Canon Inkjet Mp520 Series Manual

Canon inkjet mp520 series manual

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Photo All-In-One. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Extended Service and Support Canon CarePAK Extended Service Plan is a cost-attractive and easy-to-use extended service program that provides up to three full years of service and support coverage at a very attractive price. Copyright This manual is copyrighted by Canon U. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Canon U.

Canon inkjet mp520 series manual

This section describes about the basic operation of the menu screen and buttons on the Operation Panel. Scan: You can save the scanned data to a connected computer using the Operation Panel. Photo index sheet: You can easily print the photos from a memory card using the Photo Index Sheet. Page 8: Turning The Machine On And Off Display the Print Instruction Using the Navigation Menu When you do not know how to use the print function for the frequent use or how to refill paper, you can easily get the explanation from the navigation menu.

Press the NAVI button. The NAVI screen is displayed.

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When the Power lamp stops flashing, the machine is turned off. Important About the Power Plug When removing the power plug after turing off the machine, be sure to confirm that the Power lamp is not lit. Note Make sure any glue, ink, correction fluid, or the like on the original document is completely dry before loading it on the Platen Glass.

If you are printing without changing paper source settings, load paper in the Rear Tray. Using Specialty Media Canon recommends that you use Canon genuine media to ensure optimal print quality.

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Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the paper for detailed information on the printable side and notes on handling paper. For information on the paper sizes available for each Canon genuine paper, visit our website.

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Hints for Handling the Paper Sources This machine offers two paper sources to load printing paper; This way, you can switch the paper source according to the type of paper just by pressing the Paper Feed Switch. The paper feeds from the paper source whose lamp is lit.

Page 18 Prepare to load paper. Put your finger in the rounded indent of the Paper Support and pull it out until it stops. Put your finger in the indent on the top of the Front Tray and open it gently. You cannot load any other paper in the Front Tray. Flatten the four corners of the paper before loading it. Page 21 Specify the page size and media type settings according to the loaded paper.

Canon inkjet mp520 series manual

Note When performing copy direct printing without using a computer, select the size and type of the loaded paper in Page size and Media type in each mode. Important You need to print from the computer to print on envelopes.

Canon PIXMA MP520 Manuals

Do not use the following envelopes: — Envelopes with double flaps or sticker flaps — Envelopes with an embossed or treated surface — Page 23 Load the envelopes. Important Envelopes may not be fed properly if the Paper Support is extended. Turn on the machine. Memory cards that can be directly inserted into the Card Slot: Memory cards that can be inserted in the Card Slot using the adapter: Important If one of the following memory cards is inserted without an adapter, you may not be able to remove the card.

Open the Card Slot Cover. Insert only one memory card into the Card Slot. How to insert Insert a memory card with the labeled side facing to the right.

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Make sure that the Access lamp is lit, then remove the memory card. Close the Card Slot Cover. Removing the memory card or turning off the machine while the Access lamp is flashing may damage the data saved on the memory card. Page Setting Items Start printing. To change the settings, select the item and press the OK button. Page 31 Advanced Print Settings Screen When you press the left Function button in the print settings confirmation screen, the Auto image fix screen is displayed.

Page 32 Note The advanced print settings are saved in each mode. The saved settings are retained until they are changed. Note It is not possible to print both the shooting date and the file no. Sticker print Prints your favorite photo with a frame on Canon Photo Stickers. Make sure that the proper paper source is selected. Lift the Document Cover and load the photos on the Platen Glass. Page Using Useful Printing Functions The specified number of copies of each photo will be printed. Print all photos Prints all scanned photos.

Page Printing From Your Computer Create a document or open a file to print using an appropriate application software.

Canon inkjet mp520 series manual

Create a document or open a file to print using an appropriate application software. If you are scanning printed text, you can use the OCR Optical Character Recognition software to convert it to text data. Scanning Methods You can select from the various scanning methods. Page 40 Select the document type, then press the OK button. Important Make sure that the document is loaded correctly according to the document type you have selected.

Select the scan operation, then press the OK button. Press the Color or Black button. Page 42 Note When printing directly from a PictBridge compliant device, you can only use the Rear Tray as the paper source. Do not load paper in the Front Tray. Connect the PictBridge compliant device to the machine. Note Depending on the model or brand of your device, you may have to select a print mode compliant with PictBridge before connecting the device.

Note In the following description, names of setting items are given according to those used in Canon- brand PictBridge compliant devices.

Setting item names may be different depending on the brand or model of your device. When you select On, photos are optimized for printing using the Photo opt. If you are using a Canon-brand PictBridge compliant device, the following additional options may be available, depending on the model. Set the print settings to Default on the PictBridge compliant device when you want to print according to the settings on the machine.

Media type Select the media type, when printing directly from a PictBridge compliant device. Print quality Select the print quality, when printing directly from a PictBridge compliant device.

Page Routine Maintenance Routine Maintenance Replacing an Ink Tank This section explains the way to confirm the ink status and the procedure to replace ink tanks.

Canon PIXMA MP520

When ink runs out or other errors occur, an error message is displayed on the LCD to inform you of the error. Page 48 An error message may be displayed on the LCD during printing. B Empty ink tank. With the Ink lamps You can confirm the status of each ink tank by the ink lamps.

CANON PIXMA PRO 100 Troubleshooting User Guide (Official Videos)

Open the Scanning Unit Printer Cover of the machine to confirm how the ink lamps light or flash. Ink lamp is on The ink tank is correctly set and there is enough ink remaining to print. Refilling ink is not recommended.

Once you remove an ink tank, replace it immediately. Do not leave the machine with ink tanks removed.


Page 50 Prepare the replacement tank. Important Make sure that the protective film does not remain on the air hole D. Page 51 Install the ink tank.

Canon inkjet mp520 series manual

G Make sure the position of the tank matches the label. Page 52 Caution When you set the Scanning Unit Support back to its original position, hold the Scanning Unit Printer Cover firmly using both hands, and be careful not to get your fingers caught.

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Note Ink may blur depending on the paper in the following cases; — Printed area is traced with a highlight pen or paint-stick — Contact your Canon service representative. Note If the ink level is low, the nozzle check pattern is not printed correctly. Replace the relevant ink tank. Check the nozzle check pattern you printed.