Cmc Digimaster 12 Manual Duct

Cmc digimaster 12 manual duct

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Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. I have the "Digimaster Pro Plus" version of this product. No more 3. OK, it's expensive, but you get what you pay for. If I was to nit-pick I would say that the supplied cables are not quite "professional" quality; the plugs are not molded and I could imagine connection issues if they are plugged and unplugged frequently.

Cmc digimaster 12 manual duct

A small nit and not enough to reduce the rating from a well-deserved 5. I was looking for a interface who could manage al the software on the internet for HAM radio.

BUT : if you have a problem or question, just e-mail to Neil and you will get an answer as soon as possible, thats great service!!!! IT seems that this would be a never solvable problem. I wrote to Neil I got the interface within 2!!! I plugged in the cables and it works.

Cmc digimaster 12 manual duct

He assisted me personally via teamviwer and gave me instructions via email and screeshots and now it works. I want to thank you Neil ad your crew for all the things happened in the last weeks.

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Wolfgang DK6UZ. Having used an SB for a sort period and having had it replaced twice under warranty, somebody recommended the G4ZLP interface. Sadly I can't remember who because I'd buy them a drink! It's absolutely brilliant. Just plugged in and it was working. I had a query with the cables that I thought I might need originally and Neil came back and told me exactly what I needed within minutes. This is the only interface I have found that permits this.

I'm just upgrading radio and once again first class service and support for new cables. A couple of days ago I bought the Mydel SB, a similar product but I wasn't very impressed with it for two reasons: The CAT speed was only baud and only one comport was assigned - no good if your run Hamradio Delaux and some digimodes.

A second comport is also assigned which makes running Hamradio Delux and digimodes so much easier. The set-up was very easy as well. The SG will have to be sold on Ebay or hifissb.

Cmc digimaster 12 manual duct

Any time! Its a small box of tricks, and manufactured local to me.

No matter what connection is required for your radio, ZLP has the correct lead for it. After a couple moments on the web, the correct one was ordered, and here the following day.

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It was a simple case of unplugging the old one, and plugging in the new one. Job complete. Been looking for an interface that does it all in one box. I found it.

Cmc digimaster 12 manual duct

Only had it 2 weeks, performs flawlessly. I simply selected the module I needed for the CAT. In my case RS Its even possible a plug in module to change it yourself later on if you change the radio to a totaly different CAT system. Extremely well made as usual. I cannot score this higher than a 5.

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To say I am completely happy is an understatement. I have no idea how ZLP Electronics can supply this level of kit at this price, less than half the price of most others even with shipping added. To send this review to a friend, complete the form below.

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Cmc digimaster 12 manual duct

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