Dell Powervault Tl2000 Tape Library Manual Of Policies

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies

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Dell encryption key manager and library managed encryption - best practices and faq 26 pages. Encryption on lto gen 4 and lto gen 5 tape drives 7 pages.

Tape library library-managed encryption enablement instructions 2 pages.

Dell PowerVault TL2000 Reference Manual

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PowerVault TL2000 Tape Library scanning test

Library Features Page 4 Element Address Assignment page 1Dh Page 5 Disconnect Page 7: Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 1.

Dell PowerVault TL2000 Manuals

Page 9: Chapter 2. Library Features Chapter 2. Page About The Not Ready Condition Immediately after the user command is finished the media changer switches to on-line mode. Note the media changer is continuous off-line when it is configured into Sequential Mode.

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies

The concept of control modes is introduced to explain the owner of the media changer. If the media changer is on-line then the SCSI bus has control of the loader.

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Supported Scsi Commands Chapter 3. This command enables the initiator to get a quick response from a Read Element Status command that may follow, and is useful after a power failure, if tape medium has been changed by an operator, or if subsystem configuration has changed. The media changer can provide two categories of data in response to an inquiry command: Standard Inquiry Data and Vital Product Data.

Standard Inquiry Data contains basic data about the Medium Changer and Vital Product Data can comprise several pages of additional data. Set to 2.

This field depends on the library model.

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies

Field descriptions: Peripheral Qualifier: A return value of 0 indicates that the specified LUN is supported in this device. This event log is maintained in the media changer internal NVRAM and is therefore resistant to power failures.

Byte Operation Code 4Ch Reserved The statistical information is divided over several pages. Byte Operation Code 4Dh Reserved The target returns the bytes specified by allocation length. Byte Reserved Page Code Page Length: The Page Length specifies the total number of event bytes, not including the four bytes for this header.

Page 28 TMC: No threshold supported, set to 0. The List Parameter field is set to zero for parameters that are counters and set to one for parameters that are not counters.

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Parameter Length: This field specifies the total length of the event structure, including the additional event data, but without the 4 byte header. Page 30 Library v Make sure the media changer and drives are not being used by any Hardware D host, then reset the library from the front panel.

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Library Pick There is a potential problem with the cartridge loader picking a cartridge Retry from a drive or slot. Remedial action is advised. Performance of data may be at risk. Number of This 4 byte unsigned counter specifies the number of Configuration Change Configuration Change entries in the trace buffer. It ranges between 1 and Mode Select Parameter List The Mode Select parameter list shown below, contains a 4-byte header, followed by an optional 8 byte block descriptor after which the Mode Select pages are specified.

Page Control Extension Page 0ah Parity: By means of this field the host can enable parity retires. Parity retries are by factory default enabled by the media changer. When cleared parity retries are disabled.

Support for Your Dell Internet SCSI (iSCSI) Storage Area Network (SAN)

Maximum Parity retries: This field indicates the maximum number of retries performed on a parity error during data out, data in, and message out phase. Page Element Address Assignment Page 1dh Field descriptions: Perf: When this bit is set to 0, this indicates that informational exception operations that can cause delays are acceptable.

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies

This bit should be set to zero. When this bit is set to one this indicates that the media changer shall disable all information exception operations, ignoring the MRIE field In this mode the initiator must the poll the Tape Alert log page. Number of Medium Transport Elements: By means of this field the host can specify the number of robotic cartridge handlers within the library.

The initiator cannot change this information. Page 42 Sequential or Random mode. This mode cannot be changed by means of this page, it can only be changed by means of the OCP.

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies

Therefore the value set for this bit is ignored. This field is a 8 bit mask.

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies

All pages including Returns all Mode Sense pages including subpages subpages in incrementing order. Page Parity Page 00h Parity page 00h By means of the Parity page the host can enable Parity retries and select the maximum number of retries. The media changer does not allow implicit asymmetric logical unit access state changes. Tape Alert page 1Ch By means of this page the host can retrieve the tape alerts logging method.

PowerVault TL2000 Tape Library

Page Device Capabilities Page 1fh medium transport element is capable of media rotation. This field is set to 0. The media changer cannot save this page to non-volatile memory. This field is set to zero. Data Transfer. The value for this field is 1.

Tape drives can store cartridges. This field is set to one.

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The media changer can write this page to non-volatile memory. This field is a 16 bit mask. Every bit in this mask represents a firmware module. When a mask bit is set the subsequent module is allowed to store its event data in the event log.

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When a mask bit is cleared the event data of the subsequent firmware module will be discarded. For documentation on the supported Mode Pages refer to the Mode Sense 6 command.

Byte Operation Code 5Ah Reserved Scope: See SPC-3 r Type: See SPC-3 r The command uses other service actions to manage and remove such reservations. It is also used to read out Vendor Specific settings. Byte Operation Code 3Ch Reserved Allocation Length: This field specifies the number of bytes that the initiator has allocated for returned data.

Note that the Read Element Status command can be issued with an Allocation Length specified as 8 bytes the length of the status page header to determine the Allocation Length required to transfer all of the element status data that become available as a result of the command. An ED bit value of zero indicates the element is enabled. The next table describes the values for the Medium Types. Unspecified Data Medium Cleaning Medium An InEnab bit of zero indicates that this element does not support export actions.

A CMC bit of zero indicates that exports are to the operator and imports are from the operator.

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No bar code label The element contains a cartridge without a readable bar code label. The library does not support dual sided media. Data Transfer Element Address: This field provides the address of the data transfer element of this changer device whose status is reported by this element descriptor block. Page 78 Source Storage Element Address: This field provides the address of the last storage element from which the tape cartridge was moved valid only if the SValid bit is 1. This identifier will contain the bar code label of the cartridge mounted in the tape drive.

This library supports Third-Party reservation. Third-Party release allows an application client to release a logical unit that was previously reserved using third party reservation.

Dell powervault tl2000 tape library manual of policies