Dymax Iq5 Manual High School

Dymax iq5 manual high school

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Thread starter Jo. Good day all, after being inspired by posts on this site, i have bought a 13 liter Dymax IQ5 acrylic tank.

Nano Aquarium Dymax IQ5 Planted - Aquascape Setup

This is my first attempt at a marine aquarium. I have the following: Dymax iq5 tank Dymax small heater Dymax small skimmer Water circulation pump with jet Dymax led light Volcanic rock not live for small rear sump Fiji pink aragonite substrate Six palm sized pieces of live rock Did the mixing and adding, and currently have water at 26'C and a hydrometer reading of 1. Will be updating, and asking tips from you please.

Joe's Dymax IQ5

Herewith some photos. Day 1. Have fun with your new toy! Pretty little tank, but be warned, you going to want a big one soon! Ask any questions if you need any help.

Give your tank time to mature, glad you didn't go with live rock, at least you know you aren't adding any critters you don't want, I am strong advocate for dead rock. Day 3 I have those six pieces of live rock with some interesting creatures on in the tank, then have volcanic rock no life in the back sump compartment.

Awaiting those sump rocks to get populated by bacteria for the filtration needs.

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The tank temperature seems pretty stable at 25'C, even though we had a few very hot days in Mpumalanga, and the hydrometer reading is also stable at 1. Im not even bothering to measure the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, im sure they are way off, and will test these in 4 weeks. Could you please identify these creatures living on the rock, closer photos herewith.

Dymax iq5 manual high school

Red coral, which glows lumo orange with blue led 2. Polyps 3. White brown and lumo yellow mushroom, what is the scientific name 4. Purple wrowth attached to rock 5.

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The shellfish. Last edited: 7 Oct With all this said, you made a bad 1st move to add live corals to a brand new tank ,ur mushrooms look unhealthy and so does the zoas,seeing they still close and may not open Also, when u spot the crabs I suggest removing them as they will prey on tiny fish,inverts etc If u lucky it will regrow, but highly unlikely as ur lights aren't eficient and tanks stilll wayyyy to new.

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Hi,if I may ask where did you get the small tank and what do they cost? The live rock came with these living creatures, if they die so be it, aim is to get the tank cycled and stable. Does that include the light and everything else..

That price was for the tank, light, and water pump. Excluded heater, skimmer, and air pump. RiaanP Moderator. I think for the tank, its nice pieces of liverock. Reason is that you only have so much space.


With polyps already on the one rock, they will recover. But at least you do not need another rock with polyps on top of that rock. Yes, getting live rock with some nice hitch hikers are a bonus. Problem that you have is due to the small size of the tank, that any chemical changes are extreme.

Dymax IQ3 Unboxed: A Big Look At A Little Aquarium

You need to be very careful with that, one dead snail and whack goes the parameters. But it seems you are off to a good start.

Lovely little tank. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Dymax iq5 manual high school

Im keeping a close eye on the tank, and neglecting my girlfriend i think. Yesterday, on top of one live rock, i noticed a white liquid bubble forming with some smaller ones beside it and it looked like it was spreading slowly.

It did not look healthy, so i took out the rock and scrubbed it with a small toothbrush around that spot. And do not stick your hands into that tank. Doing it 10 times a day on that small size will impact your parameters. Doing it 10 times a day on litres would hardly be noticed. And get yourself plastic tongs. Very nice Tank for my office desk.

Dymax iq5 manual high school

That is a good price for everything you got and. The last time that I saw live rock like that was when I started out keeping marines 8 years ago!

Dymax iq5 manual high school

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Dymax iq5 manual high school

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Dymax iq5 manual high school

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