered, it is shown in red. Page Viewing Route Information Viewing route information You can access these options for the route you last planned by tapping View route in the Main Menu or the Details button on the route summary screen.

Blue&Me TomTom

You can access these options for the route you last planned by tapping the Details button on the route summary screen. Tap the centre of the screen at any time to open the Main Menu. Note: The Driving View is shown in black and white until your device locates your current position.

Page Driving View Symbols Driving View symbols The following symbols are shown in the Driving View: Mobile phone not connected - this symbol is shown when the selected mobile phone is not connected to your device. You must have already established a connection to this phone. Sound muted - this symbol is shown when the sound has been muted.

Blue and me tomtom manual xl

Page Advanced Lane Guidance Note: Lane guidance is not available for all junctions or in all countries. As you approach an exit or junction, the lane you need is shown on the screen. To turn these images off, clear the checkbox for Show lane images in the Advanced preferences in the Preferences menu. Page Finding Alternative Routes Avoid roadblock Choose from the different options: m, m, m, m. Using this button, you can only travel via one location.

If you want to pass more than one, use an Itinerary. Note: To use a TomTom traffic information service, you may need a subscription or a receiver. Traffic services are not supported in all countries. For more information and how to subscribe, visit tomtom. Page 33 8. The zoom bar Zoom in and out by moving the slider.

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Options Tap the Options button to set the information shown on the map. Note: TomTom Map Share is not available in all regions.

For more information, go to tom- tom. You can then send the correction to TomTom Map Share when you have finished your journey. Page Types Of Map Correction 6. Tap Done. Tap this button to correct the traffic direction of a one-way street, where the direction of traffic is different to the direction shown on your map.

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Page 38 Tap this button to change the name of a street on your map. For example, to rename a street near to your current location: Edit street 1. Tap Edit street name. Tap Near you. Select the street or section of a street you want to correct by tapping it on the map. Page 39 Tap this button to report other types of corrections. These corrections are not immediately applied to your map. Other You can report missing streets, errors in motorway entrances and exits and missing roundabouts.

Tap Test to check your changes. Page Selecting A Voice If you would like street names to be announced, you will need to select a computer voice.

For example, to increase the vol- ume, you can say, "Increase volume. Page 43 A green bar means your voice is at the right level for your device to hear your commands.

TomTom Blue&Me- Owner's Manual

A red bar means your voice is too loud. A grey bar means your voice is too quiet. For some phrases, your device repeats the command, then asks you if the command has been correctly recognised. Prefer- ences Tap Change preferences in the Main Menu. Page Speaker Preferences To change the volume quickly while you are driving, tap the bottom left-hand section of the Driving View and move the slider.

Blue and me tomtom manual xl

Making hands-free calls when the sound is turned off This might occur due to changes in the traffic situation. Page 49 Driving View. In some situations, it is easier to see the map from above.

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Change map colours Tap this button to select the colour schemes for day and night map col- ours. Page Set Clock After using Sync to set the time, you may have to adjust the hours depending on your time zone. All your settings, including Favourites, your Home location, warnings for POIs and any Itineraries you have created are deleted.

Reset factory settings Tap the screen to bring up the Main Menu. Tap Change preferences.

TomTom Blue And Me 2 Manual -

For example, if you are travelling to an unfamiliar city, you could choose a POI to help find a parking garage. You can, for example, call a restaurant to book a table. In the Main Menu, tap Mobile phone. Page Following An Itinerary When you have passed a waypoint or reached a destination, it is marked as visited. Waypoints are shown on the map. This button is unavailable if the item is at the top of the Itinerary.