Davis Vantage Pro2 Manual Iss

Davis vantage pro2 manual iss

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Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suites

Page of 56 Go. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Davis Vantage Pro Reference Manual 52 pages. For vantage pro2, vantage pro2 plus, and vantage vue weather stations 32 pages.

Davis vantage pro2 manual iss

For weather stations including vantage pro2, vantage vue weather envoy, and vantage pro 13 pages. Cabled vantage pro2; vantage pro2 plus stations 8 pages. Page 2: Console Display Features Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

Changes or modification not expressly approved in writing by Davis Instruments may void the warranty and void the user's authority to operate this equipment. Vantage Pro2 stations are available in two basic versions: Cabled and Wire- less.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Console Manual

Requires Sensor Mounting Shelf Page 6 ISS. You may use the included adapter if you wish, but the three C-cell batteries should power a wireless console for up to nine months.

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Page 8: Installing Batteries 3. Replace the battery cover. This cable is used for connecting the console to the ISS. To connect the con- sole to the ISS: 1. Page 9: Console Location If you have a wireless console, be aware of possible interference from cordless phones or other devices.

To prevent interference, maintain a dis- tance of 10 feet between the Vantage Pro2 console and a cordless phone handset and base. Install the two round rubber feet on the bottom of the console. The rubber feet help prevent damage to furniture and surfaces. Page 11 8" mm apart for the 6 x 1" mounting screws. This is a representation for the mounting hole positions. This template is not true to size.

If installing a standard Vantage Pro2 console with sensor cable running inside the wall, mount the console over an empty switch box. Page 14 Note: Typically, you can use the default transmitter ID setting of 1 unless you are installing one of the optional transmitter stations or a nearby neighbor has a Vantage Pro2 Station that uses transmit- ter ID 1 for the ISS. Be sure to enter the correct date and local time.

Page 16 Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.

Davis vantage pro2 manual iss

Page 17 1. Press the up and down arrows to cycle through time zones.

Page 18 5. Press DONE to move to the next screen. Switch this setting to small only if you have separately purchased and installed small wind cups. Note: Large wind cups are more sensitive to low wind speeds and are the best choice for most users.

Page 19 Screen Rain Collector The tipping bucket in the Vantage Pro2 rain collector has been calibrated at the factory to measure 0. The ISS comes equipped with a metric adapter that, once installed, takes 0. Page 20 The baud rate setting on your console must match the serial port setting in the software on your computer. If you are using WeatherLink for Vantage Pro2, refer to WeatherLink help for instruc- tions on setting the serial port baud rate on your computer.

Page Current Weather Mode The Clear All command clears all stored high and low weather data including monthly and yearly highs and lows and clears the alarm settings.

Davis vantage pro2 manual iss

Barometric pressure, for example, may be displayed in mil- libars, millimeters, inches, or hectoPascals. Page 23 3. Press WIND a second time to display the wind direction in degrees instead of the wind speed. Note: When displayed in degrees, Due North displays as or later.

Previous releases marked Due North at 0 Each additional WIND key press toggles the display between wind speed and wind direction in degrees. The console uses the ten-minute average wind speed to calculate wind chill.

It takes two tips of the rain bucket to begin a storm event and 24 hours without rain to end a storm event. Page Displaying The Forecast Note: When the console receives power from the AC adapter, the backlight remains on until it is toggled off. Leaving the backlight on raises the inside temperature reading and lowers the inside humidity reading. Select a variable to be calibrated.

Page 29 8. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have entered the offset value from Step 1. Press DONE to exit calibration. Calibrating Barometric Pressure Before calibrating the barometric pressure, be sure the station is set to the cor- rect elevation.

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Except for Yearly Rainfall, all high and low registers are cleared automatically at the end of each period. Page Alarm Mode Current Weather mode. Alarm Mode The Vantage Pro2 features more than 30 alarms that can be programmed to sound whenever a reading exceeds a set value.

Davis vantage pro2 manual iss

With the exception of barometric pressure and time, all alarms sound when a reading reaches the alarm threshold. The UV dose alarm does not arm unless the initial UV dose for the day has been reset. Once the UV dose alarm value is set, clear the accumu- lated UV dose. Vantage Pro Station Alarms Page 35 Viewing Graphs Although the graphs available may vary for each weather variable, you display the graphs in the same way.


Only the date, graph, graph icon, and selected variable are visible. The rest of the screen is blank. Page 36 Graph Mode View graphs of all other variables the same way. Select the variable you want to view.

Use the left and right arrows to select different variables.

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Press the up arrow to shorten the time range. Page Troubleshooting And Maintenance Troubleshooting and Maintenance Vantage Pro2 Troubleshooting Guide While your Vantage Pro2 weather station is designed to provide years of trou- ble-free operation, occasional problems may arise.

If you are having a prob- lem with your station, please consult this troubleshooting guide before calling Davis technical support.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Install - Part 3: Configuring the Console and Installing WeatherLink

Page 38 Troubleshooting Reception Problems While we have tested the Wireless Vantage Pro2 radio extensively, each site and each installation presents its own issues and challenges. Statistical Diagnostic Screen The Statistical Diagnostic displays information about how data is being received from the weather station to the console. Page 41 Current streak of consecutive packets received.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Installation Manual

Graph of the percentage of scheduled ISS data packets received over the last 24 days. Background noise level. The background noise level refers to the undesirable signal level the con- sole hears while it is in the process of acquiring a signal from a station.

The range displayed is from 5 to Use this command to determine the firmware revi- sion level in your console.

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You can find more information on Vantage Pro2 console firmware versions and changes in the Weather Software Support sec- tion of our website. Page Console Maintenance Console Maintenance Changing Batteries Use this procedure to change console batteries without losing any stored weather data or console configuration settings.

Some weather variables require optional sensors.

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A metric adapter can be installed to mea- sure 0. Your station logs rain data in the same units it is measured in and converts the logged totals into the selected display units inches or millimeters at the time it is displayed. Page 47 UV exposure.

The readings do not suggest that any amount of exposure is safe or healthful. Do not use the Vantage Pro2 to determine the amount of UV radiation to which you expose yourself. Scientific evi- dence suggests that UV exposure should be avoided and that even low UV doses can be harmful. Time A built-in clock and calendar track the time and date. The console automati- cally adjusts for daylight savings time in North America, Europe and Australia and allows manual adjustment elsewhere and for leap years.

Console Specifications Console Operating Temperature.. Includes the past 24 values listed un- Daily Data Includes the earliest time of occur- Monthly Data. If your console has firmware dated earlier than May , it does not have the capability to receive Vantage Pro2 wireless repeaters. The firmware revision date displays in the ticker tape section of the console.