E8257d Calibration Manual For Hickok

E8257d calibration manual for hickok

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Please note that Agilent's Test and Measurement busi-. For more in-. Table of Contents. For more in- formation, go to www. Service Guide Page 5 Keysight Sales and Service Offices Page 6 Contents 1.

Keysight E8257D/67D Service Manual

Page 7 Contents Removal Procedure Page 8 Contents A19 Power Supply Page 9 Contents Replacement Procedure Page 10 Contents Removal Procedure Page 12 Contents Page Troubleshooting Both types, when used together, provide a significant level of ESD protection. Of the two, only the table—mat and wrist—strap combination provides adequate ESD protection when used alone. Page Handling Of Electronic Components And Esd When you replace an assembly a good assembly will pass self—test without any adjustments.

On the instrument front panel, press the hardkey. Utility 2. Page A18 Cpu Turn-on Test 4.

E8257d calibration manual for hickok

Inspect the pins on the A31 Motherboard connector. If the pins look good replace the A18 CPU. Page Cpu Data Backup Take your time to be sure that you record each license key correctly.

Page Troubleshooting Assembly-level Problems The inverter also converts the 5. The left up arrow key increases the contrast while the right down arrow key decreases the contrast. If the power supplies are good, replace the motherboard.

If these signals are good, replace the LCD. Page 27 5. If either line does not function properly, replace the front panel board.


Page 38 3. Turn the instrument off and reinstall the assembly removed in Step 1. Remove the next assembly and see if the supply LED lights. Continue this process until the supply functions properly. Replace the last assembly that you removed. Page 41 2. If the supplies are present at P, note in the matrix where each supply is used. Power down the instrument and remove one of the assemblies that is biased by the faulty supply.

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Replace the A18 CPU b. Repeat steps 2 thru 4. Page 44 9. Turn the signal generator on and check for the presence of a 1 GHz signal at the level of 0 dBm.

Keysight Technologies E8257D Configuration Manual

If the signal is good on the cable connector J1, replace the A5 Sampler. If the signal is good, replace the A5 Sampler, if the signal is bad go to the A6 Frac—N troubleshooting procedure.

E8257d calibration manual for hickok

Check and remove any connection to the 10 MHz external reference on the rear panel. If the signal generator continues to fail self—test, replace the A7 Reference.

Replace the A7 Reference. Check for 1 GHz and its power, aproximately 0 dBm.

If the signal is still missing, replace the A31 mother board. If the voltage is present on P but not present on P, replace the A31 Motherboard. Page 62 1.

E8257d calibration manual for hickok

Page 63 1. If the signal is bad, troubleshoot the RF path.

E8257d calibration manual for hickok

If the signal is good, replace the A36 Quadraplier. If self—test 20—40 GHz Prelevel, index 26, fails: a. Press and highlight Self Test Connect a spectrum analyzer to the RF output of the signal generator.

Hickok Manuals

Page 66 3. Page 67 The IF signal will range in frequency from 6. Set the signal generator to 3 GHz CW. Page Troubleshooting Unlocks 1. Start narrowing the sweep frequency range and increasing the sweep time. If the 1 GHz signal is present, replace the A5 Sampler. If the 1 GHz signal is not present, replace the A7 Reference.

Page Yo Loop Unlocked 2. Measure pin P— If the signal is not present, replace the A7 Reference. Page Troubleshooting Unlevels Table 1- Repeat step b above. Page 85 If the signal generator is unleveled at all frequencies, the problem is most likely the A10 ALC.

Page Troubleshooting The Rf Path RF Block Diagram, then measure the input and output power level for each device in the path until the defective part is located. Go to troubleshooting the ALC loop. Page Troubleshooting Pulse Modulation 4. Turn the signal generator on and probe the following pins on J Page Troubleshooting Harmonic Spurious The dBc value is the difference between the fundamental peak power level and the harmonic frequency power level.

Set the spectrum analyzer to the harmonic frequency, press marker peak search and then delta marker. Set the signal generator to the fundamental frequency of the harmonic.

Set the signal generator and spectrum analyzer to the harmonic frequency. Press marker peak search and delta marker. The spurs then appear at the Frac—N frequency at the RF output. Page Overall Description The signal generator accepts inputs through the front panel hardkeys and the display softkeys, and provides outputs on the front panel display, and through the RF output connector.

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Option UNW improved pulse performance below 3. Page Option provides 8 Msamples of playback memory, and Option provides 64 Msamples of playback memory. The A14 Baseband Generator is also capable of generating two—tone or up to 64 multitones within its RF modulation bandwidth.

To sweep the instrument from 3. There is no easy way to identify if a phase noise problem in the overlapping area is generated by the A6 Frac—N or A7 Reference, other than to try new assemblies. Page A7 Reference 10 MHz signal from the A7 Reference maintains the DDS frequency accuracy, and its output frequency clocks the programmable counter at its output rate.

The pulse shaper circuitry on the A11 Pulse Modulator needs to be set using a license key to provide narrower pulse widths. In these instruments two A30 Modulator outputs go to the A36 Quadraplier. One of the A30 Modulator outputs is connected to the A36 Quadraplier bypass circuit and the other to the doubler circuit. Frequency Options kHz to 3.

Requires firmware version C. Requires the temperature compensation resistor pack on A25B to be installed. Page Std. Page Screw- Machine SM Page Screw- Machine M4.

Keysight / Agilent E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator