British Rail Corporate Identity Manual Kickstarter Reviews

British rail corporate identity manual kickstarter reviews

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Henning tracked down a copy of every page of the original ring-bound manual, plus several additional pages published later — some of which he tracked down at the last minute via social media. All the pages were photographed at high resolution to make a same-size, casebound facsimile, printed by Cassochrome in Belgium.

The young designer has been an enthusiast for this kind of Modernist identity design since he read Michael C.

British rail corporate identity manual kickstarter reviews

Henning also recruited Nick Job, whose doublearrow. I consulted with him on many things but the main issue was to get the order of the sheets correct.

This was an outright mistake, I should have had the cost nailed down!

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Henning has an almost evangelical passion for public transport and for infrastructure, which he sees as the fabric of life. From a personal, political view, I cannot believe that we have a situation where the essentials are privatised.

British rail corporate identity manual kickstarter reviews

The corporate design identity manual has become a totem, an icon, a nostalgic flash point for utopian Modernism. The original manuals, made in short print runs, fetch big sums online, prompting a new wave of desirable facsimile editions.

British rail corporate identity manual kickstarter reviews

Later editions added guidelines for printed publicity, architecture, signs, rolling stock, vans, ships, uniforms, stationery and more. The relentless, detailed instructions needed to implement artwork for identity design for a vast, nationalised railway system in the pre-computer age is a thing of wonder for readers used to downloading logos and typefaces in minutes.

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Henning commissioned several more new pieces of writing, including an introduction by Tony Howard, Design Director of BR until its full privatisation in No other identity design can do that any more.

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Brand identity guidelines. A walk through guide of a brand identity / logo guidelines document.

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