Br 600 Stihl Manual Fs

Br 600 stihl manual fs

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Stihl BR 600 Manuals

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Page of 40 Go. Page 34 Page 35 - Parts and Controls - with length-adjusta Table of Contents.

STIHL BR 600 Magnum Start

Stihl BR Service Manual 62 pages. Stihl BR Instruction Manual 28 pages. Example: Therefore some changes, modifications Loosen the screw 1 and improvements may not be covered Lever Most of these safety precautions and Constant operational readiness warnings apply to the use of all STIHL The use of any blower blowers.

It is different parts and controls. The AV Warning! When encountering standard. Page 7 For these units down.

Br 600 stihl manual fs

When transporting your unit in a Warning! STIHL offers an optional kit for use in vehicle, properly secure it to prevent Gasoline is an extremely especially dry and dusty conditions. The turnover, fuel spillage and damage to the flammable fuel.

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Page 8 Using the grip, turn the cap firmly chipping. If any damage is found, stop clockwise as far as it will go approx. Check for fuel leakage while refueling and during operation.

Page 9 You may also permanently damage the engine. Page 10 Pay attention to the direction of the wind, other confined areas. Keep the space behind and beside the engine clear at all times to allow for the escape of hot and toxic exhaust fumes. Page 11 The blower can be used for clearing leaves, grass, paper, dust and light snow in yards, gardens, sports stadiums, parks, driveways and parking lots.

It is also suitable for drying cars and clearing forest paths.

Stihl BR 500 Instruction Manual

Page Assembling The Blower - With Non-adjustable Blowing Attachment Use the specified spark plug Before storing for longer than a few and make sure it and the ignition lead days, always empty the fuel tank. Page 13 7 without retainer clamp 9 with retainer for throttle for throttle cable — screw recess cable — screw recess and retainer facing you.

Pass the discharge wire 1 through the pleated hose 7. Page 14 The hook on the discharge wire must be attached to the eye arrow. Tighten down the screw 12 firmly. Page Assembling The Blower Clip throttle cable 4 with sleeve 5 and then remove them.

Move the control handle 1 along the tube to the most comfortable position. Tighten down the screw 3 firmly.

Br 600 stihl manual fs

Page 18 Clip throttle cable 4 with sleeve 5 to retainer 6. Move the control handle 1 along Attach blower tube to handle the tube to the most comfortable opening in the backplate.

Page Adjusting The Throttle Cable Move the throttle trigger to the full throttle position — as far as stop. Turn the screw in the throttle trigger slowly clockwise until you feel initial resistance. Lift the tabs of the two sliding adjusters.

Br 600 stihl manual fs

Page 4-mix Engine Your engine requires a mixture of high- seizure. Use only STIHL two-stroke engine oil or equivalent high-quality two-stroke air- Use premium branded unleaded cooled engine oils for mixing. Page Fueling ml 0. Page Information Before You Start If the clip does not lie completely flat on the cap and the lug does not engage the recess see arrow , the cap is not properly closed. You must repeat the above steps.

Page 23 Turn the choke knob to n left hand on the housing and put one Also use this position if the engine foot against the base to prevent it has been running but is still cold.

Page 24 Engage the throttle trigger 2 in the At very low outside temperatures full throttle position. Continue cranking until the engine Open the throttle slightly — warm up runs.

Br 600 stihl manual fs

Page Replacing The Air Filter Dirty air filters reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption and make starting more difficult. If there is a noticeable loss of engine power: Turn the choke knob to l Take out the screws 1. Remove the filter cover 2.

The all-in-one backpack blower that combines power, fuel efficiency, and durability.

Page Motor Management Remove the filter element 3 — if it is dirty or damaged, fit a new element. Fit the new filter element in the filter housing. Fit the filter cover. Insert and tighten down the screws firmly.

Stihl 4 Mix Repair Manual

Page 27 It is usually necessary to change the setting of the idle speed screw LA after every correction to the low speed screw L. A loose connection between spark plug boot and ignition wire connector in the boot may create arcing that could ignite combustible fumes and cause a fire.

The rewind spring may pop out and uncoil — take care to avoid injury. Carefully remove the rope rotor with washer 4 and pawls 5.

Br 600 stihl manual fs

Page 30 7 and secure it with a simple overhand knot. Lubricate the rope rotor bore with non-resinous oil.

Page Storing The Machine If this is not the screw it in position. Take one turn of rope off the rotor.

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Page 34 For run and stop. Sets the trottle to For tuning carburetor.

Pages in this diagram

Choke Knob engine. Eases engine starting by enriching Pleated Hose mixture. For blowing in the desired direction. Harness For carrying the unit.

Page 36 For run and stop. Sets the trottle to Eases engine starting by enriching various positions or stops the mixture. Pleated Hose For blowing in the desired direction. Warranty claims following repairs can be Contact your STIHL dealer for the latest accepted only if the repair has been information on these and other special performed by an authorized STIHL accessories.

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Stihl BR 600 Backpack Blower (BR 600) Parts Diagram

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