D-link Access Point Dap-1360 Manual Muscle

D-link access point dap-1360 manual muscle

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D-link DAP-1360 Manuals

Page of Go. Introduction Page 7 - Chapter 2. Configuring Device Access Po Configuring Device Router Mo Operation Guidelines Page - Chapter 7. User Manual. Table of Contents. Installation and Connection Operation Guidelines Abbreviations and Acronyms Page 6: Chapter 1.

Introduction Chapter 2 gives an overview of the device's hardware and software features, describes its appearance and the package contents. Chapter 3 explains how to install the DAP device and configure a PC in order to access its web-based interface. Chapter 4 describes all pages of the web-based interface for the device in the access point mode.

Page 7: Chapter 2. You are able to connect the wireless access point DAP switched to the router mode to a cable or DSL modem or to a private Ethernet line and use a high-speed Internet connection to successfully fulfill a wide range of professional tasks.

Front panel view. Mode Description The device is powered on.

How do I configure the Access Point DAP‑1360 as a repeater?

Solid green The device is powered off. Back panel view. A port to connect to a cable or DSL modem or to a private Ethernet Page Chapter 3.

The web-based interface is available from any operating system that supports a web browser.

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Make sure that your PC is powered off. Click the Properties button.

D-link access point dap-1360 manual muscle

Figure 4. The Local Area Connection Properties window. Click the OK button. Figure 5. Click the Start button and proceed to the Control Panel window. Select the Network and Sharing Center section. If the Control Panel has the category In the menu located on the left part of the window, select the Change adapter settings line. Figure 7.

The Network and Sharing Center window. Page 19 of In the opened window, right-click the relevant Local Area Connection icon and select the Properties line in the menu displayed. Figure 8. The Network Connections window. Figure 9. Figure In the opened window, in the list of available wireless networks, select the wireless network DAP and click the Connect button.

The list of available networks. Page Connecting To Web-based Interface 2.

D-link access point dap-1360 manual muscle

In the address bar of the web browser, enter the IP address of the access point by default, the following IP address is specified: Press the Enter key. Connecting to the web-based interface of the DAP device. On the opened page, enter the username and password for the administrator account in the Login and Password fields correspondingly by default, the following username and password are specified: admin, admin.

The page for changing the default administrator password. The selected operating mode defines the view of the quick settings page and the components of the web-based interface. To do this, enter the name of the page, wholly or partly, in the search bar in the top part of the web-based interface page, and then select a needed link in the search results. Also you can change the operating mode of the device directly from the advanced settings page.

After clicking the line, the page for editing the LAN interface opens for the detailed description of the page, see the LAN section, page Also you can enable or disable the device's WLAN directly from the advanced settings page.

D-link access point dap-1360 manual muscle

The top-page menu. Click the Reboot line if you have already saved the access point's settings. Page Chapter 4. Network authentication types supported by the access point. The access point supports the following authentication types: Authentication type Description Open authentication with WEP encryption for wireless network Open modes not supporting Enable: the access point assigns IP addresses to clients automatically in accordance with the specified parameters.

Basic settings of the wireless LAN. Page 51 It is recommended not to select this checkbox in order to simplify initial configuration of your WLAN.

D-Link Wireless Access Point manuals

A name for the WLAN. By default, the value DAP is specified.

D-link access point dap-1360 manual muscle

The default security settings. The tab for adding a MAC address.

D-link access point dap-1360 manual muscle

Devices connected to the access point via the WDS function are not displayed in the list. When the checkbox is selected, the Information and Connection sections are available on the page. Select the WPS Enable checkbox.

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The WDS function allows joining local area networks together via a wireless connection of access points. Disable: The function is disabled. Bridge mode: Access points communicate to each other only, WDS Mode wireless devices cannot connect to them. Changing parameters presented on this page may negatively affect your WLAN! The It helps to improve the quality of data transfer over Wi-Fi networks by prioritizing different types of traffic.

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This parameter influences Aifsn time delays for the relevant Access Category. The lower the value, the higher is the Access Category priority. Page Client Figure Connecting DAP in the access point mode as a client. The page for configuring the client mode. To configure the access point as a client, select the Enable client checkbox.

When the checkbox is After clicking the Change button, the wireless channel of DAP will switch to the channel of the wireless access point to which you have connected. The page for adding an address for the MAC filter. Please, save settings every time you change the device's parameters. By default, the Port value is specified.

After specifying the needed parameters, click the Change button. Page Firmware Upgrade The current version of the access point's firmware is displayed in the Firmware version field located next the D-Link logo in the top left corner of the page.

If you need to install a newer version of the firmware, follow the next steps: Attention! Do not turn off the access point before the firmware upgrade is completed.

D-Link DAP-1360 User Manual

Select the Factory line in the top-page menu displayed when the mouse pointer is over the System caption. Wait until the access point is rebooted. Log into the web-based interface, using the default IP address, login and password The Ping utility sends echo requests to a specified host and receives echo replies. By default, access is enabled. The page for changing the operating mode of the device.

Setting Dlink dap-1360 (access point)