Bluetooth Speaker Bt Ld-158 Manual High School

Bluetooth speaker bt ld-158 manual high school

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Bluetooth speaker bt ld-158 manual high school

Post Reply. His truck did not come with hands free BT installed. The Mute button has LED's behind it to tell the status: Blinking blue means the unit is paired and ready to receive calls.

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When it is red it is off and charging or flashing red and blue when pairing. The device also tells the status verbally.

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Pairing first time for up to 2 cell phones : 1 Make sure speaker phone device is turned on and within 10 feet of the cell phone to pair.

My phone never asked for a code, but some may. It should pair automatically after that! The speaker has a metal bracket for holding it on a sun visor above the driver's head.

The box back shows the location of controls, speakers, and microphone. The on-off power slide switch is on the right side: The 5 foot USB charging cable has a Mini plug port on the opposite end of the device.

The unit comes with instructions terrible spelling and a 12 volt to 5 volt cigarette lighter plug with a full USB port: When a call comes in, the unit will allow the cell phone to ring up to 3 times if the Answer key is not pressed first. Then it will answer.

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Once a call is received, press the Answer key once quickly to hang up or double click twice to reject an incoming call. Please acknowledge and thank members who answer your questions! Thus this seems to me to be a temporary solution at best! Otherwise keep it charged up as it will turn off automatically. Thus the user must constantly turn it on and off!

I tried taking the cell phone out of distance and the unit started beeping every 10 seconds, but did not shut off completely. A previously paired phone will just need the unit's power restored by manually switching it off and on for it to be paired up again. Could be annoying I'd also like to just leave it on or be able to switch it on and off with the car accessories instead of constantly having to turn it off and on every time I need it.

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As a PLUS, this unit can be used anywhere as a way to monitor your cell phone. Just set it on your desk after it is charged up.

Just keep the phone within distance After about 10 minutes, the speaker starts flashing red every 3 seconds without any beeps until it shuts off.

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I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the USB charging power as if it were turned off and on by the automobile ignition switch, but the unit will not connect to the phone until the slide switch is physically turned off and back on again. That's just plain stupid! May need to connect in phone BT settings also.

Beeps may or may not also be present. Beeping may or may not be accompanied by "connect me" when pairing is established or lost. Eventually the beeping stopped but the LED stayed red until it finally said "Power off" and went dark. The red LED may come on when the charging is established, but the power switch must be manually turned off and back on to attempt pairing.

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If the phone leaves the device area it may shut off after a while. If the LED does not start flashing blue when the phone returns, it may need to be paired up again too.

That may require telling the phone to connect as well as switching the speaker device back on. I recommend switching the speaker OFF when leaving the vehicle so that it may pair automatically only when the phone is nearby.

Otherwise you may have to pair the device and connect it to the phone once it loses the phone while left on. Once the phone is out of range, it may never connect! I had to switch the speaker off and on and connect with the phone again: Once it fails to pair and connect the BT speaker will turn itself off eventually. Pairing may require the phone to be connected if it doesn't pair automatically when the speaker is turned on: Go to Bluetooth device list, select BTLD and hit OK to connect.

Select Yes to connect or No if device is already connected. Flashing blue means the unit is paired.

Flashing blue does not mean that the phone is connected to the Aduro model. Lack of that and any sound indicators kills it for me! The red LED indicates charging or disconnection from phone. Power button requires 3 second hold to turn unit on or off. The phone with BT registered list: After the phone has left the area, the phone must be re-connected in the phone's menu, not with the unit. The speaker does not seem as powerful as the other unit and does not have the volume range either.

It is advisable to turn off the unit when leaving the vehicle to also save battery life.

Bluetooth speaker bt ld-158 manual high school

Both BT units are supposed to be able to last for days of moderate use without recharging. That will change over time! Battery lasted about one day. After plugging it into a charger and holding the power button down 6 seconds it stayed connected to the paired phone however. I even left the area with the phone before that.

Bluetooth speaker bt ld-158 manual high school

You have to re-connect and set it up in the phone again too! A red indicator without the flashing blue indicates that it is only charging.

Bluetooth speaker bt ld-158 manual high school

If you don't re-connect it will shut off totally! A plus is that either device can be hooked to bicycle handle bars as well as car sun visors. They both should be close to your head for best voice clarity. The Aduro speaker sound was somewhat muffled, but I was also able to use it as a speaker phone in my house while further away at times.