Compex Fit 3 0 Manually

Compex fit 3 0 manually

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Table of Contents. Fitness Equipment Compex performance Manual pages. Page 7: I Introduction Please read this manually carefully prior to using your One stimulator. You are strongly advised to read Chapter 2 of this manual. One is a stimulator intended for muscular training and pain relief. Any person excepted those mentioned in the Chapter 2 "Warnings" If you are in any doubt as to the use of the stimulator close to another medical device, seek advice from the manufacturer of the latter or from your doctor.

Portable communications equipment can interfere with electrical medical equipment. Other electrodes may have electrical properties that are unsuitable for the One stimulator.

Do not use the same electrodes on different people. Your stimulator does not require calibration. If your stimulator contains parts that seem worn or defective, please contact your nearest Compex customer service centre.

Page Patents The One device incorporates several innovations with patents pending or delivered. Standardized symbols Caution: Read the user manual or operating instructions.

Compex - Fit 1, Fit 3, Fit5

One stimulator is a class II device with internal electric power and type BF applied parts. Name and address of the manufacturer and manufacturing date.

Compex fit 3 0 manually

Page 15 Pulse frequency: 1 to Hz. C Information related to electromagnetic compatibility EMC The One stimulator is designed to be used in typical domestic environments and is approved according to the EMC safety standard of EN This device emits very low levels in the radio frequency RF interval and is therefore not likely to cause any interference with nearby electronic equipment radios, computers telephones etc.

Compex fit 3 0 manually

Page How Does Electrostimulation Work The principle of electrostimulation is to stimulate nerve fibres by means of electrical impulses transmitted by electrodes. The electrical pulses generated by stimulators designed by Compex are high quality pulses - offering safety, comfort and efficiency - which can stimulate different types of nerve fibres: 1.

Page 17 The higher the stimulation energy, the greater the number of muscle fibres that are working and, therefore, the more significant the progress achieved. Note: It is possible and normal to have an electrode arrangement that leaves one electrode connection free from a cable.

Depending on the characteristics of the current, efficacy can be optimised in certain programmes by placing the electrode connected to the positive pole red connection "strategically". Page Stimulation Positions Stimulation positions This position will vary depending on the position of the electrodes, the muscle group you wish to stimulate, and the programme you are using.

For programmes which involve powerful muscular contractions, the muscle should always be stimulated in an isometric way. Page Battery Insertion Connections Connecting the charger The One stimulator has considerable operating autonomy, as it uses a battery. To recharge it, connect the charger supplied with your device to the base of the device, then plug the charger into a socket.

Remove any stimulation cables connected to the stimulator before recharging it. Page Preliminary Settings Preliminary settings Before using the unit for the first time, you have the possibility to choose the working language of the device and to specify a certain number of settings display contrast adjustment, backlight adjustment, and sound volume setting.

Before choosing a programme, you should select the desired category. Page Adjusting Stimulation Energies Adjusting stimulation energies When you start a programme, you will be prompted to increase the stimulation energies.

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This is critical to the success of any session. To find out what energy level needs to be attained for each programme, refer to chapter 7 of this manual.

Always use the charger provided by Compex to recharge the battery. The device runs on a battery. We strongly recommend you to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time as this will improve its performance and life span. If the voluntary exercises of the abdominal belt are not performed correctly, they can cause crushing of the lumbar spine accompanied, as a consequence, by the onset or aggravation of pain in the lower back.

Page Build Your Pecs Build your pecs To obtain well developed pectoral muscles you should subject them to intensive workout. In voluntary training, this type of work involves exercises with heavy loads in a fitness centre. But this kind of work can be traumatic for the joints and tendons involved.

Page Reviving Massage Reviving massage This programme is indicated for reducing unpleasant muscle tension and creating a relaxing sensation of well-being, in particular after a tiring day.

It induces a state of optimal, very pleasant relaxation.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Usage: to be used on the muscles whenever an occasional sensation of painful muscular tension is felt; Page Firm Your Arms Stimulation energy: maximum bearable energy. Shape your buttocks The buttocks are one of the so-called "problem areas" of the female body. This is due to the elasticity of the tissues and the specific structure of the adipose cells. These two phenomena favour the accumulation of fat and water, resulting in flabbiness and an orange-peel appearance.

Page Get Firmer Thighs Get firmer thighs A sedentary lifestyle impairs the quality of the thighs muscles, so that they become increasingly slack and no longer perform their supporting function correctly, which results in the thighs having a flabby and plump appearance.

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Toujours utiliser le chargeur fourni par Compex pour recharger la batterie. Le dispositif fonctionne sur batterie.

Compex fit 3 0 manually

Wir raten Ihnen dringend, Kapitel 2 dieser Gebrauchsanweisung zu lesen. Der One ist ein Stimulator, der zum Muskeltraining und zur Schmerzlinderung entwickelt wurde. Sollten Teile Ihres Stimulator abgenutzt bzw. Page 71 Impulsfrequenz: 1 bis Hz. Page 73 Aspekt der Stimulation. Der Muskel sollte bei Programmen, die kraftvolle Muskelkontraktionen beinhalten, immer in isometrischer Weise stimuliert werden. Page Brustmuskeln Festigen Brustmuskeln festigen Um gut entwickelte Pektoralmuskeln zu erhalten, sollten Sie sie intensiv arbeiten lassen.

Compex fit 3 0 manually

Es bewirkt einen Zustand von optimaler, sehr angenehmer Entspannung. Page Arme Festigen Arme festigen Der anatomische Bereich der Arme, insbesondere der Trizepsmuskeln, ist eine Zone, in der sich leicht Fett ansammelt und die Haut leicht schlaff wird.

Dadurch sehen die Oberschenkel wabbelig und mollig aus. Page Iintroduzione One sono progettate specificamente per non avere effetti nocivi sui sistemi per osteosintesi.

Le apparecchiature per comunicazioni portatili possono interferire con le apparecchiature elettromedicali. Altri elettrodi potrebbero avere caratteristiche elettriche non adatte allo stimolatore One. Non utilizzare gli stessi elettrodi su persone diverse.

Caricatori: per ricaricare la batteria fornita con lo stimolatore One, utilizzare solo i caricatori con numero di componente X.

Compex One User Manual

Page 99 Frequenza degli impulsi: da 1 a Hz. Il dispositivo emette livelli estremamente bassi nell'intervallo delle radiofrequenze RF e pertanto non dovrebbe causare interferenze alle vicine apparecchiature elettroniche radio, computer, telefoni, ecc. Page Posizione In Cui Eseguire L'elettrostimolazione Posizione in cui eseguire l'elettrostimolazione La posizione varia in funzione della posizione degli elettrodi, del gruppo muscolare da trattare e del programma selezionato.

Per i programmi che coinvolgono potenti contrazioni muscolari, il muscolo deve sempre essere stimolato in modo isometrico. Per ricaricarla, collegare il caricatore fornito insieme al dispositivo alla base del dispositivo stesso e inserire il caricatore in una presa di corrente.

Rimuovere tutti i cavi di elettrostimolazione collegati al dispositivo prima di avviare la ricarica. Prima di scegliere un programma si deve selezionare la categoria desiderata.

Page Regolazione Delle Energie Di Stimolazione Regolazione delle energie di stimolazione Quando si avvia un programma, viene richiesto di aumentare le energie di stimolazione.

Per trovare il livello di energia che deve essere raggiunto in ogni programma, consultare il capitolo 7 di questo manuale. Page Livello Della Batteria E Ricarica Livello della batteria e ricarica Non ricaricare lo stimolatore senza prima aver scollegato i cavi di elettrostimolazione.

Usare sempre il caricatore fornito da Compex per ricaricare la batteria. Il dispositivo funziona a batteria. Il rendimento della batteria dipende dai programmi e dall'energia di stimolazione utilizzati. Page Pettorali Pettorali Per ottenere muscoli pettorali sviluppati li si deve sottoporre a esercizi intensivi.

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Nell'allenamento volontario questo tipo di lavoro prevede esercizi con carichi pesanti in un centro fitness. Il programma "Pettorali" rappresenta una soluzione perfetta per lavorare su questi muscoli e ottenere uno sviluppo armonioso del loro volume.


Induce una sensazione di rilassamento ottimale e molto piacevole. Uso: da usare quando si avverte una occasionale sensazione di dolorosa tensione muscolare; Page Rassodare Le Braccia Rassodare le braccia Nella zona anatomica delle braccia, e in particolare sui tricipiti, il grasso si accumula rapidamente e la pelle si affloscia facilmente.

L'invecchiamento naturale della pelle causa un progressivo afflosciamento dei tessuti e un aspetto flaccido, visibile soprattutto sulla parte posteriore delle braccia. Il programma "Gambe" Patentes El dispositivo One incorpora una serie de novedades pendientes de patente o ya patentadas. Page Frecuencia de impulsos: de 1 a Hz. Esta flacidez se debe en parte a la insuficiencia muscular y a lo fina que es la piel en esta zona. Tillverkarens namn och adress och tillverkningsdatum.

Den auktoriserade europeiska representantens namn och adress. Page Pulsfrekvens: 1 till Hz. Enheten drivs med ett batteri. Programmet kan upprepas vid behov.