Echo Pb 4600 Owners Manual Pittsburgh Electric Hoist 60385-87

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Page of Go. Table of Contents. Page 2 Packing list Packing list Page 4: Important Information Always keep your manual in a place where it is readily accessible. The precautions described in this section contain important safety information. Please observe them carefully. You must also read the precautions that appear in the body of the manual itself.

Text following a [diamond mark] mark describes the potential consequences of failing to observe the precaution. Ensure that the decal is readable at all times. Page 9: Handling Fuel If you do find fuel leaks or discharges, stop using the Tighten the fuel tank cap securely after refuelling.

Page Handling The Engine Do not use the product if there An accident could occur if the product starts unexpectedly. Checking the spark plug Accidents involving parts that fall or shatter off can cause Observe the following precautions when checking the wounds or serious injury.

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Page Handling The Product For safe use of your product Handling the product General precautions WARNING Operator's manual Loaning or assigning your product Be careful to read the operator's manual When loaning your product to another party, ensure properly before using your product in or- that the person borrowing the product receives the op- der to ensure correct operation.

Page 12 For safe use of your product Precautions for use WARNING Users of the product Turn off the engine when moving around The product should not be used by: When moving around in the situations described below, people who are tired turn off the engine and move with the product shouldered.

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Page 13 RSI. To reduce the risk of RSI, do the following: Continuing to use parts when they are damaged could lead Avoid using your wrist in a bent, extended or twisted to an accident or serious injury. Page Packing List Packing list Packing list The following parts are packed separately in the packing box.

When you have unpacked the box, please check the parts that it contains. Number Part name Quantity Page Description Description Description 1. Spark plug Provides spark to ignite fuel mixture.

Shoulder harness Used to support unit on operator's 2. The straps are adjustable. Never perform maintenance or assembly procedures with engine running. Using a product that has been incorrectly assembled could lead to an accident or serious injury.

Install blower pipes Place guide loop across elbow clamp, and turn until clip fully engages clamp band. If the fuel ignites, it could cause burns and fire.

Failure to observe the precautions could cause an accident or injury, or even lead to a fatality.

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NOTE Pull out the starter grip gently at first, and then more rapidly. Page 19 Engine operation Engine warm-up Once the engine starts, allow it to warm up for 2 to 3 minutes at idling i. Warming the engine helps to lubricate its internal workings more smoothly.

Allow the engine to warm up fully, especially when it is cold. Page Stopping The Engine 1. Have your ECHO dealer repair stop switch before using blower again.

Do not point the blower pipe in the direction of people or pets. Page Maintenance And Care Time intervals are maximum.

Actual use and your experience will determine the frequency of required maintenance. Cleaning air filter Tools required: mm in. Cleaning brush Page Maintenance And Care 4. Fuel line hook Remove the filter from the line and install the new filter.

Page 24 Maintenance and care decrease idle speed. This flow of air car- ries combustion heat away from the engine. Overheating and engine seizure can occur when: Air intakes are blocked, preventing cooling air from reaching the cylinder, Dust and grass build up on the out side of the cylinder. Spark arrester screen must be checked peri- odically. Disconnect spark plug lead from spark plug.

Remove spark arrester cover, gasket, and spark arrester screen from silencer. Do not attempt to dismantle the product. For spare parts and consumables, please use only genuine parts and designated products and components. Using parts from Do not connect the spark plug cap.

Echo PB-4600 (001001-059918) Backpack Blower Parts

Remove blower pipe assembly from unit. Spark plug 2. Two stroke, air-cooled engine oil. FAX: Les suivre scrupuleusement. Page Manipulation Du Moteur Ne pas utili- pestif de l'appareil. Ne pas diriger le tuyau de soufflage vers des personnes ou des animaux.

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Page 52 Fonctionnement Utilisation par temps froid Installer le couvercle d'admission lorsque vous sentez du froid dans le dos. Retirer le coussin dorsal du cadre. Coussin dorsal Installer le couvercle d'admission sur le cadre, par dessus de l'admission d'air. Installer le coussin dorsal sur le cadre, par dessus de l'ad- mission d'air. Page Entretien 5. Bougie d'allumage 2. FAX : Der Sicherheitsaufkleber muss stets gut lesbar sein.

Verbrennungen verursachen. Wenn die Elektroden oder Kontakte verschlissen sind Durch abfallende oder absplitternde Teile kann es zu oder die Keramikteile Risse aufweisen, ersetzen Sie sie schweren Verletzungen kommen. Wenden Sie sich bei akuten Schmerz verursachen kann. Page Beschreibung Beschreibung Beschreibung 1. Die Riemen sind einstellbar.

Echo pb 4600 owners manual pittsburgh electric hoist 60385-87

Richten Sie das Rohr nicht auf Menschen oder Tiere. Reinigen des Luftfilters Erf. Kraftstofftank neuen Filter ein.

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Justieren des Vergasers Erf. Werkzeuge: Schraubendreher, Drehzahlmesser Echo- Teilenr. Page 86 Wartung und Pflege Vergaserkammern zu lassen. Die Verwendung von Page 96 Si raccomanda di leggere il manuale per l'operatore prima di utilizzare questo prodotto. Non usare questa macchina per fini diversi da quelli sopra menzionati. Page 97 Contenuto Per un uso sicuro del prodotto Le precauzioni descritte in questa sezione contengono importanti informazioni per la sicurezza.

Si raccomanda di se- guirle scrupolosamente. Leggere anche le precauzioni presenti all'interno del manuale. Il testo seguito da un contrassegno [a forma di rombo] descrive le potenziali conseguenze che si potrebbero verificare in caso di mancata osservanza delle precauzioni. Accertarsi che la decalcomania sia sempre leggibile. Serbatoio del carburante 2.

PB-4600 (Type 1E) Echo Leaf Blower / Vacuum - Overview

Incidenti che provocano la caduta o la rottura di parti posso- no causare ferite o lesioni gravi. Page Contattare il rivenditore zi ripetitivi.

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Per ridurre il rischio di lesioni da sforzi ECHO per la riparazione. Page Contenuto Della Confezione Contenuto della confezione Le seguenti parti sono state imballate separatamente nella scatola di imballaggio.

Echo PB-7700 Operator's Manual

Dopo aver aperto la confezione, controllare che siano presenti tutte le parti. In caso di parti mancanti o rotte, contattare il rivenditore ECHO. Page Descrizione Descrizione Descrizione 1. Candela Genera le scintille necessarie per accendere la Cinghie a spalla Usate dall'operatore per caricare l'uni- miscela.