Camara Fujifilm S2500hd Manual Transmission

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

Use Use Cleaning : Unpl ug this vi deo p rodu ct from the Do not disassemble Nev er at te mpt t o cha nge o r tak e apa rt t he ca me ra. D o not u se th e camera when it has been dropped or th Some com- merci ally -avai labl e bat teri es may have less capacity than the batteries provided with the camera.

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

Warn ing : If the b at teries l eak , clean t Perchl orate M ater ial —spe cial h and ling m ay ap ply. I n t h i s manual, SD memory c Date and time 1 4 Can I set the clock to local time when I travel? Memor y capacit y 1 1 6 Is there a quick and easy way to take snapshots? B mode 15 How can I avoid blurred pic tures?

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

Dual IS mode 1 7 How can I make good p or traits? Intelligen t F ace Det Single-f rame playback 46 How do I delete the current picture? The b button 20 Can I selec t other pic tures for deletion? Deleting pic tures 50 Can I zoom in on pic tures during playback? Playback zo T he indica tors di spla yed vary with camera settings. T o avoid los ing the len s cap, pa ss the suppl ied string A set of four alkal ine bat - teries i s suppl ied with the camera. Insert the bat teries in the ca mera as described below.

Slide the ba t te r y- cha m- ber lat ch in the di rec tion shown and open the Fir st St eps 9 Inser ting the Bat teries 3 Close the batter y- chambe r co ver.

Fujifilm FinePix S2750 Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

Close the ba t t er y-cham- ber cov er and sl ide it in until the l at ch clicks int o place. If the batter y- chamber cover does not close, check that the batteries are in the correct or ientation and try again. When no memory card is inserted , a appears in the monit or and inte rnal memory is used for rec ording and pla yback.

Note tha t because camera ma lfunc tion c ould cause i n Holding the memory card in the orien tation shown below , slide it in unti l it clicks into place F ailure to obser ve this precaution could damage the card. The lens will extend aut omatical ly.

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

Press the shut ter but ton halfway to return to shootin Set up the camera as described below for in format ion on resetting the clock or chang ing langu ages, see page Slide the G swit ch t o turn the camera on. Rotat e the mo de dial t o B.

Fujifilm Finepix S2500HD Digital Camera Review

Check the battery level in the displ ay. Pos ition the main s ubjec t in the focus frame and use the zoom c ontr ol to frame the pic - ture in the d ispla y. By default set ting, the cam- era uses optical z oom only.

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

If desire d, digital zo om p g. Select W to zoom out Select T to Indicat ors displayed Indicators hidden Best framing T o use b est fr aming, position the main subjec t at the inte rse ction of t wo lines or align one of Smoothly pr ess the shutter button the rest of the way do wn to tak e the pic ture.

FujiFilm FinePix S2500HD Manual User Guide and Product Specification

Pressing the shut ter button half way q sets fo cus and exp osure; to shoot, press the shutter but ton t When taking impor tant pho tograph s, take a t est shot and check the res ults. The most recent picture wil l be displa yed in the monit or.

Pres s the s Choose for grou p por traits in horizonta l or vertical orientation s to Pres s the shutter button halfway to set f ocus and exposure for the subject in the green border. Pres s the shutter button halfway to set fo- cus and exposure.

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

Press half way Repeat st eps 1 and 2 as des ired t U se the zoom con trol t o c Fla sh output and sen sitivity are adju sted to en sur e that Pres s the shutter button halfway to focus. At s low shutter speeds, k w i l l a p p e a r i n t h e dis play t o warn tha t pic tur es may be blurr ed; use of a tripod is r ecommended. Pr ess the shutter button the rest of the way Pres s the I but ton t o di splay c onti nuous shooti ng options.

Photographs taken using the Fujifilm Fujifilm Finepix S2500HD

Pictures wil l be taken while the s hutter but t on is pres sed. Shooting ends when the shutter button is r eleased, memory is full, or the selected number of sho ts has been take n. The com position can be ad- just ed using the z oom cont rol. The fr amed are a will be en la r ged t o c re ate a ful l-s ized pictu re. F rame the subject in the cent er of the di splay using digit al zoom.

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The camera will zoom t o the maximum op ti- cal zoom position with the ar ea tha t will The exp os ure ind icat or will be di spla yed.

Pres s the selec tor left or right. T o choose a shooting mode, r otat e the mode dial t o the desired setting pg.

Camara fujifilm s2500hd manual transmission

This mode is rec ommended in most situa tions. Unti l the set ting i s changed as described above , the chosen scene will be sele Sen sitivity is autom atical ly raised to r e- duc e blur ca used by camera s hak e.

Use a tripod to pr even t blur. P Fireworks S hutter speed and aper tur e will be dis played.

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I f de sired , e xp osure c an be altere d f rom the value suggest ed by the camera. These set tings ar e recalled whenev er the mode dial is r ota ted t o C c us - tom mode. Keep the selec tor pressed t o scr Wh e n the picture is zoomed in, the selector can be used to view ar ea s of the image not curr en tly visible i n the display.

Fujifilm Finepix Overview Tutorial

Navigation window shows portion of image curren t Select W to increas e the number of pictures dis played to two, nine, or a hundred. N ote that del eted pic ture s can not b e recovere d. Co py im In B mode, blur caused by subjec t movement is also reduced d ual IS mode.

Fujifilm FinePix S2500HD / S2600HD Key Features:

No te t Connect yellow plug to video-in jack Connect white plug to audio-in jack Insert i Not e that de pending on the print er , not all the functions described below may be supported. Connecting the Camera C onn ec ti During Printing The mess age shown at right is di splayed during pri nting.

If printing i s int errupt ed, pr T o remove a picture from the order , press the selec tor down u ntil the nu m- ber of copies is 0. P r ess in Before pr oceeding, install F inePixViewer as descri bed b elow.

Fujifilm FinePix S2750 Key Features:

Do NO T connect the camer a to t he computer un til inst allation is c omplete. Log in to a n acc ount with ad mini strator privileges befor e proceeding. S t ore the FinePi x CD in a dry location out of dir ec t sun ligh t in case you need t o re-install the so If a memor y c ard c ontaining a large num- ber of images is inser ted, there may be a delay before FinePixViewer s tar ts an d FinePixViewer may be un - able to impor t or save images.

Use a Large pictures can be prin ted at lar ge siz es with no drop in q uality; small pic - tures require less m emor y , allowing more pic tures to be rec orded.

The self- timer is a vailable i n all shooting modes. Choos e OFF t o save bat tery p ower.

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Choose for preci se focus when the camera i s mount ed on a tripod. Note tha t exposure i s set for the su b - jec t in Best choice in most situation s.

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U se this option to d ispla y pictures in the corr ec t orienta tion in the monit or.