Canon Fax Tt250 Manual Transmission

Canon fax tt250 manual transmission

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of 80 Go. Page 22 Page 23 - Guidelines for entering numbers, letters Page 27 - Registering one-touch speed dialing numb Page 28 - Registering coded speed dialing numbers Page 58 - Removing jammed printing paper from the After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference.

Table of Contents. Canon fax machine quick reference guide fax-l, fax-lip pages. Canon faxmachine getting started guide l, l 24 pages.

Page 3 Table of Contents Receiving documents in memory while performing another task or when a problem occurs All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Canon Inc.

Page 5: Using This Guide Using this guide This guide provides detailed information on how to set up, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your fax. Please read the list below to become familiar with the symbols, terms, and abbreviations used in this guide. Notes provide advice on using your fax more effectively, describe operating restrictions, and tell you how to avoid minor difficulties.

If you spill liquid or if any substance falls into the fax, unplug the fax immediately and contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.

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Page 7: Power Supply If you notice anything unusual smoke, strange odors, noises around the fax, unplug it immediately. Contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.

See pp. Page Installing The Ink Film Installing the ink film You must install the ink film before receiving or copying documents. For information on replacing a used ink film cartridge, see Replacing the ink film on p. Lift the operation panel gently with pushing up the open lever until it locks into position.

Make sure the handset is on its cradle. Page 14 Sit the front rollers on the front roller guides within the main unit.

Canon FAX-TT250 Manuals

After inserting the ink film to the main unit, turn the blue gear on the holder clockwise to take up any slack in the film. Blue gear on the holder Close the operation panel gently until it clicks into place. Paper tray Attach the paper tray as illustrated above.

Canon fax tt250 manual transmission

Completely insert the paper tray. Push the tray towards the back of the machine until it clicks into place. Do not place the machine including the paper tray in contact with the wall or other objects.

Canon fax tt250 manual transmission

The paper tray b. The paper tray a. Load the paper face down.

Canon FAX-TR177 User Manual

Up to 50 sheets of plain paper! Feed direction printing paper face down. Open the paper tray b by pulling it forward. Fan a stack of paper, then tap the edge of the stack on a flat surface to even the stack.

Page Loading Documents Loading documents Load the document face down. Open the cover where the document enters. Documents come out here. Do not place an object in front of the output area. Adjust the paper guides to the width of the document. Load the document.

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Press [Stop]. Press the numeric button that contains the letter you want. Press repeatedly until the letter you want appears. Page Correcting Mistakes Use [ ] or [ ] to move the cursor under the incorrect letter.

The illustration below shows a sample document with the identifying information.

Precede single digits with a zero. Example: p. Page Registering One-touch Speed Dialing Numbers And Names Registering one-touch speed dialing numbers and names One-touch speed dialing allows you to dial a number by pressing a single button. Before you can use one-touch speed dialing, you must register the receiving number with your fax.

You can also register the name of the party; the name appears on the printout of the one-touch speed dialing list. Page Registering Coded Speed Dialing Numbers And Names Registering coded speed dialing numbers and names Use coded speed dialing to dial a fax number at the press of three buttons.

You can also register the name of the party; the name appears on the printout of the coded speed dialing list. Press [Function]. The maximum size of document that can be loaded is mm wide by approximately mm long.

Keep opened packs in their original packaging, in a cool, dry location. Load the document face down into the document feeder see p. Press [Resolution]. Low resolutions may cause text and graphics to have a jagged appearance, while higher resolutions provide smoother curves and lines, crisp text and graphics, and a better match to traditional typeface designs.

See Removing a jammed document from the machine, p. Page Special Dialing The numbers, names, and date and time from which you have received calls recently will be displayed on the LCD.

This starts redialing regardless of whether automatic redialing is enabled. The fax returns to standby mode. Page Delayed Sending Delayed sending Your fax can send a document automatically at a preset time.

Canon fax tt250 manual transmission

This allows you to take advantage of lower late-night long-distance rates offered by some telephone companies. The fax can only register one preset sending operation at a time.

To send or copy other documents after setting the fax for delayed sending, simply send or copy using any other sending procedure in this guide. To determine which mode best suits your requirements, see the table below.

Canon Fax Machine manuals

Every time you press [Receive Mode], the mode changes cyclically. If the caller wants to send a document after talking to you, ask them to press the start button on their fax machine. Each menu contains settings that control different functions of your fax.

Use [ ] or [ ] to scroll through the menus and select the menu you want. Page Activity Reports Activity reports Your fax keeps track of most of its sending and receiving operations.

These operations can be printed out in the form of activity reports that can help you check the dates and times of fax transmissions and whether or not each transaction was successful. How to print a report Press [Function], then press [Report]. Document Release lever Remove the printing paper and the paper tray. Lift the operation panel gently until it locks into position. Lift the green release levers on both sides.

Remove the printing paper and the paper tray.

Canon fax tt250 manual transmission

Pull the paper out. Page Periodic Cleaning Periodic cleaning Your fax requires little periodic maintenance. Since documents in memory are erased when the power is disconnected, print any documents stored in memory before disconnecting the power cord see p. Page Replacing The Ink Film Wipe the scanner area and the rollers with a hard-squeezed moistened cloth.

When cleaning the glass part on the scanning area, flip the green-colored levers up, then insert a thin cloth into the interspace between the rollers and the glass parts. After finishing, flip the levers back to the original position.

Canon Fax Machine User Manual

We recommend that you only use ink film recommended by Canon. Using other types of ink films may cause a decrease in printing quality or damage your fax machine. Do not remove a used ink film except to replace it with a new one. Then plug it back in and try sending again.

Canon Fax Machine Manuals

If the print quality is not as clear as you would like it to be, try turning the paper over and printing on the other side. Replace the ink film see p. Page In Case Of A Power Failure In case of a power failure The user data settings and registered data for one-touch speed dialing and coded speed dialing are saved during a power failure using a built-in battery. However, documents stored in the fax memory will be deleted and redial data in the extension phone memory may be lost.

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Page Index Index manual redialing receiving sending canceling sending other documents while description fax is set for printing setting document from memory exterior of fax interior of fax , description , automatic periodic settnig