Devo 7 Manuale Italiano Wysiwyg

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

Note: the screenshots are based on the BETA version. The final release may look slightly different. Besides screenshots there are also links to online examples and tutorials to demonstrate the new functionality.

Blocks are basically just a group of standard WWB objects so once dragged to the page you can fully customize the behavior and appearance of the content.

WWB includes a whole bunch of standard blocks to help you get started, but you can also create your own blocks by saving a group of objects as 'Block' , so you can reuse them in other pages or projects.

The 'Blocks' feature alone already adds dozens of new features and ideas to WWB! This allows you to animate CSS properties of objects depending on the position of the scrollbar. Online tutorial:. This feature is also demonstrated in the following templates:.

Flexbox is a new CSS layout mode that introduces a powerful way to lay out, align and distribute objects. Flexbox consists of flex containers and flex items. Flex items the objects inside a flex container can be laid out horizontally or vertically, aligned and distributed in various ways.

It is also possible to stretch or shrink objects to fill the available empty space.

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When this option is enabled, the grid will use CSS flexbox layout. This results in cleaner code and also enables some extra features like vertical alignment and entire column will be filled with the background.

This determines what happens when columns do not fit in the current row. Note this only works when CSS flexbox is used! Note: the breakpoint value overrides the overflow value.

That means that even if you have set column to overflow they will not be visible for stacked columns if the viewport is lower that the breakpoint.

This uses the specified background color and alpha value to add an overlay to the background image. This uses the specified background color and alpha value to add and an overlay to the background image see also Layout Grid for more details.

This can be useful to create floating layers with a relative horizontal size. For example, to create full height columns. For example, you can disable the form's submit button until the user checks a box.

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

Calculations are available in the 'Conditions' section of input fields. They can be used to calculate a value based on the values or selections of other input fields. For example, to calculate the total price of an item in a web shop based on the selected options.

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

Open Graph Meta Tags. These settings make it easy to add Open Graph meta tags to a page to enable it to become a "rich" social object. For instance, Facebook uses this information to work out how to preview shared content in a user's Facebook profile.

The following properties are supported: og:url, og:title, og::description, og::image and og::type. This makes it possible to optimize images for quality or performance larger images look better but take more time to download and process.

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

Support 10 levels. A RollOver Layer works just like the RollOver image, but instead of just images you can now use any type of objects. In additional to fixed mode where you can place objects anywhere you want , the RollOver Layer also supports floating mode so it can be used in Layout grids.

When the user types a part of command text in the box, a list of matching commands is displayed on the Main Panel.

Available Options

This will restore the default settings. When this option is enabled then the Bookmark dropdown menu in Links will display all objects instead of just bookmarks and layers. This basically makes it possible to turn any object into a bookmark!

Fixed ID Binding with Devo 7 & RX701 w/ Step-by-Step walk through guide in the information section.

This option may be useful for new users who are overwhelmed by all the advanced features of WWB. When this option is enabled then advanced features like events, animations, CMS, login tools will be hidden in the toolbox, ribbon and properties. Easy Mode can easily be toggled to make the options available again. This option specifies whether partially selected objects will be included in lasso net selection.

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

If this option is disabled, then the entire object needs to be inside the lasso to be selected. This option displays the current key assignments by category.

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It is also possible to copy or print the commands. This makes it possible for example to quickly change the master page for a group of pages. But also, background properties, meta tags, page extension etc.

Only the modified value s will be applied to all selected pages. This is often recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights to improve the performance of the page. Please read the help for more details!

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

Note however that this also may affect the way to page is rendered because styles are loaded after the content has been load, resulting in flicker. Also some scripts may not support this because they expect the style to be between the head tags. This option controls the way objects are hidden. When using 'visibility:hidden' hidden objects will not be visible but they still affect the layout just like in previous versions of WWB.

On the other hand 'display:none' removes the object from the layout so it no longer affects the size of the page.

Devo 7 manuale italiano wysiwyg

This can be useful when hiding objects that are not inside the page boundaries in breakpoints. This makes it possible to add breakpoint specific CSS styles. This can be useful if you need different styles in breakpoints. The code will be placed inside the media query of the current breakpoint:.

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Create a style based on the formatting of the selected text. When this option is enabled the transition will be reversed underline will be initially visible and hidden on hover. With 'spell as you type', 'Checking spelling' dialog F7 and context menu suggestions. Supports all language dictionaries you have installed in Windows. Requires Windows 8, 8. This version promises to be slimmer and faster. All jQuery UI scripts are combined in one file jquery-ui.

This reduces the number of generated files which may help speed up loading of your pages.

WYSIWYG Web Builder

All internal scripts have been updated. If you have created custom theme you will need to upgrade them to make sure they work with the new version. This will result in a smaller footprint because it does not depend on the jQuery UI framework. When this option is enabled objects inside the tabs float instead of having a fixed position.

Download Walkera DEVO 10 user manual here:

This is recommended for flexible layouts with layout grids. This will result in a smaller footprint because the jQuery UI framework does not need to be included. When this option is enabled objects inside the panels float instead of having a fixed position. The browser will choose the most suitable image according to the current layout of the page and the device it will be displayed on.

You can specify different images for breakpoints. It also supports high resolution displays using pixel density descriptors such as 1x, 1. For example you can include different versions of the image by using names like: filename 1.

The picture object supports rotation using standard CSS3 transforms. Plus experimental support for CSS3 filters blur, contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, negative, sepia, grayscale.

Select animations created with the Animation Manager. A different animation can be selected for 'show' and 'hide' to create sophisticated animation effects.

DEVO 10 User manual

An easy way to create fullscreen scrolling websites also known as single page websites or onepage sites. This option uses the great 'fullPage.

This makes it possible to feed the photo gallery with images from your Instagram account. This introduces a cool new way to display your images. More than 30 layout variants are available, each with a different number of images. The Photo collage object is flexible so it can be used in layout grids and responsive layouts. Also, supports lightboxes, Instagram integration, load animations and more.

A different animation can be selected for 'show' and 'hide' to create sophisticated slideshows. This makes it possible to feed the slideshow with images from your Instagram account. Note: this uses CSS3 transforms. This will output the icon as embedded SVG scalable vector image instead as font.

This greatly reduces the overall size of the website if you only use a few FontAwesome icons. Adds more than new icons. The Material Icon object supports the same features as FontAwesome.

Users can select a 'department' from a dropdown menu, and have the email sent to just that department's email address.

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See the help for more details.