Desbloquear Samsung Gt S5620 Manual

Desbloquear samsung gt s5620 manual

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Page 58 - Customise your music player settings Page 59 - Store radio stations automatically Page 60 - Using tools and applications Page 61 - Send data using the bluetooth wireless f Page 62 - Activate and connect to a wireless LAN Table of Contents.

Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Page 2: Instructional Icons using this manual This user manual has been specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of your mobile phone.

Page 4: Table Of Contents contents safety and usage information Page 5 using basic functions Page 6 Upload photos and videos to the web Page 7: Safety And Usage Information safety and usage information Comply with the following precautions to avoid dangerous or illegal situations and ensure peak performance of your mobile phone. Safety warnings Keep your phone away from small children and pets Keep your phone and all accessories out of the reach of small children or animals.

Incompatible batteries and chargers can cause serious injuries or damage to your phone.

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Page 9: Explosive Environments Do not use the phone if the screen is cracked or broken Broken glass or acrylic could cause injury to your hand and face. Bring the phone to a Samsung service centre to replace the screen.

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Damage caused by careless handling will void your Page Safety Precautions Follow all safety warnings and regulations Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a mobile phone in a certain area.

Use only Samsung-approved accessories Using incompatible accessories may damage your phone or cause injury. Turn off the phone near medical Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity and life of your batteries.

Do not use carrying cases or accessories with magnetic closures or allow your phone to come in contact with magnetic fields for extended periods of time.

Samsung GT S5620 User Manual

Page 15 Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product, or their local government office, for details of where and how they can take these items for environmentally safe recycling.

Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase contract. Page 17 Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time. Content and services are transmitted by third parties by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Samsung has no control.

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You can obtain additional accessories from your local Samsung dealer. Page Phone Layout Phone layout The front and inside of your phone include the following keys and features: Front camera lens for video calls Volume key Dial key Mouthpiece The rear of your phone includes the following keys and features: Multifunction jack Memory Earpiece card slot Hold key Page Icons Icons Learn about the icons that appear on your display.

Page Assembling And Preparing Your Mobile Phone assembling and preparing your mobile phone Get started by assembling and setting up your mobile phone for its first use. Page 24 2.

Page Charge The Battery 4. Insert the battery.

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Replace the battery cover. Charge the battery Before using the phone for the first time, you must charge the battery.

Samsung GT-S5660 User Manual

Open the cover to the multifunction jack on the top of the phone. Plug the small end of the travel adapter into the multifunction jack. Page Insert A Memory Card optional 3. Plug the large end of the travel adapter into a power outlet. When the battery is fully charged the no longer moving , unplug the travel adapter from the power outlet. Unplug the travel adapter from the phone.

Page Attach A Hand Strap optional 2. Insert a memory card with the label side facing 3. Push the memory card in the memory card slot until it locks in place. Close the cover to the memory card slot. To remove the memory card, open the cover to the memory card slot, push the memory card gently until it disengages from the phone, and then pull the memory card out of the memory card slot.

Page Using Basic Functions using basic functions Learn how to perform basic operations and use the main features of your mobile phone.

Unlocking the Samsung S5620 Monte

Turn your phone on and off To turn your phone on, 1. Press and hold [ 2. Enter your PIN and select Confirm if necessary. To turn your phone off, repeat step 1 above. Learn basic actions to use the touch screen. In Idle mode, select Menu to access Menu mode.

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Page Use Widgets Customise Menu mode This feature may be unavailable depending on the software of the phone. You can organise applications in the Menu mode screen to match your preferences and needs. In Menu mode, scroll left or right to a Menu mode screen.

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Page Access Help Information Move the widgets to the idle screen 1. In Idle mode, scroll left or right to one of the idle screens. Open the widget toolbar. Drag a widget from the widget toolbar to the idle screen. You can position the widget anywhere on the screen. Page Customise Your Phone Customise your phone Get more from your phone by customising it to match your preferences. Adjust the volume of the key tones In Idle mode, press the Volume key up or down and adjust the key tone volume.

Adjust the vibration intensity on the touch screen You can adjust the intensity of the vibration when you touch the phone screen. Page 34 Activate Etiquette pause You can temporarily mute the current event sound by placing the phone face down when Etiquette pause is activated. Select Save. Select a wallpaper Idle mode 1. Page Use Basic Call Functions Use basic call functions Learn to make or answer calls and use basic call functions.

During a call, your phone automatically locks the touch screen to prevent accidental inputs.

Desbloquear samsung gt s5620 manual

To unlock, press and hold [ ]. Make a call 1. In Idle mode, select Keypad and enter an area code and a phone number. A green dot appears by T9 in T9 mode. Select an account. Select Download. Select an email or a header. If you selected a header, select Retrieve to view the body of the email.

Desbloquear samsung gt s5620 manual

Add and find contacts Learn the basics of using the phonebook feature. Page Use Basic Camera Functions Use basic camera functions Learn the basics to capture and view photos and videos.

Capture photos 1. In Idle mode, press [ ] to turn on the camera.

Desbloquear samsung gt s5620 manual

Rotate the phone anti-clockwise to landscape view. Aim the lens at the subject and make any adjustments. Page Listen To Music 4.

Page Browse The Web 3. Control playback using the following icons: Icon Function Pause playback Play or resume playback Skip backward; Scan backward in a file touch and hold Skip forward; Scan forward in a file touch and hold Change the sound effect Activate Shuffle mode Change the repeat mode 1. Page Use The Google Services 4.

Desbloquear samsung gt s5620 manual

Download media files This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider. In Menu mode, select Samsung Apps or Downloads. Search for a ringtone or picture and download it to the phone. Page 45 Connect to Search 1. Enter a keyword in the search field.


Connect to Mail 1. Set up your Google account and sign in. Send or receive emails. Connect to Maps To search the map, 1.