Casio Ce 4000 Instruction Manual

Casio ce 4000 instruction manual

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Casio ce 4000 instruction manual

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Casio ce 4000 Instruction Manual

Page of Go. Page 29 - Registering department keys by programmi Page 38 - Registering returned goods in the RF mod Page 39 - Registering money received on account Page 40 - Making corrections in a registration Page 41 - To correct an item you input and registe Page 96 - Reading the cash register's program Page 97 - To print key descriptor, name, message p Page 98 - To print the general control program, co Page 99 - To print the keyboard layout program Page - Troubleshooting Page - When the register does not operate at al Table of Contents.

Casio CE Service Manual 73 pages. Casio electronic cash register user's manual ce-t 92 pages. Casio printing calculator operator's instruction manual ceo 88 pages. This ECR is the product of the world's most advanced electronic technology, for outstanding versatility and reliability.

Simplified operation is made possible by a specially designed keyboard layout and a wide selection of automated, programmable functions. Page 3 Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the exterior of the cash register. Never use benzene, thinner, or any other volatile agent.

Casio CE-4000 Operator's Instruction Manual

Never try to open the cash register or attempt your own repairs. CE User's Manual www. Page 7 In case of power failure Page 8: Getting Started Getting Started This section outlines how to unpack the cash register and get it ready to operate. You should read this part of the manual even if you have used a cash register before. The following is the basic set up procedure, along with page references where you should look for more details.

Page Set The Date For this cash register to be able to automatically register state sales tax, you must program its tax tables with tax calculation data from the tax table for your state. There are three U. Page 15 a a Actual value of difference of the non-cyclic and cyclic values a a You must enter these values in 4-digit block. If the last block comes out to be only two digits, add two zeros. Page Introducing Ce Introducing CE General guide This part of the manual introduces you to the cash register and provides a general explanation of its various parts.

Page Drawer Lock Key The drawer will not open if it is locked with the drawer key. Drawer lock Use the drawer key to lock and unlock the drawer. The drawer will not open, if it is locked with a drawer lock key.

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Page 21 Use this key to register a check tender. N Subtotal key Use this key to display and print the current subtotal includes add-on tax amount.

Casio ce 4000 instruction manual

If the journal skip function is selected, the cash register will print the total amount of each transaction, and the details of premium, discount and reduction operations only, without printing department and PLU item registra- tions on the journal. Page Assigning A Clerk Basic Operations and Setups Assigning a clerk Mode switch Clerk secret number key When the cash register is programmed to use clerk secret numbers for clerk or cashier assignment, the clerk buttons are not functional.

Casio ce 4000 instruction manual

See page Page Preparing And Using Department Keys Basic Operations and Setups Preparing and using department keys Registering department keys The following examples show how you can use the department keys in various types of registrations.

Page Programming Department Keys To program the tax calculation status for each department Tax calculation status This specification defines which tax table should be used for automatic tax calculation.

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See page 11 for information on setting up the tax tables. Programming for reductions You can use the m key to reduce single item or subtotal amounts. To program preset reduction amount : : : : : : 6 1s 6 6 m 6 s Mode switch Page Registering Money Received On Account The following example shows how to register money paid out from the register.

This registration must be performed out of a sale. Page Making Corrections In A Registration Basic Operations and Setups Making corrections in a registration There are three techniques you can use to make corrections in a registration.

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No sale registration You can use the following procedure to open the drawer without registering a sale. These items can be skipped by programming.

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Page Advanced Operations And Setups Advanced Operations and Setups This chapter describes more sophisticated operations that you can use to suit the needs of your retail environment. Key operations can also be assigned to an address code. The register automatically calcu- lates the change amount due in dollars and shows it on the dis- play, receipts and journal.

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Partial tender in a foreign currency can be registered using a and k only. Other finalization keys cannot be used, but the remaining tender can be finalized using any finalize key. The case used depends on the food stamp amount received as partial tender. Page Electronic Benefits Transfer Advanced Operations and Setups Electronic benefits transfer In addition to standard food stamp tender finalizations, this model also allows finalization for tenders electronic benefits transfer EBT card. EBT tenders can be accepted for New Jersey rule or Illinois rule food stamp tenders, as well as for food stamp tenders that do not follow these rules.

Page 61 Dept. Page Programming To Clerk Rec. Page Programming Machine Features Advanced Operations and Setups Programming machine features You can program several machine features by the general control file. Programming to general control file 6 3s 6 a 6 s Mode switch Address code Program data Address code i f i i f i Address code i f i Page 66 Advanced Operations and Setups Address code l a t z i l.

Page Page 70 Advanced Operations and Setups Address code Page Special Character S u b i t e m? Page Entering Characters Advanced Operations and Setups Entering characters In this section, the method to enter descriptors or messages characters to the cash register during programming is described.

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Characters are specified by character keyboard or by codes. In the first half of this section, the usage of character keyboard is described.


Page Keyboard Layout Change Advanced Operations and Setups Keyboard layout change You can change the keyboard layout or allocate some new functions on the keyboard. Before changing the keyboard layout, you must issue the daily and all periodic report.

Configuration of the physical key layout The shadowed keys are fixed function keys.

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Page The Outline Of Functions Use this key to obtain subtotal excluding the add-on tax amount and current balance. Rate tax Use this key to activate the preset tax rate or manually input rate to obtain the tax for the preceding taxable status 1 amount.

Page To Print The Financial Read Report The cash register will automatically compare the input with the cash in drawer in the memory and print the difference between these two amounts. Note that if money declaration is required by programming page 67 , you cannot skip this procedure. If skipped, ends the last PLU. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This section describes what to do when you have problems with operation.

When an error occurs Errors are indicated by an error codes. When this happens, you can usually find out what the problem is as shown below.

Casio ce 4000 instruction manual

The results of this check are required by service personnel, so be sure to perform this check before you contact a CASIO representative for servicing.

Start Plug in the power cord. Page Clearing A Machine Lock Up Troubleshooting Clearing a machine lock up If you make a mistake in operation, the cash register may lock up to avoid damage to programs and preset data.

Casio ce 4000 instruction manual

Should it happens, you can use the following procedure to clear the lock up without losing any data. Other types of ink ribbons can damage the printer. Never try to extend the life of an ink ribbon by replenishing the ink.

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Load new paper as described on page 10 of this manual. Page Specifications Specifications ,. Page Index machine features 64 rate tax 89 machine No. Page www. Page The terminal resident software and programmable software, if any, included with this product or any programmable software which may be licensed by Casio or one of its authorized dealers, is warranted by Casio to the original licensee for a period of ninety 90 days from the date of license to conform substantially to published specifications and documentation provided it is used with the Casio hardware and software for which it is designed.

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