Duplo Df 915 Folder Manual High School

Duplo df 915 folder manual high school

Duplo df 915 folder manual high school

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Page of 95 Go. Table of Contents. Connecting kit model: dcs;dcs 2; dcs 13 pages. Sections found in the maintenance manual of the DFN have been omitted. Refer to the maintenance manual for DFN for these sections.

Duplo DF-920 Maintenance Manual

Outline of Machine When Stacker Belt Slips Names of Parts When Folding Stopper Moves Layout of Folding Plates and Abnormally Slow Page 4: Outline Of Machine 1. Page 7 Folded size by folding plates 1 and 2 in each folding mode theory The values in the table below are theoretical values. In actual use, folded size is finely adjusted according to the folding mode to prevent dog ears and curling of paper.

Irregular Single Double Folding Section and Drive Mechanism The folding section is the most basic paper folding mechanism.


It is composed of folding rollers, press lever, reference stoppers, etc. The drive mechanism distributes driving force from the main motor to the folding rollers, paper feed mechanism, and stacker mechanism. Page 9 4 Attaching the drive gear helical gear of folding roller Attach the press spring T and regulated stopper after attaching the drive gear.

This helps facilitate attaching of the drive gear.

Duplo df 915 folder manual high school

Attach the key, flat pin, and deceleration pulley for securing the drive gear to the center press roller. Page 10 After attaching the drive gear, apply press force to all folding rollers, and check the following points.

Duplo df 915 folder manual high school

Page 11 6 Attaching the press spring T q Secure the spring hook at the position shown in the figure, and attach the press spring T. Primary adjustment in the assembly stage Spring T inner dimensions of idler roller: 45 mm 1. Using a tension gauge of 5 N gf , apply pressure of 3 N gf to the belt, and check that the belt slacks by 3 to 5 mm 0. Page 13 Adjusting the tension of the main drive timing belt Inappropriate tension of the belt may cause such problems as noise, slips, etc.

Page 14 Paper ejection drive shaft The stacker belt is driven at high speed intermittently using the electromagnetic clutch to enhance stacking performance and processing speed.

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Replace the paper ejection clutch using the following procedure. Page 15 Attaching the motor pulley If the motor pulley is not attached at the proper position, slipping of the drive belt and abnormal wear may result. Replace the main motor using the following procedure.

Page 16 Attaching the brake unit The brake unit reduces inconsistency in the stopping position of the paper lead edge during paper feed, and stabilizes the jam detection timing and number of sheets processed.

Page Paper Feed Tray Paper Feed Tray As the paper feed tray mechanism is more or less the same as the DFN, only the differences are described in this section.


Automatic paper size detection Photosensors are located at the standard paper size positions. Paper size is detected when the shield attached to the paper feed guide blocks a sensor. Secure the set collar with some thrust play 0. Otherwise, load increases when the paper feed tray rises, resulting in insufficient paper feed pressure even if the pressure is adjusted, and paper slips occur easily. Page 19 Adjusting the paper feed pressure Adjust to the reference paper feed pressure to prevent double-feeding and slipping of paper.

Page 20 Page 21 Move the tension idler and adjust the tension of the belt so that it slacks by 3 to 5 mm 0. Page 22 Page 23 t After adjusting the paper stacking amount, raise and lower the paper feed tray from the control panel, and check the following.

Duplo DF-915 Paper Folder(Discontinued)

Page 24 y Secure the set screw of the drive gear, and apply a very small amount of thread locking to the set screw. Page Separating Mechanism The separating pressure can be set in seven steps from 0 to 6 to handle special coated paper. For this reason, the separator base is located on the tilted plate to which it is connected by the link mechanism. When the separating pressure adjusting dial is rotated, the tilted plate moves and forced pressure is applied to the separator base.

Duplo df 915 folder manual high school

Page Paper Feed Inlet The curvature of the rib shape has been changed so that paper is fed properly to the very last sheet even in multiple paper feed sheets of small size paper B6, INV, etc.

Page 27 The paper feed inlet sensor will not function if adhered with printing powder and paper dust, and an error message will be displayed.


When these messages appear, clean the sensor. Page Paper Ejection Mechanism Paper Ejection Mechanism To enhance paper ejection stack performance and processing speed, the paper ejection drive mechanism is intermittently driven by the electromagnetic clutch. To improve operability, the movement of the stacker roller has been made automatic. Replacing the stacker belt Take note of the following points when replacing the belt.

Duplo DF-915 Manuals

Page 29 Paper ejection roller lever unit The basic configuration of this unit is more or less the same as the DFN. If the paper ejection roller lever unit has been removed during the replacement of the drive motor, attach it using the following procedure. Page 30 Replacing the paper ejection outlet sensor To detect jams in the paper ejection section, a transmissive sensor paper ejection outlet sensor is provided at the main reinforcement base and stacker plate.

To eliminate static electricity of the paper ejected, a static eliminator brush stainless fiber is provided on the upper paper ejection guide. Page Folding Plates Folding Plates As the folding plate mechanism is more or less the same as the DFN, only important differences are described in this section.

Duplo DF-915 Automatic Tabletop Folder

Overall view of folding plate mechanism 1 Movement control of folding stopper A slit plate index plate divided into 12 parts pulses is mounted to a screw shaft with a pitch of 1. The number of slits pulses is counted by two photointerrupters index sensor to control the moving distance and direction of the folding stopper. Page 32 2 Adjusting the home position of the folding stopper The home position of the folding stopper is the basic position where the shield plate blocks the home sensor added with the correction value set in the following maintenance mode.

The side of the slide stopper which collides with the paper is also pasted with urethane to simultaneously reduce the collision sound and paper bending.

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Page 34 Checking and adjusting the thrust play of the screw shaft unit Check the following points when folding misalignment along the vertical length of the paper and folding plate motor lock occurs. Check that a shim is inserted between the chassis and bearing at the folding plate motor side so that the thrust play of the screw shaft unit becomes 0.

Page 35 Motor deceleration pulley assembly If the tension of the belt is not appropriate, problems such as folding plate motor lock and jumping of the belt occur.

Page 36 Adjusting the position of the folding stopper and slide stopper q Tighten the M3 screw with a torque of 0. Page 37 Checking the operations of the home sensor Check that the home sensor turns ON and OFF properly in the maintenance mode. Fixed position of the switching adjusting plate of folding plate 2 folding stopper Adjusting plate for setting the switching shaft to the regulated stopping position in single folding.

Duplo DF 915 paper folder

Page 39 y Loosen the fixing screws of the folding stopper, and Section A adjust so that the folding stopper becomes parallel to the lead edge of the paper, and then tighten the fixing screws. Page 40 Adjusting the home position of the switching shaft stopping position in single folding The switching shaft switches the paper conveyance route between single folding and other folding modes.

To adjust the home position of the switching shaft, adjust the clearance between folding roller 1 and tip of the switching shaft to 0. Page 42 w Pressing the clear key while pressing the stop key initializes the folding stopper, and moves the folding stopper of folding plate 2 to the home position.

Page 43 Relation between home position of switching shaft stopping position and stopping position of folding stopper Reference Both folding plates 1 and 2 in electrical design theory are set so that the clearance between the tip of the folding stopper and folding plate chassis becomes 3.

Page 44 Stopping position of switching shaft in folding modes other than single folding The stopping position of the switching shaft in folding modes other than single folding is set near the folding roller so that the collar for reducing defects such as double dent and dog ears of brochure folding serves as the stopper of the switching shaft.

Duplo df 915 folder manual high school

Page 45 2 Removing the stopper collar of the switching shaft Can not be performed by users. If the defects in 1 thick paper mode cannot be corrected, or when use of brochure folding is minimum, remove the switching shaft stopper collar.

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Page 46 Switching shaft cushion urethane sheet To reduce noise during single folding, a cushion urethane sheet is attached to the switching shaft so that the switching shaft and switching adjusting plate do not touch.