Cisco Wireless Repeater Re1000 Manual

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

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Powerline av wireless network extender kit 13 pages. Linksys powerline av wireless network extender kit pages.

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

Page 2. Page Page 23 1. Na panelu vpravo dole se zobrazuje ikona 2.


Indhold Oversigt Extenderen er konfigureret, og du bliver bedt om at flytte den til sin endelige placering. Page 57 1. Page 74 1. Page 80 Netzwerk automatisch einen Namen zugewiesen. Eine Liste der Warenzeichen von Cisco finden Sie unter www.

Alle anderen in diesem Dokument genannten Warenzeichen sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Inhaber. Page 90 2. Contents Overview Insert the Setup CD into a computer that is connected to the network router.

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You will need to be near the router or access point and have access to a networked computer. Select the network to use, then click Next. Click Next. Your extender is set up, and you are prompted to move the extender to its final location.

Cisco RE1000 Getting Started Manual

Move the extender to its primary location, then click Next. The extender comes After setting up the extender with the setup software located on the CD , the with a pre-configured SSID showing as LinksysExtenderxxxxx in the extender will be ready for use. Page 1. These controls required to change the firewall settings to allow the display of networked are located at the bottom of each screen. If you have network devices, such as wireless printers, that support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, then you can use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to connect them to your wireless network.

Your RE works only on the 2. Your RE works on either a 2. Click your own network name, then click Connect. In the example below, the computer was connected to another wireless network named To access your range extender, you must be connected to your own network.

Downloads / Firmware

If JimsRouter. Page In the example below, the computer was connected to another wireless network named JimsRouter. Click the wireless network name of the router your range extender is connected to.

Page Visit linksys. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. Page Ampliador de alcance Wireless-N Primeros pasos 4. Haga clic en Next Siguiente.

Abra el explorador Web. En este ejemplo, el nombre de la red del router Serie E de Linksys, BronzeEagle, aparece seleccionado. Page Visite linksys. Usted debe estar cerca del router o del punto de acceso y debe contar con acceso a una computadora conectada a la red.

Wireless-N Range Extender/Bridge

El sistema le Siguiente. Haga clic en el nombre de su red y luego en Connect Conectar. En www.

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

Aseta Asennus-CD tietokoneeseen, joka on liitetty verkkoreitittimeen. Voit Virtakytkin Page Wireless-N-verkon laajennin Aloittaminen 4. Valitse Next Seuraava.

Cisco Linksys RE1000 User Manual

Kirjoita verkon salasana ja napsauta OK-painiketta. Muodosta yhteys tietokoneesta laajentimen langattomaan verkkoon. Avaa Windowsin resurssienhallinta ja valitse sitten Verkko. Page Wireless-N-verkon laajennin Aloittaminen Verkon kantaman laajenninta ei voi avata 3.

Cisco RE1000 User Manual

Page Cisco Connect on nimennyt verkkosi automaattisesti. Valitse sen reitittimen langattoman verkon nimi, johon verkon kantaman laajennin on yhdistetty. Cliquez sur Next Suivant. Page Supprimer des composants Windows. La liste des marques commerciales de Cisco est disponible sur www. Page Name et votre mot de passe Password.

Masukkan Setup CD ke komputer yang terhubung dengan router jaringan. Anda perlu berada di dekat router atau access point, dan memiliki akses ke komputer yang terhubung dengan jaringan. Pilih jaringan yang akan digunakan, lalu klik Next.

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

Klik Next. Pengaturan pada extender Anda telah selesai, dan Anda diminta untuk memindahkan extender ke lokasi akhir.

Technical Specs

Masukkan kata sandi jaringan Anda, kemudian klik OK. Pindahkan extender ke posisi utamanya, lalu klik Next. Router akan menguji koneksi wireless pada extender yang telah dipindahkan dan Anda dapat menghubungkan steker listrik bawaan extender langsung akan meminta Anda jika diperlukan penyesuaian lebih lanjut. Buka browser Web. Jika Anda telah menentukan halaman awal default di browser, kotak dialog User Name and Password Nama Pengguna dan Kata Sandi extender akan ditampilkan secara otomatis.

Jika halaman Setelah melakukan pengaturan extender menggunakan software terdapat di awal atau halaman default browser kosong, masukkan alamat Web yang CD , extender siap untuk digunakan. Page Mac untuk berkomunikasi dengan perangkat dasar seperti telepon seluler dan iPod. Survei Situs memberikan gambaran semua titik akses yang berdekatan dan router nirkabel dalam jangkauan extender. Klik nama jaringan Anda lalu klik Connect.

Pada contoh di bawah ini, komputer telah terhubung ke jaringan wireless lain yang bernama menghubungkan JimsRouter. Pada contoh di bawah ini, komputer telah terhubung ke jaringan wireless lain yang bernama JimsRouter. Klik nama jaringan wireless router yang akan Anda hubungkan dengan extender. Page Kunjungi linksys. Daftar merek dagang Cisco dapat dilihat di www.

Setting up Linksys RE1000

Semua merek dagang lainnya yang disebutkan dalam dokumen ini adalah properti dari pemiliknya masing-masing. Sommario Informazioni generali Page Amplificatore di range Wireless-N Per iniziare 4. Selezionare la rete da utilizzare, quindi fare clic su Next Avanti. Fare clic su Next Avanti. Digitare la password della rete, quindi fare clic su OK. Page Amplificatore di range Wireless-N Per iniziare 7.

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

Premere la chiusura a scatto della presa, quindi far scivolare la presa CA riposizionato e comunica se sono necessarie ulteriori regolazioni. I comandi si trovano nella 2.

Cisco wireless repeater re1000 manual

Si apre il browser Web e parte inferiore di ogni schermata. Page Utilizzo Di Wi-fi Protected Setup Amplificatore di range Wireless-N Per iniziare Utilizzo di Wi-Fi Protected Setup Connessione dell'amplificatore a un punto di accesso esistente Wi-Fi Protected Setup semplifica la connessione dell'amplificatore alla rete, quindi connette gli altri dispositivi alla rete attraverso l'amplificatore. Protected Setup. Page Risoluzione Dei Problemi Se si dispone di un accesso wireless Internet, il problema potrebbe essere provocato da una connessione accidentale a una diversa rete wireless.

Page Cisco Connect ha assegnato automaticamente un nome alla rete. Nell'esempio riportato di seguito, il computer era connesso a un'altra rete wireless denominata JimsRouter. Page Visitare linksys. Tutti gli altri marchi menzionati nel presente documento appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari.