Chief Architect X5 Reference Manual Pdf

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

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Chapter Layout Tutorial In this tutorial we will create a layout template, send a few views to a layout page, then save this document in PDF format.

In a plan file. In previous tutorials we explored aspects of creating a 3D model in a plan file. Templates save default, layer and page setup settings and then apply them to new, blank files - saving you the time and work of specifying them every time you begin a new project.

To create a layout template 1. This tutorial will simply use the default settings, but you can customize the defaults to suit your own tastes. Click Done when you are finished to close the Default Settings dialog.

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Here you can set up line weights, styles, and colors for the layers in your layout template. These settings do not affect objects within layout views - they only affect CAD, 2 Creating a Layout Template Text, Dimensions and layout box borders placed on the layout pages. Click OK when you are finished. The sizes available will be limited by the current printer.

In most cases, the printer paper and the drawing sheet should be the same size. If you would like to print a test page or if you would like to tape smaller pieces of paper together to create a larger sheet, the printer paper and the drawing sheet can be different dimensions.

Any information that you place on Layout Page 0 will display and print on all pages of the document, so this is a good location for your border and title block. Creating a Layout Template 9. Save your new layout template with a short, descriptive name such as "My 18 x 24 Template. When prompted, click Yes, specifying that you would like to use your new template as the default. Your template layout file will close and provided you have no other plans open a new untitled layout file will open with your border, title block, default and layer settings ready to go.

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

Creating a Border and Title Block Once the page setup of the layout sheet is established, you can use CAD tools to create a border and title block for your layout pages on Layout Page Zero.

Drawing borders may be simplified by making a few changes in the Preferences dialog and your plan defaults. When you have finished creating borders you may want to reverse these changes. To create a layout border 6 1. Make sure that Object Snaps are enabled, particular Endpoint snaps.

Creating a Border and Title Block 5. Select Concentric Edit Type, and specify the Jump value as the distance you would like your border to be drawn from the edge of the drawing sheet. Select the rectangular polyline, then click and slowly drag a corner edit handle towards the center of the polyline. You can easily create a double border in the same manner. A concentric copy of the polyline is made when you reach your Concentric Jump distance.

When you are finished concentrically resizing and copying your border objects, it is a good idea to return to the Behaviors panel of the Preferences dialog and return to the Default Edit Type.

You can adjust the line weight, style and color for any CAD object in its specification dialog.


To see the final product, you may find it helpful to turn off the display of the Snap and Reference Grids. To create filleted corners 1.

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A value of 1" fillets one inch of each intersecting edge. Select one side of the rectangle, click the Fillet Two Lines an adjacent side. The two lines fillet where they meet. Repeat step 3 until all corners are filleted. Include only those items that should appear on every layout page.

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You can create areas for page-specific information, which can be filled in later on each page. You can also embed the image in the layout file. Text Macros Page numbers can be entered on page zero using text macros that are available with the Text tool. The correct page number displays on all pages. Sending Floor Plan Views to Layout In order to send any view to layout, first open both the destination layout file and the plan file.

It is recommended that these two files have the same name and be saved in the same folder in your computer. This will be the scale of the view once it is sent to layout. The information in the Page Setup dialog is view-specific. When you open the dialog in floor plan view, its settings only apply to floor plan views of the current plan.

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When you open it in a cross section view or CAD detail window, its settings apply only to the current view or detail window. This means that once sent to layout, the view will use the Plot Plan Set and changes made to this layer set will affect the view.

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

Click OK to send the view to layout. Once sent to layout, the view can be selected and moved using its edit handles or edit buttons, and its edges can be edited like a CAD box. Sending Elevation Views to Layout You may want to Zoom 3.

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Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog. Once sent to layout, the view will use the Section View Set and changes made to this layer set will affect the view.

You can also Sending Elevation Views to Layout leave these boxes unchecked to use the line weight settings assigned to the individual objects and patterns in the view. Click OK. The Closing Elevation dialog will appear, click OK.

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

If you had made edits to the elevation view, clicking OK would update those edits to the layout view. Return to floor plan view. A camera symbol now displays, indicating the position of your saved elevation camera. Repeat this process for any additional desired elevation views.

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If sending more than one elevation view to the same page, keep in mind that the elevation views will need to be selected and repositioned so that they are not stacked on top of one another on the page.

Changes made to the model do not affect views sent to CAD. All patterns become lines and colors no longer display. Individual lines can be added and edited. Sending Details to Layout Foundation, roof, cross section and other details are an important feature of professional construction documents. The steps used to send details to layout can also be used to place schedules, legends, keys and other items on the layout page. To send details to layout 1.

Click the New button, type a short descriptive name for your detail and click OK. Sending Details to Layout 3. A new CAD Detail window opens. In this example, we will place a blocked drawing from the CAD Blocks library category. This block can be exploded and edited as needed.

Once sent to layout, the view will use this layer set, so any changes made to the Default Set will not affect it. Text can also be copied and pasted from other applications.

Place your notes in a CAD detail and send them to layout, as previously described. Sending Perspective Views to Layout Perspective views add visual appeal and clarity to your documentation.

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They are converted to bitmap images when sent to layout, which means that they increase your file size considerably. As a result, you should send perspective views to layout sparingly. To send a perspective view to layout 1. In the camera view, use the Move, Orbit and Tilt Camera tools available in the 3D menu to adjust the view to your liking.

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

Click the Restore button at the top right corner of the view window, between the Minimize and Close buttons, then adjust the shape of the window so that it includes the information that you want and has a height to width ratio similar to the space you want it to fill on the layout page. Sending Perspective Views to Layout 5. When perspective views are sent to layout our options are limited because they cannot be scaled.

This is why we do not need to access the Page Setup dialog before sending the view to layout. Select and resize the image as needed.

Chief Architect x5 Reference Manual

Repeat this process for any other camera views you may want to send to Page 1, including rendering techniques, such as Watercolor, of your layout sheet. Printing to PDF A PDF, or Portable Document Format, file saves all of the printable information associated with a document such as a layout and makes it available for both viewing and printing without using the software originally used to create it.

PDFs are easy to create and provide you with an efficient way to share your work with others or send documents to a print service.

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

Many options are available, including PDF, which is available for download. Creating a PDF is a printing function, and the PDF driver installed on your computer should be treated like any other printer. Set up page size and orientation information in its Properties dialog and select your PDF writer as your printer in the Page Setup and Print dialogs.

Chief architect x5 reference manual pdf

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