Digital Video Mixer Odyssey 2b Manual Transmission

Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

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Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

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Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

Real time stand alone video surveillance dvr 88 pages. Page 3 Chapter 6: Web Application Manager Page 4: Safety Instruction Safety Instruction 1. Read Instruction All the safety and operating instruction should be read before the equipment is operated. Power sources This equipment should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label.

If you are not sure of the type of power, please consult your equipment dealer. Page 12 Key title Marks Function On the menu mode, rotate the outside circle to right-and-left move Shuttle menu setting items and rotate the inner circle to up-and-down move button the menu setting items.

Page Rear Panel 2. Page ch Remote Controller 2. Page 19 Mouse Operation Except using buttons of front panel or remote controller, you also can use mouse to perform system operation.

TYPE Function In menu lock mode, Enter into pop-up menu and clicking any sub menu to pop up Log-in window; on menu unlock mode, enter into pop-up menu, and then clicking left key to enter into any sub menu directly.

Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

Page Main Menu Guide 5. Page Main Menu 5. And also you can click [ ] icon to enter the main menu screen. Page Output Mode 5. Now you could shown as Picture Page Record Set Picture Picture 5. Each channel could set up to four privacy zones, and please follow below steps to set: 1. Page Main Stream Channel: allow you setup the channel you desired.

Picture 5. Page Search Search 5.

Channel: allows you select the channel s you desire to search. Date Search: In the Video Search screen, user can search for all the records in a specific date.

Page Event Search 5. You could highlight and double-click the desired record for playback.

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And you also can filter the records you want to view based on date, time, and channel and record mode search. First Page : go to the first page on the list. You could playback the record files via Dvr Client player. When installing Dvrclient, system will auto install the player.

Please make sure the back-up device connect well before backup. Page Network 5.

Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

Page Sub Stream 4. Input a specified IP address to [IP address] column; 5. Input DNS address.

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Please check router firstly. Page Email Set Video: allow you open or close the sub stream output. Frame rate: allow you set net transmittal frame rate. User could select the relative value by pull-down menu.

Page Alarm Set 10s, 20, 40s, 60s ; Show Message: You can set show message on the screen when motion alarm is detected. Page Device screen mode. Record Channel: allow you select channels you want to record.

Total Space — Total size of the hard drive currently installed. Free Space — Total amount of free space available on the hard drive currently installed. Useable Rec. Time — Free space currently available in hours. Auto-overwrite — Data bit: set data bit of serial communication.

Stop bit: set stop bit. Server Address: currently support three servers, including time. Time Zone: System supports thirty Time Zones. Picture Note: The above change will be available only when system connected to internet. Backup: Tick-select the option, the user is allowed to backup the record of all the channels.

Live: Tick-select the option and the user is allowed to view all the live images for all the channels. Page Menu Lock 5. Enable: allow you activate abnormal alarm. Alarm out: select [Enable] or [Disable] Latch time: you can set how long the buzzer will sound when external sensor alarm is detected 10s, 20, 40s, 60s ; Here we will discuss how to operate PTZ controls. Click the [ ] icon to enter into [PTZ control] menu shown as Picture Now user can control the camera with Pan, Tilt and Zoom capabilities.

Page Mute 5.

Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

If your computer system is Vista, you may need to setup the user authority. Page Web Application Manager Log-in 6. Page Playback Video control 6. Picture 6. Picture The Web Application Manager supports up to 4 channels playback simultaneously. Record search 6.

CCTV Odyssey User Manual

On the time axis, red part stand for alarm record, yellow stand for normal record and original part stand for no record during this period. Page Configuration Picture Tick-select the record file you want to download and click [Start download] System will download the record file in turn and save to local PC.

Page 51 Picture 6. Its user name and password should be consistent with DVR local setting. Picture b. Details setting should be consistent with DVR local setting. Detail setting should be consistent with DVR local setting.

Page Chapter 7: Appendix Chapter 7: Appendix 7.

Menu Default Recovery Clicking the button will recover current The option will be effective button parameters to system defaulted value. Page Troubleshooting www. Q: Can we records whilst playing-back?

A: Yeah, you can do it. The system support you records whilst playing-back. Q: Can we erase some recorded file from DVR. Page Accessories 7.

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Digital video mixer odyssey 2b manual transmission

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